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The Official Roster for TangoWorldWide

Roster incorrect? Contact: Alex

Director of Operations
The Director of Operations is the Owner of TangoWorldWide, and all its affiliate companies; overall, they oversee all aspects of the community. The Director of Operation's jobs involve maintaining TangoWorldWide at the forefront of its competitors through continued innovation, expansion, and involvement in the community, as well as maintaining the administrative back-end by managing security, major disputes, development of new positions, finances, and sustaining a growing and respectful image for the organization. The Director of Operations also handles many unlisted aspects, and will assert themselves where they deem fit. Overall, they have the final say over the majority of TangoWorldWide and its affiliates.

Internal Relations Officer
The International Relations Officer is a member of Ownership, and the right-hand man to The Director of Operations. Sitting as the first of the four co-owners who manage TangoWorldWide, The International Relations Officer's primary duties is to ensure the community is running smoothly, by handling all administrative clientele and members of the community. They are to oversee that player complaints, admin abuse reports, and disputes and conflicts are handled in a both efficient, and timely manner. They also must maintain our servers, by ensuring that we have the latest anti-spam measures in place, best fit rules, and other denotions of a successful community. The International Relations Officer works closely with the Manager in charge of Community-Administration to ensure we are performing at high performance. TangoWorldWide's Co-Owner's ranks are not to limit their ability or power, they are expected to go above and beyond this description you just read, but this is a primary focus.

  • Alex - Contact @ alex@tangoworldwide.net

  • Executive Commissioner
    The Executive Commissioner is a member of Ownership, and the second of the four co-owners who manage TangoWorldWide, who's primary job is development. The Executive Commissioner works closely with both The Director of Operations and The Global Affairs Consiliere to maintain a successful and growing community. The Executive Commissioner's skillset is flexible enough to be able to fill any other co-owner's place in the event of absence. The Executive Commissioner also ensures that server updates, upgrades, and plugin implementations are occurring at a regular basis and are performing successfully. The Executive Commissioner also has a general focus in expansions, exploring new games and platforms for TangoWorldWide to slowly become present in. TangoWorldWide's Co-Owner's ranks are not to limit their ability or power, they are expected to go above and beyond this description you just read, but this is a primary focus.

  • Lt.DoomY - Contact @ ltdoomy@tangoworldwide.net

  • Chief Administrative Supervisor
    The Chief Administrative Supervisor is a member of Ownership, and third of the four co-owners who manage TangoWorldWide. The job of the Chief Administrative Supervisor is to handle all back-end administration within TangoWorldWide, by searching for potential staff members, overseeing general administration of the entire organization, and ensuring all members of our staff, Ownership to general Council are performing at high caliber. Overall, this member is free to move around, and work closely with different staff members, on servers, helping plan development, management of general members, and overseeing human resources of TangoWorldWide. Lastly, they ensure that the staff has the correct resources when upon request, and that each staff member is in a fit position for their skill-set. They work closely with The Director of Operations ensuring that promoted staff are trained and prepared to hold any form of power and authority in this community. TangoWorldWide's Co-Owner's ranks are not to limit their ability or power, they are expected to go above and beyond this description you just read, but this is a primary focus.

  • Dkmstr - Contact @ Dkmstr@tangoworldwide.net

  • Global Affairs Consiliere
    The Global Affairs Consiliere is a member of Ownership, and works closely with The Director of Operations, The Executive Commissioner, the manager in charge of Server Administration, and the Chief Administrative Supervisor. The Global Affairs Consiliere is on the front of TangoWorldWide, with their primary focus to be to maintain the servers and network. They are always ensuring that the servers are at high performance, and high reputation. The Global Affairs Consiliere also works closely with development, innovations, merges, and ongoing expansions of TangoWorldWide to help keep it at the top. They are not limited to just maintain our servers and network, but continuously expanding it. TangoWorldWide's Co-Owner's ranks are not to limit their ability or power, they are expected to go above and beyond this description you just read, but this is a primary focus.

  • themacproguy - Contact @ macpro@tangoworldwide.net

  • Retired
    Retired is a rank reserved for past members of Ownership which have had various occurrences in their non-virtual life take priority, and cannot perform their duties to their fullest capabilities due to activity or outside sourced time consumption. These members are still respected on the same level of Ownership, and in many cases will have open offerings to work on upcoming projects, continue development, help plan and execute expansions, and much more. These members are welcome to attend Ownership Meetings, and generally still hold Ownership-privileges network-wide.

  • Adam - Contact @ adam@tangoworldwide.net
  • Mobz - Contact @ mobz@tangoworldwide.net
  • The1Speck - Contact @ the1speck@tangoworldwide.net

  • Managers
    Each manager plays a key role in TangoWorldWide. Managers are responsible for major sectors, subsaridies of TangoNetworksLLC, community division, or any major division they oversee. Managers have a paired Assistant Manager for each category. Together they ensure their respected section is managing proper growth & advancement. They work closely with the Internal Relations Officer & Director of Operations on what they oversee.

  • Dream - Community Administration *CIT
  • XbFTB - Website Administration
  • Mobz - Server Administration
  • Assistant Managers
    Assistant Managers are always paired with one of the Managers to focus on a key aspect of Tango. At maximum, each Manager has 1 Assistant, but not every Manager necessarily needs one. Assistant Managers focus on major sectors, subsaridies of TangoNetworksLLC, community division, or major division they are intended to help oversee. Assistant Managers report both to their partnered Manager, and to the Internal Relations Officer & Director of Operations on what they oversee.

  • SiL3nT - Server Administration
  • The1Speck - TangoServersLLC

  • Position Management
    TangoWorldWide will be going into a major roster update in the coming weeks. Existing staff on the roster who are scheduled for a position which does not yet exist may be moved to Position Management to either: train other staff which will replace their current ranking, sit in a holding period until the new roster is live, or to be trained for their upcoming position. These members are fully relieved from their previous position.

    Project Supervisor
    Project Supervisors are in charge of TangoWorldWide's major projects by marketing, sales, operating, expanding, and advancing them. Each Project Supervisor is designated to one major project backed by TangoWorldWide. This includes projects such as TangoStore, SERT, VRP, and more. Projects may have groups associated with them, however each project is not required to have a group (i.e. TangoStore vs. SERT).

  • Polak - S.E.R.T *CIT

  • Media & Networking
    The Media & Networking works on social-networking of TangoWorldWide and the outside world by overseeing our forums, twitter, steam groups, and all other social outlets our community interacts with!

  • Vacant

  • Lead Developers
    Lead Developers are key-members to our community continuously developing and expanding. Lead Developers, or Lead Devs for short, work with the Development Team. Each sector of development in TangoWorldWide, whether it be Graphics, Media, Programming, Mapping, etc; will have a Lead Developer that is given plans & jobs to execute among their group.

  • IU DESIGNS - Graphic Design
  • Peace-Maker (TangoTimer) - Tag Exempt

  • Group Leader
    Group Leaders are in charge of the official sub-groups of TangoWorldWide. These groups hold various goals and characteristics such as those within our very popular Community Leadership, Translations, and Mentorship. Each Group Leader works with their group staff, and with their counter-part Group Coordinator to oversee and manage each group. Group Leaders are intended to coordinate meetings, official documentation, and official information for their respected group.

  • Conner - Community Leadership
  • mr solo dolo - Mentorship
  • slayer- - Peer Counseling
  • WRÆCLAW - Translation Team

  • Group Coordinator
    Group Coordinators work with Group Leaders to oversee and manage various Groups of TangoWorldWide. Group Coordinators primarily focus on the back-end operations of each group, while the Group Leader targets the front-end. Group Coordinators will help maintain documentation, statistics, and various information regarding their respective group. These groups hold various goals and characteristics such as those within our very popular Community Leadership, Translations, and Mentorship.

  • Deef - Translation Team
  • miK :) - Community Leadership
  • Pink Ranger - Peer Counseling
  • Revolver Ross - Mentorship

  • Divisional Leader
    Divisional Leaders work with Divisional Coordinators to oversee and manage various divisions in TangoWorldWide. Divisional Leaders co-assist Divisional Coordinators in running and maintaining a successful division and image of such division in TangoWorldWide. Divisional Leaders specifically oversee the technical side of each division, and work closely with the Divisional Staff of each server/sub-division. Games of supported divisions include, but are not limited to: eSports, Counter-Strike, LoL, Dota, Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield, DayZ, and more!

  • Alpha Pie - CS:GO
  • lulu^ - Arma 3
  • Malefic - Minecraft
  • Merciless - Rust
  • Nanochip - Team Fortress 2
  • RozRocks - TangoRP
  • Stefan - Garry's Mod
  • Waffles - Unturned

  • Divisional Coordinator
    Divisional Coordinators work with Divisional Leaders to oversee and manage various divisions in TangoWorldWide. Divisional Coordinators co-assist Divisional Leaders in running and maintain a successful division and image of such division in TangoWorldWide. Divisional Coordinators work on the non-technical side, keeping proper communications, expansions, planning, and interactions flowing with each division, and work closely Divisional Staff of each server/sub-division. Games of supported divisions include, but are not limited to: eSports, Counter-Strike, LoL, Dota, Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield, DayZ, and more!

  • b.. - CS:GO
  • Gstad - Garry's Mod
  • Militant mario - TangoRP
  • Respawn - Arma 3
  • Squidney <3 - Rust

  • Internal Affairs Consultant
    The Internal Affairs Consultant has a specific role in the leadership team of overlooking the community, they make sure all members are at peace with each other, they make sure there are no in-clan disputes going on and if there are they find a positive and neutral solution for anyone involved.

    Dean of Admittance
    The Dean of Admittance is in charge of all applications on the clan and competitive level. Their job is to make sure everyone in the council has an opinion on all applications and makes the final decision with the rest of the leadership team on admittance to the community and competitive teams. They are in charge of promotions and demotions as well and must keep logs on how often members have been promoted or demoted within the community.

    Community Advisor
    The community advisor is in charge of the forums, making official posts, making official roster changes, and posting on acceptance or denial from the community/competitive teams. This member works closely with the Dean of Admittance and the Director of Community Operations.

    This rank is reserved for leaders who are inactive, who have resigned from their position and still hold respect with the community, or members who have left from our community who have been with us for a long time and have a lot of meaning within the community.

    Website Moderation
    Website Moderators work with the Website Administrator to create a professional environment on the TangoWorldWide forums and other website(s).

    Community Analysts
    Community Analysts are expected to analyze the organization on it's day to day operations. Their job is to analyze and audit suggestions, ideas, and the environment of the community. Community Analysts are to work with Managers to ensure that there is transparency with the community, services, and implementations, as well that all are being completely in a timely manner. Their final goal is to ensure members are pleased with their stay, and to help empower a positive experience.

  • Vacant

  • Development Team
    TangoWorldWide's Development Team is in charge of community-wide graphics, maps, models, recordings, videos, & development. They come up with new designs, or ideas to advance tango and keep everything presentable.

  • Bandit - Graphic Design
  • Harry - Graphic Design
  • Isotonic - Graphic Design
  • papi - CSGO Development
  • Urbana - CSGO Development

  • Group Staff
    Group Staff works with closely with Group Supervisors, each staff member is required to check in with their designated Group Supervisor on a weekly basis and make changes, work on the group accordingly, and control certain sections of the group. Each Group is allowed 5 council-representatives excluding those who manage sub-groups of each Official Tango Group.

  • aaronxo - Community Leadership: BunnyHop
  • Batgirl - Peer Counseling: General Operations
  • Baylor - Community Leadership: Minigames
  • Enigma - Mentorship: General Operations
  • Hemi - Community Leadership: Deathrun
  • Mystix - Mentorship: CSGO
  • PRO Elements - Community Leadership: TTT
  • Puddles - Community Leadership: General Operations
  • Wave. - Community Leadership: 1v1 Arena

  • Divisional Staff
    Divisional Staff work closely and frequently with Divisional Leaders, each support personnel are required to check in with their leaders on a weekly basis and make changes, these people are sometimes also in control of certain servers in a division. Each division is allowed 5 support personnel at any given time excluding those who manage servers.

  • .bronco. - CS:GO - Jailbreak
  • Anonymouse - Garry's Mod - DarkRP
  • Apolloz
  • Bunny - Garry's Mod - Murder
  • Dagger - Garry's Mod - Deathrun
  • Dominus - Unturned
  • Doug Dimma Dab - Garry's Mod - TTT
  • InsideJob - CS:GO - Jailbreak
  • Kenny - CS:GO - 1v1 Arena
  • lulunba1 - Team Fortress 2 MvM
  • Milo8902 - CS:GO - Deathrun
  • Mugs - Garry's Mod - Purge
  • PinterHD - Garry's Mod - DarkRP
  • Rain - Team Fortress 2: Dodgeball
  • Reaper - Arma 3
  • Rippy - CS:GO - KZ Climb
  • S.. - CS:GO - Bunny Hop
  • Salty :-) - CS:GO - Surf
  • Scoped - CS:GO - Minigames
  • soar - CS:GO - Minigames
  • Toasty - CS:GO - Deathrun
  • Vortex - TangoRP (General Ops)

  • Event Officials
    Event Officials will have a quota of 2 events per week, they will all work together on making fun community style events to populate our servers, and bring our community together as a whole.

    Sr. Personnel
    Sr. Personnel is a council/staff rank for those who have been in the council for a few weeks, but haven't been assigned a specific position in our staff. Sr. Personnel fall into various positions as needed, helping various staff members fully perform their duties.

    General Personnel
    The staff are general council members of the community, they have proven themselves worthy of our trust and deserve a valued opinion in meetings.

    Jr. Personnel
    Jr. Personnel is an introductory rank to the council/staff. This rank is in place to ensure any that promoted members are worthy of their promotion and will help our community expand in the long run.

    Friend of Tango
    This rank is for Ownerships personal friends, long-time known buddies, past members who impacted tango seriously but have decided to move on only to the point which they are still active but do not wear tags, friends of the entire community, or those other people who are thought to deserve this rank. You cannot request to be placed here, an Ownership member must issue you to be placed here. You are technical members, you will have a tag on TeamSpeak, and will be allowed to wear a tag in game. These members are not considered council, and have permissions equal to members.

    Honorable Member
    Honorable Members are members who have been in TangoWorldWide at least 6 months. These members have made countless contributions to the community and have been given the title of being Honorable Members of TangoWorldWide.

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Members are members of our community who have been here more than 3 months, have shown extreme activity in one time or another within TangoWorldWide, are positive members who help our expansion and our continuous plans for development, as well as participate whenever they can. Veteran Members are separated by our senior members by the time they spend in our community.

    Senior Member
    Senior Members devote time to help our community grow as they recruit members, are active in all servers, and the forums. They are expected to consistently help recruiting people, introducing people to our community, going to events, and being extremely active!

    Regular Member
    Regular Members are members in our community that show daily activity on various sections of TangoWorldWide. They are expected to be more active than other ranks, and be a regular face around TangoWorldWide! They constantly advertise for tango, pull recruits when they can, and act mature in all aspects of our community.

    Junior Member
    Junior Members have been promoted from Basic Member due to their activity, retention to our community, and positive vibe they bring amongst other members. Junior members are starting to make a name for themselves in our community, and continue to become more active as well as represent our community in a positive way.

    Basic Member
    Basic Members are members who have began to adjust to our rules and policies and show ambition to stay and help our community continue to grow. Basic Members shouldn't be strangers to TangoWorldWide, and should be seen around our forums, servers, and TeamSpeak frequently.

    Rookie Member
    Rookie Members are newer members to TangoWorldWide and have been seen as a positive fit for the community. They have been evaluated from our staff, and have been promoted from the Novice-Ranks. They are expected to have activity around our community, and are advised to be active in community events.

  • $t4r
  • Acxqua
  • Anthony
  • Antonio4Day
  • Apoc0774
  • Arion
  • awesomepossum101
  • Bape
  • Bean
  • biodisposable
  • Bizarre
  • Bluedivide2
  • Borris
  • brendan_fraser
  • Brendon221
  • Bryce
  • Bubbles
  • BurleyGames
  • Cactus Jones
  • CaptainToast
  • CellOP
  • Cheeseninja25
  • chessboy100
  • chip skylark
  • chucK
  • cN Velocity
  • Cookie Monster
  • Corgi
  • Cosmic Enigma
  • covevendor
  • coyoteman
  • CreeperKiller2000
  • Crosstar
  • Crusad3r
  • curt2905
  • Darkslayer2397
  • Daud
  • DeathArchex
  • Designate
  • Destroyer0215
  • Dethgeer
  • Dicodamars
  • Dilly63755
  • Dmoney1511
  • done
  • DuckyOnion
  • EchoTheGekko
  • EthosLab
  • extraterrestria
  • Fedelia
  • FisterSSG
  • flare
  • Flightfox67
  • Flowing
  • Frankster3214
  • Gaara
  • Grenadegregory
  • Havik
  • HorizonGaming
  • Hunataa
  • Hyperion
  • iDriz
  • ill-m@tic
  • ImperatorDecens
  • itsok
  • JeffTheKiller :D
  • John Scoutman
  • Joker123
  • Jolly
  • Jonathan Finley
  • joshuaftp
  • Juan Pablo
  • kai
  • KawaiiToes
  • Kennedy
  • KillerGoat
  • Kloyster
  • kodamant
  • Kosh
  • krazykatdakota
  • Krendler Gaming
  • Kryptic
  • Kurrent
  • Kyrin247
  • Lag_o_nator
  • lolilover3000
  • Lord_Jeff
  • Luke the Dankest
  • Michael Rosen
  • mik-ee
  • milkman10
  • Mins
  • mlanier14
  • modtrapper3
  • Mr.Unique
  • mufasa
  • Mystkn
  • Nice!
  • ninja-c4
  • NotTodd
  • Novus
  • Ogrank
  • Paradox_
  • Pax justn
  • payraw
  • pbgriffin
  • Phil
  • pietime11
  • Pivotmaster425
  • PrincessTrashcan
  • Priscillaaaaa
  • Protechtinium
  • Qwishy
  • Ragtown
  • Red
  • Renea
  • Restabalize
  • RevenPlaysMC
  • RominNoodles
  • Rosette
  • Rui
  • Rusheen Spetsnaz
  • s0cks
  • Santi
  • scottc95
  • Screeching Edge
  • SebiFTW
  • Shiromaru
  • SilentFright
  • Slothatwork
  • SniperZ
  • sniping2006
  • SolarComet
  • Stotih
  • thatdudeun0
  • TheGuyCole
  • TheOneAndOnly
  • Theresurectedjux
  • TheWaffleWizard5
  • Tim
  • timtom619
  • Toodles
  • TotallyCanon
  • V3LJK0T3CH
  • Vacant
  • Veagance
  • Vibez
  • Viper
  • Wiinter
  • Wolfiez
  • XeonzStoned
  • Yaga
  • Yuzaro
  • {Strillex}
  • ♣LaughingAzn♣

  • Novice Member
    Novice Member is the second of our introductory section of TangoWorldWide. The entire Novice section is designed to ensure members who join are a fit for TangoWorldWide. Novice Members will continue to be evaluated for acceptance before they are considered a Rookie Member or above. Novice Recruits can skip this rank if they show complete maturity, activity, and represent us in a positive way. Novice members can be demoted back to Novice-Recruit at any time.

  • ! DaviD !
  • -tw2- Hummingbird
  • -♔Prodiigy♔-
  • 2huge
  • AceSeb
  • afk
  • alaskaninvegas1
  • Analogic
  • Anthony2k
  • Apathay
  • Arcanum
  • AskMeToPlayPianoForYou
  • August Ames
  • Avoid
  • b0zz
  • Batz
  • Ben
  • bigboylittleboy
  • Blake Jake
  • Blitz-Pocket
  • BMO
  • Bombapow
  • Bosnian_Darkrai
  • BossiBoi
  • Broke
  • BrotherMudkip
  • Cagle
  • Cento
  • CH33SE_4_L1F3
  • chanchanman
  • Cheryl Kray
  • chubbycakes6199
  • Cinsesso
  • Clifford
  • codycody69
  • CodyN
  • colaaa
  • Conagher 2
  • CongaFortress2
  • Connor Kelly
  • Corey2341
  • Cortese
  • Cpt_BOSS2645
  • Crazyseal14
  • Cryptic Jr.
  • curry
  • Cutepuppy
  • Cutiεs ♥ ♡ ❣ ^
  • cyrus
  • C_Jester
  • D2Girls
  • Danader12
  • Dank Memes
  • Darkdane
  • Delay
  • DevinDking
  • dgafjuly
  • diceprevailz7
  • Disastrous
  • DistinctSights
  • DJR210
  • doddlebop
  • dope
  • Dreemurr
  • Duncanbh
  • Ech0
  • ED_THE_RED158
  • EggsD
  • ejmin
  • Elchrics
  • ElectricAsh
  • Elillierose
  • Ethanance
  • EthanIsSoHot
  • euryt
  • Ext Glunt
  • FacePalm
  • fancysheepman01
  • Farquaad
  • Fat Bastard
  • Fedoranator
  • FlexAlot
  • Flux^Devyn
  • FoxyG
  • Fr3AkS
  • FreddyGamer999
  • fundeofnuts
  • GageRex
  • gamerrr
  • gdogwoof
  • george-e
  • georgewkush
  • Ghostman27
  • goomoyoon
  • Groovy
  • Gushers
  • GuyWhoGames
  • Hacked
  • HaddenHD
  • Halloweenie
  • Happy Pants
  • HashedBrowns
  • Holidae
  • HOPsin
  • HyDro
  • infinity
  • insanity
  • IntenseLeveLing
  • iPhone Jacked
  • iriclaire7
  • J-cub
  • JackApollo
  • Jakkabin
  • JamCurry
  • Jaredblakeb
  • JarJar
  • Jawshi
  • Jc531
  • Jeremiah
  • Joctopus
  • Johnny Good Meme
  • Joku42
  • jonee140
  • jord
  • jsingh
  • jtogg
  • Juicybubbles94
  • Justin
  • KarmA
  • Kasperkar
  • KDGotNoMorals
  • Kentaloupe
  • KhilJoyy
  • killersopa
  • King Koala
  • King0fgames
  • kingluke03
  • kingpolen
  • kiri
  • Kitty123
  • KobeTW
  • Krysk4Life
  • kstatewildestcat
  • Kstill42427
  • L0st Gaming
  • lace
  • LickyTuLynx
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Lil uzi vert
  • LlamasOnFire
  • Lorax_Fish
  • LordRaiden01
  • LordVortex
  • Lorenzz
  • LostThunder
  • lovell
  • Lsdb114
  • Lucas
  • LuckyNotLucky
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • MagicMan2401
  • Marge Shrimpson
  • Matt_Likes_Toast
  • Maximmis
  • McStankey
  • Meow
  • meowy77
  • miner49er2012
  • mittman53
  • Moonshoos
  • mossy
  • Mr. Cucumber
  • Mr. Snuffles30
  • MrDevised
  • MrJPenguin1
  • Mrs Chilly
  • mulrooney_paul
  • murf
  • Mystify
  • NamaJeff
  • neko is the man
  • Nikitafromstrings
  • NinjaJaiden
  • NomadsLand
  • NoMercyPT
  • North Korea
  • Obey Outre
  • Officer Joe
  • Old kevin
  • Optonimous
  • orbxdamxu
  • Ordis
  • PandazUnited
  • Para
  • PIkaPIka
  • Pinhead
  • PoptartPalooza
  • PoshmatoCraze
  • Potato man
  • PR007MONK
  • profiteus
  • pussy cannon
  • Rainbow_Dog_
  • RainN_
  • RawPapa
  • Rebbecca
  • Reddudelazer
  • ReeL
  • RemiFlemi
  • repto20
  • Rezzy
  • Rocketlounge
  • rockhog
  • RockPlayz
  • Roquel
  • Rze
  • Sadisticgoon
  • Sasori Kun
  • Scrooge (Dib)
  • seanamander
  • Sena
  • Sgt. Duck
  • ShadowReaper
  • Shane Vanian
  • shiya
  • silasdude123
  • Skyla_is_gaming
  • Slama
  • Slayurr
  • SleepyCrow98
  • smogh45
  • Sneakyz
  • Sneezio
  • Snoips
  • soapman27
  • socceralex2004
  • SosaTheGod
  • SScarr
  • StayCoolWithTaha
  • Steel
  • Sterilite
  • Strikeout Elite
  • Sunny™
  • SuperoGEL
  • Surfing_Squirtle
  • SwAgErLiShEsS
  • swami
  • Swishizzo
  • Symp
  • S_ythe
  • T.w RKO
  • T.w2k9
  • taylor420
  • teamgreen900
  • The Beast
  • The Great Papyrus
  • TheDwarfChris
  • TheEnderCurse
  • TheRedMushroom
  • Thuggin_And_Puggin
  • Tikatakla
  • tinathebattle
  • TKLM65
  • TMT
  • tony123422
  • TopHat
  • Treigan
  • TribbleHerder
  • TrickyyYT
  • triforce37
  • TrippN
  • TST
  • turbo_willis_
  • Twist^
  • Tybear30
  • Tybjayz
  • umbrella
  • Unknown07
  • Username_Destin
  • vaultman123
  • Whzty
  • Wildfire
  • Wilson
  • WinerJohns
  • WolfmanOran
  • X2clone
  • xAphyillated
  • xXMrMoose
  • Yay
  • Yazan
  • Yoshino
  • YourBoyNicer
  • zac325
  • Zed
  • ZeldaGuardian
  • Zero3434
  • Zhu
  • Zonza
  • zzqp37
  • [GOH] N4TH4N
  • [Royal]Nightmare
  • _Aldi
  • _ItsRizxer_
  • |Andrew|
  • ✪ SaLt Cheesy
  • ✮Asuna✮

  • Novice Recruit
    Novice Recruit is an introductory rank into TangoWorldWide. Members will be evaluated as they begin their journey into TangoWorldWide. This gives our staff sometime to review each person accepted and judge if their attitude, activity, and representation of our community is worth their stay. Novice Recruits have 4 weeks from acceptance to be moved to at least Novice-Member or they will be released from TangoWorldWide.

  • Acidic - Accepted 4/1/2017
  • Aykut1907 - Accepted 4/8/2017
  • AyyItsDipshitTaco - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Bake Sale - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • bast - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Bendy - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Best Orange - Accepted 4/8/2017
  • biggems - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • Chance - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Coolmoon25 - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • dank potato - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Destruction - Accepted 4/8/2017 *
  • Dradaus - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Dragon_Cats - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Ducky_Swag - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • edaF - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • GalaxyCat - Accepted 4/1/2017 *
  • gav120 - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • gibb0ns - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • HavocFizzy - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • Jimbean - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • LexCantHop - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Major - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • MerkyZ - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Mister Popo - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • nascar0202 - Accepted 4/1/2017
  • Nocturnal_csgo - Accepted 4/1/2017 *
  • nutty - Accepted 4/8/2017
  • Oli - Rank Reset 4/23/2017 (Resignation Threshold)
  • Pine_Cone - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Potatoman0405 - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • POTOIUS - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Pow - Accepted 4/22/2017 *
  • Ribs - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Rogue020 - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • SbubjCS - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Seymour Krelborn - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • silver^ - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • SoLegit - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • TheRealLilBoat - Accepted 4/8/2017 *
  • TheRottenTaco316 - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • TheVada8 - Accepted 4/8/2017
  • TMK SlayerXOmango - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • tuck fyler - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • Tylor_Blurd - Accepted 4/1/2017 *
  • Wombat - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • xSib - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • yoboihunty - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • zexbootyxpepperz - Accepted 4/22/2017
  • * User is not wearing tag.

    Supporters are members of the TangoWorldWide community that do not want to wear the tags at all times while outside our servers, and have no intent on moving up the roster towards positions like cL, SA, A-Team, and Mentor. Supports who wish to have those benefits will be able to complete a Novice Upgrade request to move into regular membership.

    Wondering how our Posting-Ranks Work?
    Forum Newbie - 0 Posts
    Forum Starter - 25 Posts
    Forum Regular - 100 Posts
    Forum Junkie - 500 Posts
    Forum Addict - 1000 Posts
    5k Poster - 5000 Posts
    10k Poster - 10000 Posts
    25k Poster - 25000 Posts
    No Lifer - 50000 Posts

    If you find an error in our roster please Private Message Alex here on the forums!

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