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Last updated by AndrewS on 2021-03-29 01:53:11

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Global rules

  1. We have a 0-Tolerance policy for hacking, injecting, cheating, scripting, or using found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players. Breaking these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. You are expected to act mature and respectful in our server at all times! Do not disrespect TangoWorldWide staff, members, or other players in the server!
  3. Sexual harassment, racism, stereotypical behavior, prejudice behavior, and all forms of major disrespect is not allowed.
  4. Ghosting is not allowed in srcds (CSGO, GMOD, etc) servers! Once you are dead in game, do not give away the position of other players.
  5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands.
  6. Use common sense when it comes to your choices as a player on our network. Questionable character or judgement can result in punishments.
  7. Excessive swearing, loud noises, or obnoxious sounds will result in a mute/kick.
  8. Do not advertise on our servers. The only links allowed are to official TangoWorldWide domains or to major websites such as YouTube, Imgur, Steam, etc.
  9. Users are not allowed to accuse others of breaking rules, otherwise known as "witch-hunting". An admin must SEE an incident to issue a punishment.
  10. If no admins are online, please record a demo, take a screen-shot, or get another form of proof and post it on the forums.
  11. If you are an official member of our community on the roster of TangoWorldWide, you are expected to wear the T.w2 tag. If you are enjoying our server we encourage you to wear the -tw2- tag in your name on steam!
  12. Enjoy your stay, and if you are interested in being an official member check us out On our website!

General Rules:

The following will not be tolerated:
  • Encouraging rule breaking
  • Evading a staff member's punishment
  • Intentionally bypassing the chat filter / chat cooldown
  • Spamming - sending the same or similar message over and over
  • Discrimination / Racism / Harassment / Malicious Threats / Excessive toxicity
  • Engaging in political, religious, sensitive, or inappropriate topics in public chat
  • Advertising non-approved content / social media links - Youtube, Twitch, etc
  • Breaking the Mojang Studios Terms of Services or engage in illegal actions.
  • Scamming players in-game / Real world trades or deals
  • Impersonating a player or staff member
  • Offensive skin / username / nickname
  • Associating with blacklisted players or hackers
  • Threatening or committing DDoS / Doxx attacks.
    • Revealing player's private information
  • Falsifying information about other players
    • Falsely reporting a player
  • Bringing drama to in game chat - Divert all issues with players to the forums
    • Read below for more information
  • Abusing Glitches / Exploits / Bugs / Commands
    • If you ever find any Glitches / Exploits / Bugs on the server, report it here
  • If you ever have a problem with players or staff, report them here:

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