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Last updated by FrostEffects on 2017-08-02 03:56:46

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Global rules

  1. We have a 0-Tolerance policy for hacking, injecting, cheating, scripting, or using found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players. Breaking these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. You are expected to act mature and respectful in our server at all times! Do not disrespect TangoWorldWide staff, members, or other players in the server!
  3. Sexual harassment, racism, stereotypical behavior, prejudice behavior, and all forms of major disrespect is not allowed.
  4. Ghosting is not allowed in srcds (CSGO, GMOD, etc) servers! Once you are dead in game, do not give away the position of other players.
  5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands.
  6. Use common sense when it comes to your choices as a player on our network. Questionable character or judgement can result in punishments.
  7. Excessive swearing, loud noises, or obnoxious sounds will result in a mute/kick.
  8. Do not advertise on our servers. The only links allowed are to official TangoWorldWide domains or to major websites such as YouTube, Imgur, Steam, etc.
  9. Users are not allowed to accuse others of breaking rules, otherwise known as "witch-hunting". An admin must SEE an incident to issue a punishment.
  10. If no admins are online, please record a demo, take a screen-shot, or get another form of proof and post it on the forums.
  11. If you are an official member of our community on the roster of TangoWorldWide, you are expected to wear the T.w2 tag. If you are enjoying our server we encourage you to wear the -tw2- tag in your name on steam!
  12. Enjoy your stay, and if you are interested in being an official member check us out On our website!

If you have a complaint against another player or tribe please remember the "Burden of Proof". Unless an admin witnesses the event in question some proof of the claim would be needed. This can be accomplished with screen shots in most cases.
In the event a Dinosaur is lost it will NOT be replaced by an Admin
These rules serve as your "warning". No further warnings will be issued to rule breakers, an admin will simply take action. Punishments will be issued on case by case scenario. Continuously breaking the same rules may result in a perm ban.

Rule 1 - Griefing

  • Picking up Fresh Spawns on the beach and dropping them over and over.
  • Placing foundations to prevent people from building.
  • Building random turret towers in the forest and spawn areas. (You can build turret towers during a raid. Must be taken down afterwards)
  • Any turret towers that is out of render distance from your main base will be destroyed by an admin without warning.
  • Going out of your way to ruin the fun of another person.
  • Max prison time is 30 minutes. (Cage, Base, Handcuffs, Tranq. Cooldown for recaging 2 hours. If victim comes back to attack, cooldown is off. No passing off to allied tribe to cage another 30 minutes. This will be considered griefing.)
  • Joining a tribe/alliance with the intent to betray them. (abusing the tribe alliance system to bypass defences in order to raid them or joining a tribe to steal from them)
  • Baiting Bosses or Dieties to other player's base. (Extinction Core Server)
  • No dropping WILD or AGGRESSIVE Dinosaurs on passive dinosaurs.

Rule 2 - Raiding

  • You may only raid tribes of your relative level. This means a tribe of "end-game" level may not raid a smaller, less defended tribe. "Level-Range" is based off of both ingame progress and actual level. This rule does not apply to Tribes who fail to actually progress in the game and choose to hide their "Level-Range" to freely attack others.
  • Offline raiding is frowned upon but not a bannable offense.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours for your rivals to rebuild. (Successful Raid, Any aggresive action will null the timer, ex. counter raid. Open world PVP is not considered an aggressive action. No passing off to allied tribe to raid them again before your timer ends.)
  • Take what you need and move on. Excessive damage/structure wiping is prohibited.
  • Quetzal and Wyvern Bomb are not to be used during Raids.
  • Alliances with other tribes are totally fine, however when raiding only a max of 2 tribes may raid another tribe at one time, the same goes for defending. This is to prevent large tribes working around the tribe cap (similar to tribe cycling) just to wipe another tribe or shut down a raid.

Rule 3 - Building Structures & Blocking Spawns

  • There is limited places to farm resources. Don't build in resource rich areas and block these spawns. (Center of the Volcano, you can build around the edge)
  • There is also limited places to build. Do not spam foundations to prevent people from building. Placeholder foundations must be built on within 24 hours or they will be removed by an admin. This includes Temporary Taming baricades. Once you are finished taming, please be curtious enough to remove them.
  • Caves with Artifacts (You can build in caves without Artifacts, Structures takes 6X damage in Caves)
  • Do not go complain to an admin saying that you did not know. It was your responsibility to read the server rules.

Rule 4 - Platform Abuse

  • You must be visible while riding the Quetz. No Hiding under structures. (Must be able to see rider from top, front, left and right.)
  • MAX 10 Auto Turret/Plant X(Combination) for all other Platform saddles (RAFTS INCLUDED).
  • You cannot build body armor with structures as protection to prevent your dino from taking any damage.

!! Any dino found or reported that goes against this rule will be killed without warning. Do not go complain to an admin saying that you did not know. It was your responsibility to read the server rules.

Rule 5 - Exploiting & Cheating

  • Ark is still early access, there will be bugs and exploits. Abusing these to an extent beyond what would be considered fair will result in punishment.
  • If you have to do things a specific way for it to work, it's probably an exploit. Don't do it

Rule 6 - Limited Dino Taming Amount

  • A single tribe is limited to a maximum of the following Dinos to prevent overpowered Tribes:
    2 - Gigas, Titanosaurs

  • Dinosaurs that are left around the wilds of the Server may be cleared to reduce Clutter and Server Strain! This includes the periodic wipe of all rafts due to how frequently they are abandoned. Consider all raft builds to be temporary!

!! This doesn't apply to a baby's maturing stages, just make sure the old one is taken care of before the baby grows up,

Rule 7 - Tribe Limitations

  • A Tribe Cap of 10 Active Members is in place. If you are Tribe cycling to get around this then you are subject to being removed/wiped. This is blatant disregard for the rules.
  • Each tribe is allowed a maximum of Three bases per server. (Raid Bases excluded)

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