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Author Topic: Member Rank Changes  (Read 149 times)

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Member Rank Changes
« on: February 21, 2021, 08:15:31 pm »
In the January Open Staff Meeting, the community voted 64 to 6 in favor of removing all 'tiered' Member & Novice ranks, in favor of a single rank for each section. Today we've made those changes, now introducing the new Member & Novice ranks!

The new ranks are explained as follows...

Veteran Member
Veteran Members are Members of TangoWorldWide who have been apart of the community for 3 consecutive years or have been previously. Previous staff members become Veteran Members if they have been Staff for at least 1 year, or have been here 3 consecutive years as a member. They have shown to be extremely active and engaging in our community, uphold our rules and values, and help us continue to expand. They are separated from Members by their time, dedication, and participation in our community. Members who fail to comply with our tagging policy will be demoted to Member.

Members of TangoWorldWide have shown to be active and engaging in the community! To become a Member, a Staff Member must recommend you for promotion during a Staff Meeting. Members can: attend member-only events, participate in member-only giveaways, and have access to member-only content. Members will be eligible for Veteran Member after being apart of TangoWorldWide for three consecutive years. Members comply with our rules, policies, and show ambition to continue to help us thrive.

Novice Member
Novice Member is an introductory rank to TangoWorldWide. Users in this rank are evaluated as they begin their journey into our community. Staff actively review(s) those in Novice Member, seeking to give them full Member status when they are active, engaging, and otherwise show dedication to becoming a long-term member! Novice Members are considered full members of our community: they can attend member-only events, participate in member-only giveaways, and have access to member-only content. Returning members to our community may skip this rank if deemed eligible by our staff. New members to the community will be denoted with an (*) behind their name, for up to two weeks.
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