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Author Topic: [READ ME] Suggestions and Ideas Template  (Read 11710 times)

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[READ ME] Suggestions and Ideas Template
« on: May 17, 2015, 03:19:09 pm »
This section is for any and all suggestions or ideas.

Please take your time with these posts to ensure you get a faster, clearer response from Staff. Make these as serious as possible so you do not waste your time or our time.

Thank you in advance, for your great ideas.

Please use this template below
Thread title: [Division] <Suggestion Name> - Make Sure The suggestion name is really the name of your suggestion.

Code: [Select]
[b]1. Describe the Suggestion[/b]:
[b]2. Related link(s)[/b]:
[b]3. Possible positive impacts[/b]:
[b]4. Possible negative impacts[/b]:
[b]5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect[/b]:
[b]6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div leader, web admin, etc.)[/b]:

*Read below for more information

7. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (Check roster for people in the specific ranks)

1. Rules, policies, guidelines, community-official suggestions, official member-suggestions: Community Manager, Community Advisor, and Community Director

2. CS:GO, server-related suggestions, development/server-rules, and additions: CS:GO Divisional Leader, Technologies Director, Technologies Manager, Technologies Advisor, and Divisional Staff

3. Website/Forums and Discord/Teamspeak: Web & Comms Admin / Web & Comms Mod

4. Donations, marketing, social media, and sponsorships: Ownership / Community Manager / Community Advisor

5. Coding, code / script related: Technologies Director / Technologies Manager / Technologies Advisor

6. Official groups: Community Director, Community Advisor, Community Manager, and Group Leader

7. Artwork/mapping, graphics designing: Content Team

8. Ownership, major community-suggestions: Ownership

While making a suggestion, please look up on the roster who belongs in the specific rank and tag them in the suggestion template.
This is so the suggestion gets looked at as soon as possible with the Staff member receiving a notification about it.
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the “web moderator” is just a hypocritical, insecure person loool
Worst forum mod since Xbftb
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[Forums] Suggestion Example
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 06:40:42 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion: I'd like to request to add a forum-board for <game>.... etc.
2. Related link(s): <link to game> / <potentially active threads about the game>
3. Possible positive impacts: It would bring in more forum-activity and allow us to expand into a newer game.
4. Possible negative impacts: It might end up being a dead forum-board with no usage and potential removal in the future.
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: Website/Forums
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div leader, web admin, etc.): @S..
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