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CS:GO Jailbreak

Last updated by Axel on 2021-02-03 21:56:45

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Global rules

  1. We have a 0-Tolerance policy for hacking, injecting, cheating, scripting, or using found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players. Breaking these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. You are expected to act mature and respectful in our server at all times! Do not disrespect TangoWorldWide staff, members, or other players in the server!
  3. Sexual harassment, racism, stereotypical behavior, prejudice behavior, and all forms of major disrespect is not allowed.
  4. Ghosting is not allowed in srcds (CSGO, GMOD, etc) servers! Once you are dead in game, do not give away the position of other players.
  5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands.
  6. Use common sense when it comes to your choices as a player on our network. Questionable character or judgement can result in punishments.
  7. Excessive swearing, loud noises, or obnoxious sounds will result in a mute/kick.
  8. Do not advertise on our servers. The only links allowed are to official TangoWorldWide domains or to major websites such as YouTube, Imgur, Steam, etc.
  9. Users are not allowed to accuse others of breaking rules, otherwise known as "witch-hunting". An admin must SEE an incident to issue a punishment.
  10. If no admins are online, please record a demo, take a screen-shot, or get another form of proof and post it on the forums.
  11. If you are an official member of our community on the roster of TangoWorldWide, you are expected to wear the T.w2 tag. If you are enjoying our server we encourage you to wear the -tw2- tag in your name on steam!
  12. Enjoy your stay, and if you are interested in being an official member check us out On our website!

» General Rules

  1. Do not impersonate TangoWorldWide Official Members. A complete list of official members can be found by clicking here. If you are caught impersonating a member, especially a staff-member, you will be removed from the server.

  2. If you are being harassed or treated unfairly in the server, we ask you to create a report on our player complaints forum.

  3. If you have a ping over 250: you may be kicked!

  4. If you enjoy our server but do not want to become an official member, you are welcome to add the -tw2- tag in front of your name to show your support for TangoWorldWide.

  5. Enjoy your stay and check us out at TangoWorldWide.net!

  6. Rejoining to evade an admin's mute/gag is not allowed!

  7. This server runs TangoStore! Idling / abusing bugs to obtain credits is a bannable offense, and will be taken seriously. If a player is caught idling for a considerable amount of time, post a player complaint.

» Rules For Everyone

  1. A ratio freeday occurs when the teams are not 1:2 CT:T. (Breaking ratio may result in a CT-ban.)

  2. The first round of a map will always be a first day freeday. (This round is for the players to explore the map). If a round is taking too long and not progressing, under admin's direction they may call a "Slay for Delay" vote. Sometimes called "s4d, or "slay for a new round", the vote stops delaying rounds, toxic LR's, etc. The vote requires a 60% 'Yes' vote to pass, and all players will be slain to start a new round. (On a freeday, the clock must hit 5:00 or half of the Ts must be dead for this vote to be called)

  3. A vent is considered something that you may walk into or break, and has either a rebelling teleporter, see-through room, a passage, or gun behind it.

  4. When reporting a freekill or free-shot, please be as detailed as possible. Admins cannot see everything and some freekills and rulebreakers may have escaped us. (Contact admins by typing in team chat and inserting the @ sign before sending the message. Ex. @Help! I was freekilled by Axel! To make this a bit easier, we have added a freekill reporting plugin, use !freekill to report your incident.)

  5. If you were swapped off of CT by an admin with an explanation, please do not swap back for 3 rounds. If you were swapped off of CT by an admin without an explanation, please ask the admins why you were swapped respectfully to get the quickest response. (Please do not misuse admin chat with unneeded information. Admin chat is only for things that admins may help you with.)

  6. Last requests are the reward that Ts are given for being the last, non-rebelling T alive. Last requests are activated by typing !lr or /lr in chat (If a T chooses "Rebel" as their LR, then they must actively pursue CTs after 30 seconds). Ts have 30 seconds to get an active LR going. Custom last requests must be accepted by the Warden. If the custom last request isn't accepted by the Warden, then you are not allowed to do that custom LR. The T still has 30 seconds to start an active LR with custom last requests.

  7. If a T is freekilled and is respawned by an admin during a minigame, the T will be exempt from the minigame ONLY if the T does not have a chance to win.

  8. If you are 1upped (respawned) as a T, you may not rebel or harm baiting CTs for 15 seconds. Once 1upped, you are to follow the Warden's previous orders and continue on with the day. (When asking for a 1up, please have integrity. If an admin respawns you in an instance where they shouldn't have, please be honest.)

  9. All last requests must be fair for both the CTs and the Ts, and the T must explain any rules they'd like the CT to follow. CT's may deny unreasonable rules in the T's LR. This includes custom last requests, and especially includes race last requests (If the LR isn’t fair, the T will be slain). An example of this is the T must make sure the CT knows exactly where the start and end of the race LR is located.

  10. Anyone talking over Warden may be muted.

  11. You may not take advantage of any map, server, or plugin glitches. (If you are caught trying to break this rule, you may be banned from the server.)

  12. During Purge Days and War Days, CTs and Ts must actively participate. If you are not participating, you will be slapped then slain.

  13. If cells are opened before an order is given, or if they are not opened by 7:00, the round becomes a freeday.

  14. Ts and CTs may not camp teleporters or one ways that give them a significant advantage over other players.

  15. No talking while dead.

  16. Any players joining the round after 7:45 may not be 1upped

» Warden Rules

  1. To take Warden, type !w. To resign (unwarden) type !uw. To use Warden pointers, either type or make a bind for !wp. Also, using the default key comma “,” will open the Warden Menu that will give you many variety of commands to use. (Cancerous CT's will be swapped off of CT at admin's discretion.)

  2. Wardens must repeat their orders at least once if asked by Ts or admins. (Wardens must be clear, concise, and specific when giving orders. Players should be able to understand you.) Ts may also type !repeat to provide an alert for the Warden to repeat his last orders.

  3. Wardens may not give single orders. (Single orders involve asking only one T to do a special action.) The only exceptions to this rule are when a T has finished a minigame or needs to be moved, or if a T is being asked to drop a weapon.

  4. Wardens may not delay a round for the purpose of finding or pursuing rebelling Ts.

  5. Wardens must make sure that minigames are fair for all of the Ts. (For example, make sure they all start at the same time, with the same speed, same gravity, or the same damage throughout the minigame.)

  6. Wardens cannot command his/her CTs to not kill ("Warden kills only"). The only exception is "First reaction, Last reaction."

  7. Wardens can restrict one of the following at a time: jumping, crouching, standing, leaving an area, going to a certain area, touching buttons, knifing, standing on the ground (floor is now lava), or talking on mic. (If Warden decides to restrict talking on mic, the restriction only lasts for 30 seconds and can only happen once per warden; Ts may AFK freeze when standing is restricted). A restriction prohibits Ts from doing an action unless otherwise stated by Warden, or if the Warden's orders override the restriction. Floor is lava is the only restriction that also counts as an order.

  8. Wardens are allowed to order one infinite AFK freeze which must be complied with in 1 second. (AFK freezes means your hands must be off of your keyboard and mouse, there are no warning shots or baiting during AFK freeze.) Wardens have unlimited regular freezes (freeze means hands off of WASD, there is baiting, and Ts must be warning shot).

  9. If Warden dies, the Ts must remain AFK frozen until the next Warden is claimed, or until the message, "Warden can no longer be claimed" appears. Once one of these things happen, Ts can remain regular frozen. Ts do not have to freeze if they are in an activated mini game that could damage or kill them.

  10. Wardens may not do a minigame for last request with more than 5 participants.

  11. Wardens may only call a special day once every 5 rounds. Special days include: Purges, Wardays, Panda Freedays, Zombie Freedays, Kangaroo Freedays and Super Strict Days. If cells doors are opened before a special day is called, you have to wait until next round.

  12. Wardens may only call one fun day every 3 rounds. After a map change, it may be called on round 3. Fun days include: Joke Days, Pokemon Master, 1 vs. 100, Simon Says, What's for Dinner?, Trivia Days, etc. When doing a fun day that requires CTs to vote (Joke Days, etc.) there needs to be at least 3 CTs alive when the day starts. AKA, warden can’t do a joke day on his own, due to favoritism. An exception is if a day is based off of votes, (joke days, what’s for dinner, etc) and the votes are a tie the warden may choose the T's fate. (All CTs must vote)

  13. If asked by a T, Warden must explain how to do the minigame that is about to be played. Warden only has to explain once.

  14. "Floor is now lava" is a restriction: if warden calls floor is now lava, all past restrictions are unrestricted. If an action is restricted (knifing, jumping, crouching, etc), the previously restricted action is no longer restricted. Floor is Lava can be the first order given before cells are open.

  15. "Get to" and "Get on" are the same orders: which means that if warden says, "Get to white table of main cells", even if jumping is restricted, Ts are to get ON it, unless told otherwise.

  16. When renaming T's you must keep in mind that they are always also known as Ts.

  17. When there are only 2 T's left, reaction orders are not allowed to decide LR. Such as Jump/crouch/knife for LR.

  18. Wardens may not pick a random T from the warden menu to get LR unless there is under 2 minutes left in the round, and 3 Ts left.

  19. Wardens are required to demonstrate skill jumps they ask Ts to complete.

  20. Abusing/Spamming the Warden draw line will result in a swap/ban from CT. It is intended solely for directing the T's or drawing games.

» Counter Terrorist (CT) Rules

  1. If you are playing on CT you are expected to be mature, have a mic, and not disrupt rounds (including speaking over warden, interfering with minigames, and giving false orders), or you will be swapped. Continuously ignoring this rule will result in a CT Ban.

  2. No free-killing or free-shooting is allowed. (The unjustified harming of Ts.)

  3. CTs are not allowed to do anything that may assist the Ts in rebelling.

  4. CTs must allow 3 seconds for the Ts to comply with Warden's orders (This does not include AFK Freeze.)

  5. CTs must be out of armory by 7:30, and may re-enter only when pursuing a rebeller or if it's LR

  6. CTs must be within the given-area of the Warden's commands. CTs are only allowed to do minigames if they stay in the given-area of the Warden an have permission from the warden. Failure to follow this rule may result in a slay.

  7. CTs may not open cells unless orders have been given, opening cells early to cause free-days will result in a Swap/CT Ban (following escalation).

  8. CTs must give AFK checks to supposed AFK Ts that are not following orders at the beginning of the round. An AFK check is 1 warning shot to the T. The CT must wait 3 in-game seconds, and if the T does not respond in any way, the CT may kill them.

  9. CTs may not shoot into smokes with non-rebelling Ts in them. (This is to refrain from the possibility of free-shooting.)

  10. CTs cannot break vents, unless there is a rebelling T directly behind or in front of the vent, or LR has been given.

  11. CTs may not enter vents, unless LR has been given, a T is actively bloodhounding, or in order to pursue a rebeller (CTs must see the T in the vent or enter the vent in order to pursue).

  12. CTs purposely trying to ruin the fun may be swapped off at admin's discretion.

  13. CTs may not camp vents, vent passages, or vent cells. (This would include purposely staying inside a vent or loitering around a vent without any evidence for why they should be there. CTs may not camp armory.)

  14. CTs may ask Ts to drop holstered guns and grenades. When the Ts drop the gun or grenade, they must drop it away and out of their/another T's path. CTs must give Ts 3 seconds to drop all guns as well as zeuses, grenades, and bombs. CTs may also ask Ts to drop bombs that alter their appearance. If the T does not comply they are KOS. (Only exception is if the T has the gun out)

  15. CTs are not allowed to give false orders or call KOS. (Wardens are allowed to call KOS, however you cannot use the kill feed to do so).

  16. CTs may not show any favoritism towards anyone (Killing all but specific T's during Last CT, exempting certain T's from minigames, etc). Failure to follow this rule may result in a CT ban at the admin's discretion.

  17. When cell doors are opened they must remain open. It is the CT's job to keep them open. If a CT closes them, they may be slain and even CT banned if the doors kill Ts. CTs may kill any Ts who attempt to close cell doors.

  18. CTs cannot gun plant, bait, camp armory, or interfere with the Warden's orders. (Gun planting is purposely giving a T a gun to rebel with. Camping armory is continuously watching armory making it unfair for Ts who may attempt to rebel. Interfering with Warden's orders may include, but is not limited to: running in front of the Ts, baiting, gun planting, gun spamming, mic spamming, or trolling.) Baiting is 1 second knifing distance between a T and CT.

  19. Last CT is active at all times. (Last CT means that the last alive CT has permission to kill all of the Ts besides the last 1 for LR).

  20. CTs must leave main cells by 6:30 unless warden is still in main cells.

  21. CTs must warning shot players with the [NEW] tag if they are not following AFK freeze orders or restrictions. The only exception is when an experienced player resets his/her hours.

  22. If you have been AFK for longer then 3 minutes on a round as a CT, you will be automatically swapped.

  23. If the T's are unfairly trapped during LastCT, please let them out and provide them a 3 second chance to escape. This can consist of being trapped in minigames, cells, and other places without an easily accessible escape route.

  24. If a ratio freeday occurs, the earliest CTs to die will get swapped until ratio is fixed.

  25. During a Special Day, the warden must open cells.

  26. CTs may not target Ts based on models.

  27. Once warden is given up/dies CTs have 15 seconds to take warden, or else it’s a freeday.

» Terrorist (T) Rules

  1. "No detours or delays" is implied on all orders. (Purposely waiting to try and provoke an action from a CT or lagging behind the rest of the group.)

  2. Ts must be warning shot by CTs unless they are rebelling. (A warning shot is a shot with a weapon while holding E.) Ts will only receive one warning shot after not following the warden’s orders (if they are not rebelling), after that they are KOS.

  3. Ts rushing non-baiting CTs, throwing grenades at CTs (not including flashbangs, decoys, or smokes), or shooting CTs may be killed.

  4. Ts with a gun in their hands are KOS, if the gun is holstered they must be asked to drop the gun. (If a T's neighbor just died with a gun and it is picked up immediately by that T, they have 3 seconds to drop their gun)

  5. To request a pardon as a T, you must ask the Warden. If the Warden gives any T a pardon, the warden is allowed to generalize pardons with the words "you" or "all T's”. (There is no baiting when returning to the Warden and a CT may kill you if you do a rebellious act.)

  6. A T is deemed a rebel if he is knifing a vent, is inside a vent or is inside the armory. (This also includes certain teleporters which can be clarified by admins upon request.)

  7. Ts are allowed to knife baiting CTs that get in their way. A baiting CT is one that is within a 1-second rushing distance from where the Ts are supposed to be. Please note that there is no baiting in last request or bloodhound, or on freedays. A T that goes out of their way to kill a "baiting" CT may be considered a rebel (I.E. following them beyond the 1 second distance.)

  8. Ts may be killed for CT-touring after being warned at least ONCE to stop. (CT-touring may be described as a T following a CT for the purpose of trying to trap or knife the CT.) Ts caught doing this may be killed by the CTs. Please note, a T may not block the path of a CT. (The CT must ask the Ts move out of the way, to prevent the CT from baiting.)

  9. During a minigame, if only one T is alive, that T must finish the remainder of the minigame to gain last request. (Breaking this rule may either cause punishment on the T or the Warden, depending on the scenario.)

  10. If a T has last request, but there are still rebels left, the T will be asked to bloodhound. Bloodhounding is the last T trying to find the rebels for the CTs to kill. There is no baiting during bloodhound and the CTs may kill the bloodhound if they are purposely delaying.

  11. No cheating or delaying is implied on all minigames. This includes last request, terrorists caught cheating in last request are considered rebels. If a T cheats during last request when there is only one CT left they will be slain the next round.

  12. Ts are allowed to team kill non-excessively. (Excessive teamkilling is teamkilling multiple rounds in a row) CT's are not allowed to team kill at all, and any excessive or CT specific team kills could result in a slay, swap, kick, or even ban. Teamkilling counts as an act of rebelling, and T's will be KOS if caught.

  13. Cell swapping is KOS at the start of rounds.

  14. If you delay, baiting is no longer valid, and treating it as otherwise will declare you a rebel.

  15. In an LR rules must be clarified, and a clear start must be initiated, or else the T is considered a rebel.

  16. Gun Toss Normal/Basic rules signify "No rocket toss, no bhop, one jump only, throw before you land”.

  17. T's must actively rebel once the timer hits 5:00, LastCT has been activated, or once LR has been given on any normal day.

» Game Rules and Guidelines

  1. On days that restrict terrorists from climbing or jumping - If a CT is in an area that a terrorist must climb or jump to reach - that terrorist cannot be killed.

  2. Panda Freedays - Ts must be crouching at all times (except during mini games), they may climb ladders/jump if they are in correspondence with rule 1 of this section. Ts also may right-click CTs without being killed. Pandas are not allowed to have guns on their back, and may be killed.

  3. Kangroo Freedays - Ts must be jumping at all times (except during mini games), they may climb ladders if they are in correspondence with rule 1 of this section. Ts also may right-click CTs without being killed. Kangaroo's are not allowed to have guns on their back, and may be killed.

  4. First/Last Reaction - This is a game which the warden will give a command and the "First" or "Last" T to comply can be killed, depending on what the warden's order was. Ex. "last reaction jump": last to jump would die. Warden can only play this minigame once every 3 rounds. To be able to play first/last reaction, the warden must state that he is starting it.

  5. Simon Says: Simon Says and Dark/Evil Simon-says - are days which Simon must "say" to do an order. The difference with Dark/Evil Simon-says is the last person to react to Simon will die. To start a round of simon says, the warden must say he is Simon. For example: "Simon says we are now playing Simon says. Simon says I am now Simon." This is required to properly start a Simon says day. To end the game of Simon says, Warden must say, "Simon says we are no longer playing Simon says. Simon says I am no longer Simon." When playing Simon Says, you can not rename Simon or the Ts.(If the WARDEN, not Simon, says an order and a T follows it, the T can be killed.)

  6. Wardays - Wardays are designated war-zones in the map, such as pool. Only CTs can kill in this area, and out from it if they can see a T! CTs must stay in the given zone until "Warday expands". Warday automatically expands at 6:00 on every warday if not prior called. War-zones must have at least 2 entrances. Ts must participate in a warday; however, the last T is still allowed to LR. Wardays are allowed once every 5 rounds. Ts have to be given a chance to enter armory safely.

  7. Odd Man Out - This game is when a CT issues Ts to look in opposite directions and do an action. The T who does an action which no other T does will die.

  8. Trivia Days - These days are where the warden will ask questions and expect answers. Prizes vary from getting to live, die, and choosing a fellow prisoner to die.

  9. Purge Days - Purge days mean everywhere is a warzone! CTs are allowed to break/enter vents only on purge days. Purge days are allowed once every 5 rounds. Ts have to be given a chance to enter armory safely. (The only exception to killing a T in main cells is if they have a gun out).

  10. Super-Strict Days (SSD) - Ts must follow warden's orders exactly. If the warden did not say to do a certain action, it is restricted by default. CTs are not required to warning shoot. This day is only allowed every 5 rounds. Warden may use infinite AFK freeze’s on this day.

  11. Sharks and Minnows - Ts will be teleported to a soccer/open field, and CTs will line up in the middle. The warden will tell the Ts when to go and they will try to cross the field without being knifed. This goes on until there is only one T left, who is then the winner. Ts are not allowed to rebel on this day, excluding LR.

  12. Hide and Seek - CTs will stay in armoury, and the warden will go out to open cells. Once the day is initiated, CTs will be frozen and blinded, and Ts will go find hiding spots in this time. Ts are not allowed to stay in main cells, or go into secrets, vents, or armory on this day (Excluding LR). CTs will be able to pursue 30 seconds after the day is initiated, and will knife any Ts they see. CTs receive guns, and beacons are turned on for Ts once 20% of Ts are left.

  13. Fish in a barrel - This game is banned on TangoWorldWide.net | Jailbreak!

  14. Shoot or Don't Shoot - This game is banned on TangoWorldWide.net | Jailbreak!

  15. Kamikaze Days - This game is banned on TangoWorldWide.net | Jailbreak!

  16. Thanos Days - This game is banned on TangoWorldWide.net | Jailbreak!

» Common Server Commands

!w - Claim warden when you are on the CT team.
!lr - When you are the last T alive, use your LR.
top10 - View the top10 players on this server.
gameme - Pull up our stats system and ranks.
!rules - Bring up our server rules & information.
!servers - View all the TangoWorldWide Servers!
!sm - Self mute a player that is annoying you.
!su - Self unmute a player on your self-muted list.
!donate - Donate to TangoWorldWide or purchase admin.
!admin - *Admin Panel (Purchase via the !donate commands).

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