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Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is President of the organization and Chairman of the Executive Board. They are in charge of operations of the Executive and Supervisory Board(s) of TangoWorldWide. Primarily, the CEO ensures TangoWorldWide is consistently expanding and at the forefront of its competition. Their jobs include maintaining the back-end of the network, designing new positions, zoning new expansions and additions, managing finances, overseeing all company policy, and sustaining a growing and respectful image of TangoWorldWide. The CEO holds the final say in all TangoWorldWide functions.

  • balon - Contact via balon@tjbalon.io
Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) manages the day-to-day operations of TangoWorldWide. The COO is second in command and primarily deals with the public-facing functions of the network. The COO oversees the entirety of the community and its members ensuring that the daily operations are flowing smoothly. The COO is in charge of ensuring all player complaints, admin abuse reports, and disputes and conflicts are handled in a timely manner and holds the right to override all decisions. The COO works closely with the Department of Human Resources and Chief of Human Resources.

  • Alex - Contact: alex@tangoworldwide.net
Chief Technical Officer

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) coordinates the servers and software that the network utilizes. They ensure that all servers are up-to-date, have maximum uptime, and are functioning normally. The CTO is in charge of ensuring all staff have proper access to their projects, and non-authorized personnel cannot access the network. They work closely with the Chief Security Officer of TangoWorldWide to ensure our software is up-to-date and security is maintained throughout the organization. The CTO also works with the Chief Development Officer on various projects concerning TangoWorldWide.

Chief Development Officer

The Chief Development Officer (CDO) is in charge of design, innovation, and creation of new features, plug-ins, products, and releases to TangoWorldWide. They ensure that the network is seeing constant updates and upgrades through plug-in implementation and community feedback. The CDO is in charge of working with the community and using community voice to drive TangoWorldWide in the direction the community wants. The CDO works closely with the Chief Technical Officer.

  • Lt.DoomY - Contact: ltdoomy@tangoworldwide.net
Chief of Human Resources

The Chief of Human Resources (CHR) oversees and verifies the integrity of all human resource management in TangoWorldWide and staff-to-community relations. The CHR has two primary areas of focus. First, interpersonal relations from the staff to the community, ensuring there is a strong bridge between the two areas of interest and continuous communication. Second, the CHR works with various official groups of TangoWorldWide that work with player relations, attitude, mentorship, and counseling. They oversee all of these programs and ensure they are working at their fullest potential. The CHR helps the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer select new staff for the community and find a best-fit position for each member of the staff.

Executive Department

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant is the assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of TangoWorldWide. The Executive Assistant continuously works with the CEO and the rest of the Executive Board in maintaining an agenda; assisting with planning board meetings, conferences, and releases; and managing back-end work and information regarding TangoWorldWide. The Executive Assistant attends various meetings as requested by the CEO and takes minutes that can be used by the rest of the Executive Board. During Executive Board meetings, this member is present.

Executive Coordinator

The Executive Coordinator works under the Chief Executive Officer of TangoWorldWide. Their job consists of offloading tasks from the CEO and other Executive Board to help manage work-flow and time management. They work primarily with the CEO and Executive Assistant to ensure all tasks are being created in a timely manner. They are able to act as any board member and fill their role in times of absence or an overloaded schedule. During Executive Board meetings, this member is present.

  • Vacant
Executive Outreach Strategist

The Executive Outreach Strategist works under the Chief Executive officer overseeing social presence, community exposure, and managing potential partnerships/sponsorships for external funding. They are in-charge of the marketing@tangoworldwide.net address to manage communications between potential sponsors and partnerships. They also have primary control of the Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms that TangoWorldWide uses. The Executive Outreach Strategist oversees the Social Media Administrator(s).

  • SiL3nT - Contact: Sil3nt@tangoworldwide.net

Department of Community Management

Officer of Community Relations

The Officer of Community Relations is positioned under the Chief Operating Officer of TangoWorldWide. This Director works with various user-groups who visit our servers, forums, and network. They ensure that players are returning to our servers, and membership growth is continuous. They work closely with the Chief of Human Resources and the Department of Human Resources to maintain maximum growth of TangoWorldWide and help select members for promotion or demotion.

Officer of Community Affairs

The Officer of Community Affairs works with the Chief Operating Officer to oversee internal community affairs including but not limited to ban reports, abuse reports, disputes and conflicts, member engagement, and other day-to-day operations regarding community members. They assist with all internal affairs of TangoWorldWide and work with the Department of Human Resources to ensure community members are pleased with their stay. The Community Affairs Officer works as a high-level voice for the entire community.

Technical Department

Network Administrator

The Network Administrator works with the Chief Technical Officer to help coordinate all TangoWorldWide servers and services. The Network Administrator primarily analyzes uptime, system stability, and network issues. Their job is to assist in ensuring systems are up-to-date, synchronized, backed up, and fully maintained for maximum reliability.

Divisional Administrator

The Divisional Administrator works with the Chief Technical Officer to oversee all Official TangoWorldWide Divisions. The Divisional Administrator works with all Divisional Managers, Assistant Divisional Managers, and Divisional Staff to ensure our servers are continuously being developed, are up-to-date, have maximum uptime, and that suggestions and feedback from the community are being implemented regularly. The Divisional Administrator also oversees expanding into new divisions, and works closely with the Department of Development. Finally, they help implement new donation packages through the Department of Marketing.

  • Vacant
Security Administrator

The Security Administrator works within the Technical Department of TangoWorldWide. The Security Administrator is in charge of maintaining network security, doing research on existing and potential threats, and mitigating/rebuilding potentially compromised systems. The Security Administrator works both with the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Executive Officer to ensure high up-time and systems security for the network.

  • Vacant

Department of Development

Chief Content Engineer

The Chief Content Engineer is a part of the Department of Development. Their job is to primarily oversee all major programming efforts in TangoWorldWide as far as game-servers, game-to-web extension, APIs, and statistical implementations. The Chief Content Engineer oversees various teams working on any major implementations and projects across TangoWorldWide and works closely with the Chief Systems Engineer to ensure all developers are producing new content and projects which benefit TangoWorldWide.

Chief Systems Engineer

The Chief Systems Engineer is a part of the Department of Development but works closely also with the Executive Department. Their job consists of planning, designing, and programming major back-end implementations that include web, management, and system(s) implementations. This role primarily includes working on back-end code with the CDO and CEO of TangoWorldWide. Their primary task is to make quality-of-life and easy-of-use more obtainable across the network.

Department of Human Resources

Staff Director

The Staff Director is part of the Department of Human Resources and works with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Human Resources to find potential new users to join TangoWorldWide's Staff. The Staff Director's primary jobs include overseeing the current staff by ensuring they are fulfilling their descriptions, finding and recruiting future staff, and planning new internal staff changes.

  • Vacant
Program Director

The Program Director is part of the Department of Human Resources and works with the Chief of Human Resources primarily. The Program Director's first job is to oversee the two major player relation groups that TangoWorldWide hosts: Community Leadership and Mentorship. They assure that the groups are placing strong fundamentals on the user-base of TangoWorldWide. Secondarily, the Program Director oversees and approves all other Official Groups of TangoWorldWide with official group status.

Executive Department

Project Administrator

Project Administrators are in charge of all major TangoWorldWide projects approved by the Executive Department. Project Administrators oversee a project and ensure it's success. Two examples are TangoStore and TangoTimer. The Project Administrator, will oversee and manage the existing features in their project. The Project Administrator will coordinate with the Department of Development to create new features and fulfill requests of the community.

Social Media Administrator

The Social Media Administrator coordinates all public facing social media accounts of TangoWorldWide. This includes overseeing the steam group, twitch, youtube, twitter, and other platforms that the community may interact with. The Social Media Administrators works under the Executive Department.

  • Vacant

Department of Community Management

Internal Affairs Manager

The Internal Affairs Managers are in charge of overlooking TangoWorldWide's members and their relations, interactions, and differences with one another. The Internal Affairs Managers ensure that there is peace amongst our members and no in-community disputes on going. If they find there are such issues, they will isolate the problem and find a positive solution for all parties involved.

Community Advisors

The Community Advisors are intended to be the voice of TangoWorldWide's staff, by informing the community of all official changes. Specifically, the Community Advisors are in charge of, but not limited to; roster changes, membership acceptance or denial notices, community improvements, change-logs, and other critical announcements. They typically coordinate the Applications, Promotions, and Demotions portion of the meeting, and ensure all staff are voicing their opinions to make the final decision on changes. They work closely with the entire Executive Board.

Community Engagement Manager

The Community Engagement Manager works under the Officer of Community Affairs to oversee all TangoWorldWide Events and engagements with other communities. The Community Engagement Manager primarily oversees the Event Staff to ensure they are pushing out new events to TangoWorldWide regularly and the community is sending back positive feedback for their events.

Technical Department

Divisional Manager

Divisional Managers co-chair with their Assistant Divisional Manager to oversee and manage an Official TangoWorldWide Division. Their job includes running and maintaining a successful division and image of that division. Divisional Managers more favor the technical side of coordinating their division, however, this duty is versatile with their Assistant Divisional Manager.

Assistant Divisional Manager

Assistant Divisional Managers co-chair with their Divisional Manager to oversee and manage an Official TangoWorldWide Division. Their job includes running and maintaining a successful division and image of that division. Assistant Divisional Managers favor more the non-technical side coordinating proper communication, expansions, planning, and interactions with Divisional Staff. However, this duty is versatile with their Divisional Manager.

Technical Manager

Technical Managers are a part of the Technical Department of TangoWorldWide. They work closely with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer, and Network Administrator to help carry out technical duties in TangoWorldWide. This includes helping update servers, work on game-specific servers, and offer technical advising and help to the remainder of the staff to help them carry out their duties.

  • Vacant
Web Manager

The Web Manager is in charge of management and administration of the TangoWorldWide.net website and all message-boards related to TangoWorldWide. They configure new rankings, user-permissions, new forums on the board, new content, set user-ranks, manage user profiles, and moderate the board. They oversee the Website Moderation Staff.

Department of Development

Lead Content Creator

Lead Content Creators oversee the design of plugins, implementation, and general graphic designs of TangoWorldWide. They are a part of the Department of Development and help make any plugins that the servers need, assist in designing/planning development, and creating any visuals TangoWorldWide utilizes.

Department of Human Resources

Group Manager

Group Managers co-coordinate with their Assistant Group Manager to manage a TangoWorldWide Official Group/Program. The Group Manager of the respective group works on the front-end tasks of the group, doing the public relations between the group and the rest of the community. They are to host necessary meetings, make all official releases of the group, release any necessary information or documentation, and be the forward force for their group's growth. Their duties are highly versatile with their Assistant Group Manager.

Assistant Group Manager

Assistant Group Managers co-coordinate with their Group Manager to manage a TangoWorldWide Official Group/Program. The Assistant Group Manager of the respective group is in charge of the back-end tasks of the group. Such includes group statistics, internal documentation, internal non-disclosure agreements, and all other internal functions regarding the group. Their duties are highly versatile with their Group Manager.

Technical Department

Divisional Staff

Divisional Staff work under the Technical Department and is coordinated by the Divisional Administrator and respective Divisional Manager. Divisional Staff are specifically assigned to one server, however, they have administrative powers across all of the servers in their respective division. There may be up to two Divisional Staff assigned to each server.

Web Moderator

Web Moderators work under the Web Manager in the Technical Department. Web Moderators moderate the forums and create a professional setting through creating positive conversations throughout the website.

Department of Human Resources

Group Staff

Group Staff work under the Department of Human Resources under their respective Group Manager and Assistant Group Manager. Each group-staff is intended to be a server-specific staff member who oversees the recruitment and retention of the server. There may be up to two Group Staff assigned to each server.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Staff analyze the day to day operations of TangoWorldWide. Their job is to do randomly chosen analysis and audit various servers, divisions, programs, and aspects of TangoWorldWide. They should coordinate with existing staff to create feedback threads, and areas where users of our community can voice their opinion.

  • Vacant

Department of Development

Senior Content Creator

Senior Content Creator are a part of the Department of Development under the Chief Development Officer. Senior Content Creator consist of Mappers, Designer, and Developers. They work on various tasks as they arise, and work within their expertise. They are assigned tasks from their superior staff.

  • Vacant

Junior Content Creator

Junior Content Creators are not apart of The Department of Development. They are expected to market themselves to higher staff for their works whether it be Mapping, Designing, or Developing. They are to work on various tasks, and may assist on future projects. Users may have extended stays in this rank.

  • Vacant
Department Intern

Department Interns are staff who are going to be assigned to a department of TangoWorldWide. Department Interns are evaluated by the Executive and Supervisory board members to help locate a spot on the roster that is right for them. All staff coming in which will go to Senior Staff or above will be a Department Intern for at minimal one week.

  • Vacant
Staff Personnel

Staff Personnel is a general rank of TangoWorldWide's Staff. These staff members are to work with the higher staff members within our roster to assist with various tasks. They are encouraged to work on various projects, and generally move throughout staff to assist where needed. These jobs include, but are not limited to all purpose projects, general population, retention, and exposure of TangoWorldWide.

Probationary Personnel

Probationary Staff are on their trial period and introduction to TangoWorldWide's staff. These staff members are invited to all staff meetings and are slowly introduced into the rest of the staff roster. They are asked to introduce themselves to Senior Staff+ and work on various projects to give them experience and exposure to move up the rankings.

Honorable Member

Honorable Members are members who have made countless notable contributions to TangoWorldWide and have impacted the community a lot by their efforts and dedication which earns them the title of being Honorable Members of TangoWorldWide.

Veteran Member

Veteran Members are members of our community who have been here more than 3 months, have shown extreme activity in one time or another within TangoWorldWide, are positive members who help our expansion and our continuous plans for development, as well as participate whenever they can. Veteran Members are separated by our senior members by the time they spend in our community.

Senior Member

Senior Members devote time to help our community grow as they recruit members, are active in all servers, and the forums. They are expected to consistently help recruiting people, introducing people to our community, going to events, and being extremely active!

Regular Member

Regular Members are members in our community that show daily activity on various sections of TangoWorldWide. They are expected to be more active than other ranks, and be a regular face around TangoWorldWide! They constantly advertise for tango, pull recruits when they can, and act mature in all aspects of our community.

Junior Member

Junior Members have been promoted from Basic Member due to their activity, retention to our community, and positive vibe they bring amongst other members. Junior members are starting to make a name for themselves in our community, and continue to become more active as well as represent our community in a positive way.

Rookie Member

Rookie Members are newer members to TangoWorldWide and have been seen as a positive fit for the community. They have been evaluated from our staff, and have been promoted from the Novice-Ranks. They are expected to have activity around our community, and are advised to be active in community events.

Novice Member

Novice Member is the second of our introductory section of TangoWorldWide. The entire Novice section is designed to ensure members who join are a fit for TangoWorldWide. Novice Members will continue to be evaluated for acceptance before they are considered a Rookie Member or above. Novice Recruits can skip this rank if they show complete maturity, activity, and represent us in a positive way. Novice members can be demoted back to Novice-Recruit at any time.

Novice Recruit

Novice Recruit is an introductory rank into TangoWorldWide. Members will be evaluated as they begin their journey into TangoWorldWide. This gives our staff sometime to review each person accepted and judge if their attitude, activity, and representation of our community is worth their stay. Novice Recruits have 4 weeks from acceptance to be moved to at least Novice-Member or they will be released from TangoWorldWide.


Supporters are members of the TangoWorldWide community that do not want to wear the tags at all times while outside our servers, and have no intent on moving up the roster towards positions like cL, SA, A-Team, and Mentor. Supports who wish to have those benefits will be able to complete a Novice Upgrade request to move into regular membership.

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f.t.c.s. - Notes a user currently not wearing an approved TangoWorldWide tag in their Steam name.

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