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»Mousepad Sales!«


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Size: 320x270x2mm
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Design: Click to View
(US) Normal: $20.00 USD
(US) Priority: $25.00 USD
(CA) Shipping: Request a quote!
(EU) Shipping: Request a quote!
Other Shipping: Request a quote!
Signature: +$2.00 USD
General Questions
The base rate of the mousepad is about $15, which is what we charge out-of-country buyers at, and then add on shipping after. In the United States, mousepads start at $20, with shipping included, unlike CA/EU/and other regions.
Due to quite a few council memebers suggesting it, balon will be signing mousepads for a $2 extra fee. This is due to the extra time it takes to actually sign it, and not mess it up. Signed mousepads will be $2 for any region, you will answer 'YES' or 'NO' in your message to balon.
Currently, they are being shipped out of New Haven, CT, where @balon goes to school. If sales in Canada or Europe increase dramatically, Lt.DoomY, Alex, or AdaM, may end up directing products from their locations too.
Like the majority of TangoWorldWide's products and services, we do not offer any refunds or returns. Being so this is the first item considered merchandise from our company, if your item is damaged, you will need to privately contact @balon here on the forums, and fill out a 'Damaged Item Claim'.
Any chargebacks will result in normal punishements, inline with the Rules and Policies.
In short, YES! We may run a sale, but it will not be a blow-out, because at the end of the day this funding is for future TangoWorldWide expansion. At most, you will see a $2-3 reduction, close to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.
Currently we only use PayPal to process payments. We accept all major credit/debit/prepaid cards, and you will be invoiced upon your order-request!
Shipping Information
Shipping works in a unique way currently, as we are not Amazon, and we do not have multiple people conducting these sales, it is only balon doing so.

Items purchased Friday-Sunday will typically go out on a Monday afternoon, around 3PM, this is for both Normal / Priority shipping (see below).

Any purchase Monday-Thursday typically will go out within 2 days of purchase, via First Class mail, but there are cases where it will not go out in the allowed time, which you can read below in Normal / Priority shipping.
  • Normal Shipping - Normal shipping is non-prioritized shipping, it may take a maximum of 3-days for the mousepad to be prepped and leave the location. Typically, I (balon) will make my best effort to send out the mousepad within 24-48hours of purchase, but I am extremely busy with college.
  • Priority Shipping - Priority shipping means if the order is placed Monday-Thursday, it will go out the next day, excluding holiday breaks. Typically, in the United States, priority will run a total of $25 ($5 more than normal mail), though your package is assured to be there in 3-5 business days.
As Thanksgiving break in the United States approaches, I will have time to find out a definitive European pricing. There will be the $15 base fee, then shipping on top of that. It will be in consideration to give Alex/Adam part of our stock so they can distrubte them to EU. If this is becomes the case, we will make a 15-day commitment thread, for EU buyers to "commit" to the purchase, with $10 down, then pay the remainder of the price once Alex/Adam get pricing in their location.
Canadian pricing will be available after a few users request quotes from balon. You can send him an inquiry via forum PM by clicking here: @balon.
Due to PayPal policy on chargebacks, we are required to have shipping information for each transaction made. However, we have the option for trusted-users who have never charged-back, made multiple donations, and have balon's approval, to allow non-tracked shipping to your location. This will be ~$17.50, and is not advised, and the package is not insured by USPS, nor TangoWorldWide. This is only an option to consider for the few users who may not have funding available.
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