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TF2 Jailbreak

Last updated by VK on 2021-06-17 20:48:02

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Global rules

  1. We have a 0-Tolerance policy for hacking, injecting, cheating, scripting, or using found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players. Breaking these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. You are expected to act mature and respectful in our server at all times! Do not disrespect TangoWorldWide staff, members, or other players in the server!
  3. Sexual harassment, racism, stereotypical behavior, prejudice behavior, and all forms of major disrespect is not allowed.
  4. Ghosting is not allowed in srcds (CSGO, GMOD, etc) servers! Once you are dead in game, do not give away the position of other players.
  5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands.
  6. Use common sense when it comes to your choices as a player on our network. Questionable character or judgement can result in punishments.
  7. Excessive swearing, loud noises, or obnoxious sounds will result in a mute/kick.
  8. Do not advertise on our servers. The only links allowed are to official TangoWorldWide domains or to major websites such as YouTube, Imgur, Steam, etc.
  9. Users are not allowed to accuse others of breaking rules, otherwise known as "witch-hunting". An admin must SEE an incident to issue a punishment.
  10. If no admins are online, please record a demo, take a screen-shot, or get another form of proof and post it on the forums.
  11. If you are an official member of our community on the roster of TangoWorldWide, you are expected to wear the T.w2 tag. If you are enjoying our server we encourage you to wear the -tw2- tag in your name on steam!
  12. Enjoy your stay, and if you are interested in being an official member check us out On our website!

» General Rules

  1. Do not impersonate TangoWorldWide Official Members. A complete list of official members can be found by clicking here. If you are caught impersonating a member, especially a staff-member, you will be removed from the server.

  2. If you are being harassed or treated unfairly in the server, we ask you to create a report on our player complaints forum.

  3. If you enjoy our server but do not want to become an official member, you are welcome to add the -tw2- tag in front of your name to show your support for TangoWorldWide.

  4. Enjoy your stay and check us out at TangoWorldWide.net!

  5. Rejoining to evade an admin's mute/gag is not allowed!

  6. This server runs TangoStore! Idling / abusing bugs to obtain credits is a bannable offense, and will be taken seriously. If a player is caught idling for a considerable amount of time, post a player complaint.

» Rules For Everyone

  1. Do not speak over the warden when they are giving orders or repeats of orders.

  2. Do not speak over an admin when an admin is preforming a mic check or otherwise speaking as an admin.

  3. Do not attempt to reach for loopholes, especially when it comes to admin commands.

  4. No ghosting players, with an exception of the circumstance where the last player is alive on one team is AFK/camping in the same spot for more than a minute.

  5. No player may delay the round excessively.

  6. The first day of every new map is defined as first-day free day. On this day, the cells are to be opened immediately and the day is to be treated as a typical free day for all.

  7. Soundboards are not allowed, unless given direct permission by an admin.

  8. No player may camp armory or medic. Camping is defined as spending more than 30 seconds in either building or refusing to exit after being instructed to by either the warden or an admin

» Commonly Used Terms
Red(s)- Player(s) on the red team

Blue(s)- Player(s) on the blu team

Warden - The designated blu in charge of the reds, can be identified using !w

Rebel - A red player who has failed to follow the Warden's commands. Rebels are KOS (See KOS)

KOS - Kill on sight: must be killed once encountered by a Blue

Baiting - Being a general nuisance to the reds is sometimes referred to as baiting, however, the term should only be used to describe the
following actions for blue team players: Occupying a designated red area(Designated Area), disguising, firing near a red without purpose
repeatedly(This includes sticky bombs), entering a Red's melee range, or physically preventing a red from following the Warden's orders.

Designated Area - An area designated to one team, or alternatively an area designated to the warden. The warden may designate a certain
area to one team if he so chooses. An active minigame, the medic, or any small space will be designated to the reds automatically when
they are told to enter the area. However, if the Blus need to enter the area in order to operate the minigame(ex. Jeopardy/Trivia), it
will not be considered a Designated Area.

Freekill - To kill a red without a valid reason

Mass Freekill - To kill multiple reds without a valid reason

Freehit - To hit a red without a valid reason, this includes unnecessary interaction with red players (i.e. airblasting, throwing Jarate,

Mad Milk, or other projectiles)

AFK - Away from keyboard, this term is often used in the form of "AFK Freeze" (See AFK Freeze)

AFK Freeze - A commonly issued command which means that the red cannot do any of the following: Move, swing, shoot, jump, or crouch.

Crouch Walk - Means to continuously crouch while moving.

Freeday - A day where the warden's orders do not have to be followed. Reds still may not rebel during a freeday.

First day Freeday - On the first day of each map, an automatic freeday is granted to all reds.

LR / Last Request - When there is only one remaining non-rebelling Red, they are to be given Last Request by the warden; a menu of options
to affect the following day.

DR / Death Request - When there is only one remaining non-rebelling Red, they are to be given Death Request after they have chosen an LR; a
choice of activity for the remaining Blu players.

Medic / Infirmary - The room on the map that heals all players inside it.

The [Color] Line - Refers to the clear, often distinctly colored line infront of the cells.

Waypoint / Ping / Marker - A marker the warden can use to guide the reds.

Stacking - When one player is occupying the same spot as another. Stacking may only be referred to as stacking when a players body overlaps
atleast a third of another players body.

Bomb Rush(ing), Go (as in go to) - To run as fast as possible to the location ordered by the warden

Pardon(ing) - To forgive reds for violating the Warden's commands, pardoning removes their status as a rebel. Only the entire red team may
be pardoned at once, individual player(s) may not be pardoned.

Taunt Walk(ing) - To move via an in-game taunt (e.g. Conga, Kazotsky Kick, Zoom n Broom, etc.). Taunt Walking does not equate to crouch
walking. A red may only taunt walk to a destination if given permission by the Warden.

» Rules For Blus

  1. All members on Blu must have an understandable microphone.

    • Any players found on the Blu team without a microphone will receive a permanent Blue Ban until they confirm they have a microphone.
  2. All Blus must be willing to go warden.

    • Unwardening/forcing a free day is not allowed.
  3. One person on Blu may not be the warden for more than three days in a row.

    • Unless you were randomly chosen at the beginning of the round, you may not be the first warden of the round more than three days in a row.
  4. Blus are not allowed to freekill a red.

    • Freekilling is defined as intentionally or unintentionally killing a Red without a valid reason, either with a weapon or with map objects.
  5. Teamkilling on Blu is never allowed, with the exception of free day or certain LRs.

    • If there is a person on Blu breaking the rules, please contact an admin rather than resorting to teamkilling.
  6. Death request (DR) is granted by the warden to the last red after the LR is chosen. All Blus must follow the Red’s DR.

    • If the Red is delaying the round excessively with their DR, the warden may kill them a minute after the DR begins.
  7. Guards are not allowed to bait reds during normal rounds.

    • Baiting is defined as entering a red-minigame area while Reds are playing, disguising or placing sticky bombs near reds, getting into a Red’s melee range , or physically preventing a Red from following the warden’s orders. It does not include revving minigun or aiming in with sniper.
    • Baiting is not applicable during free days, LR/DR, or other non-typical Jailbreak days.
  8. Last guard kills all is only applicable when there is only one non-warden Blu alive and:
    • It is a free day OR
    • There is less than 90 seconds left in the round

» Rules For Warden

  1. The warden may not rename the Red team for the sake of giving orders, nor may they identify them as anything besides Reds.

  2. Any new orders the warden gives automatically overrides the previous orders, with an exception of any days (e.g. lava day is active until the warden says the day is over)

  3. The warden is allowed to pardon all reds, including those who killed or attempted to kill the previous warden. The warden may not, however, pardon a single red.

  4. When a Red requests a repeat using the !repeat command, you must give at least one repeat as the warden.

    • When the warden is giving a repeat or if a Red has requested the first repeat, Reds who are not actively rebelling cannot be killed.
  5. The warden may not lie or mislead the Reds (e.g. telling the Reds they will be pardoned if they go back to cell area and killing them anyway)

  6. The warden’s orders must be possible for all Reds (e.g. telling the Reds to play Pokemon without swinging their melees is not allowed)

  7. The warden is encouraged to be creative with their games.

    • The warden can only play the same game two days in a row. This includes next-round minigame LRs, so be mindful when choosing an LR.
  8. The warden may not do favoritism.

    • Favoritism is defined as favoring one or a group of Reds over the others (e.g. your friend is on Red so you pardon them to make sure they get LR, or your favorite class is Scout so you let the Scouts stay in medic during hunger games).
  9. Custom days are allowed and encouraged, but only if they do not break any rules of the server (e.g. favoritism, Blu teamkill, impossible orders, lying as warden, etc.)

    • However, if an admin deems your custom minigame as illegal, you may not play that game going forward.
  10. The warden may not force a free day by refusing to give orders or declaring it is a free day.

  11. The warden may not restrict voice or text chat in-game. If there is a mic/chat spammer, let an admin know.

  12. For non map-specific minigames such as First Reaction Last Reaction, the warden must ensure that all participating blues understand how to play before beginning the game

» Rules For Red

  1. No late spawning, ammo glitching, or otherwise glitching/exploiting unless it is first day freeday.
  2. After the previous warden dies, the warden’s most current orders still comply for thirty seconds until another Blu goes warden, with the exception of last guard kills all.
  3. "No detours or delays" is automatically implied with every warden order, unless otherwise specified by the warden.
  4. AFK Frozen is defined as standing still without freelooking or swinging melee (except to hit baiters)
  5. Reds may hit or kill any guard that is baiting. They may not however chase baiters. Any red that chases a baiter is KOS.

Things that make reds KOS:

  • Having ammo
  • Getting into armory or attempting to get into armory
  • Attacking a Blu in a circumstance other than baiting or as part of a legal minigame (e.g. Pokemon)
  • Cheating
  • Disobeying the warden’s orders

» Banned Minigames

The minigames mentioned below may not be played under any circumstance unless an admin is present and gives you permission:

  • Freekill Day/Bad Luck Day: intentionally killing random Reds without valid reason
  • Single Class Day: the warden orders that only one/some classes are permitted and the rest of the classes are to be killed. This includes “Jim Crow Day.”
  • Red Warden Day: the warden chooses a Red to be the “warden” of the day.
  • Fish In A Barrel: Blus target Reds in a pile, with kills based on random chance.
  • Hide and Go Boom (on Casuarina)
  • Shock Drop and Roll (on Casuarina)

» Common Server Commands
!w - Claim warden when you are on the CT team.
!admin - *Admin Panel (Purchase via the !donate commands).

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