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Website Rules

Last updated by ris on 2020-12-06 22:24:35

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Global rules

  1. We have a 0-Tolerance policy for hacking, injecting, cheating, scripting, or using found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players. Breaking these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. You are expected to act mature and respectful in our server at all times! Do not disrespect TangoWorldWide staff, members, or other players in the server!
  3. Sexual harassment, racism, stereotypical behavior, prejudice behavior, and all forms of major disrespect is not allowed.
  4. Ghosting is not allowed in srcds (CSGO, GMOD, etc) servers! Once you are dead in game, do not give away the position of other players.
  5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands.
  6. Use common sense when it comes to your choices as a player on our network. Questionable character or judgement can result in punishments.
  7. Excessive swearing, loud noises, or obnoxious sounds will result in a mute/kick.
  8. Do not advertise on our servers. The only links allowed are to official TangoWorldWide domains or to major websites such as YouTube, Imgur, Steam, etc.
  9. Users are not allowed to accuse others of breaking rules, otherwise known as "witch-hunting". An admin must SEE an incident to issue a punishment.
  10. If no admins are online, please record a demo, take a screen-shot, or get another form of proof and post it on the forums.
  11. If you are an official member of our community on the roster of TangoWorldWide, you are expected to wear the T.w2 tag. If you are enjoying our server we encourage you to wear the -tw2- tag in your name on steam!
  12. Enjoy your stay, and if you are interested in being an official member check us out On our website!

Forum Rules / Warnings

1. Low-Quality Post / Content (LQP/LQC) - (5% Generally, may vary depending on post/content)
Generally issued to low-quality posts and content. There is no specific type of LQP or LQC.
Web Staff may warn for LQP/LQC as they see fit. This includes derailing a topic, making low-quality posts on an unrelated/board thread, misusing forum/post features (emoticons, spoilers, polls, etc.) or simply spamming the board.
This warning will be issued according to the offense made with no guidelines.
The warning will also be raised/doubled accordingly without any quota if repeated.

2. Multiple consecutive posts - 5% (doubled on repeating, may vary depending on amount of posts)
Issued for making multiple consecutive posts. A warning of 5% will be added according to the number of posts made consecutively after your first one.. Instead of making multiple consecutive posts, use the 'MODIFY' feature on the top right corner of your post. If you'd want/To add multiple quotes in your reply (quote multiple people), scroll down and use the 'INSERT QUOTE' feature on the bottom right of someone else's post. You are allowed to bump your threads every 7 days or make multiple posts on threads for music, selling items or advertisement. Spamming will be punished accordingly.
If the user is a newly registered member of the community, a verbal warning will be issued to inform them of this rule.

3. Posting on Administrative Boards without consent - 15% (+5% for each repeated offense up to 40%)
Refer to this thread.

4. Grave digging - 5% (10% on repeating)
This warning is issued for making useless posts on threads which have not had a response in 90 or more days. You may bump an important/informative thread after asking Web Staff.

5. False/Invalid posting (without a reason) [Official Applications] - 10% (20% on repeating)
This warning will be issued for falsely vouching, de-vouching or simply making an invalid post on an official application of TangoWorldWide. This includes 'vouching' or 'de-vouching' without stating the reason(s). This may also include low-quality posting. (Also includes Official Groups Applications)

6. Targeting other members/disrespect - 15% (25% on second offense, 30% + 3 day forum ban on third offense)
A warning of 15% will be issued to any direct/indirect harassment or targeting of any user on the forums or for simple disrespect. This may be increased depending on the situation and the intensity of targeting. Release from the community and/or the closing of forum-account with a forum-ban can also occur.

7. Spamming - 10% (doubled on repeating, may vary depending on the amount of spam - Post count reset)
This warning will be issued to any user who spams the forums purposely. The warning may and will be increased depending on the amount of spam. The number of posts obtained by spamming the forums will also be reset.

8. NSFW content outside of the Gentlemen's Club - 25% (forum-ban, depending on the content)
A warning of 25% will be issued to anyone who posts Not-Safe-For-Work content outside the Gentlemen's Club board. This will be increased/escalated as seen fit by Web Staff.

9. Discussion of/Spreading pirated content on the forums - 20%
Piracy is illegal. Any type of discussion of/spreading pirated content on the forums will result in a 20% warning and removal of the content/post.

10. False reporting/abusing the forum report system - 15%
Any user who falsely reports a post on the forums purposely will receive a warning for abusing the report system. This may be increased by the number of reports.

11. Abusing polls/creation of pointless polls - 5%
Creation of pointless polls will be punished according to the Low-Quality Posting / Content quota, this applies to both members and staff. Any poll created that is considered LQP/C will be punished by a warning of 5%.

12. Inappropriate Profile Modification - 10%
A warning of 10% will be issued for having an offensive profile picture, inappropriate profile avatar, cover photo, custom title, personal text, or signature.
This also includes evading signature guidelines at signatures being no larger than 1300x350 in size.

13. Usage of racial slurs - 15% (forum-ban on repeating)
A warning of 15% will be issued to any user who uses/implies a racial term/slur on the forums. This may be increased according to the intensity of the instance.

14. Racism/Discrimination using racial slurs - 30% (forum-ban on repeating)
Any user who uses racial terms/slurs to discriminate/target or harass another user will be issued a warning of 30%. This may increase according to the instance.

15. DDoS/Dox threats/attempts - 40%, 7 day forum ban + Immediate report to Ownership/Web Staff.
Anyone who makes DDoS, Dox attempts or threats will immediately be banned for 7 days off the forums (or the network) for 7 days with a 40% warning until Ownership/Web Staff resolves the issue.

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