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Author Topic: Overall Server Bug Guidance  (Read 227 times)

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Overall Server Bug Guidance
« on: January 01, 2020, 01:16:45 pm »
Hub Bugs:
- Players get notified in tick format that they are not allowed to use an item.
- A Runnable is running telling players to right click the compass (which is the only thing in their hotbar)
- The Hub does not teleport players back to the spawn location on quit.
- For some reason you can obtain currency in the hub.
- When Right-Clicking the compass world-guard prompts a message regarding you not being allowed to use the compass.
- ServerSelectorX is known the be the most basic of HubSelectors (Spice it up a bit)
Hub Suggestions:
- Make the Servers Base Version 1.8.8 Taco Spigot w/ViaVersion, ViaRewind, and ViaBackwards (Assuming your using bungeecoord)
- Get a custom hubcore made (I offered and got declined ecksdee)
- Remove the worldguard prompt message on PlayerInteract & The Runnable telling people to click the only item in their inventory.

Factions Bugs:
- There are countless numbers of dupes I found just being on in 10 minutes.
- Spawn is not properly worldguarded.
- The Holograms state completely irrelevant information as to the actual features on the server. Ex: /f top, /f upgrade
- Spawn is claimed with SafeZone instead of being claimed with Warzone & being worldguarded.
- Join messages and Achievements are enabled for some reason. (Disable in server.properties)
- You spawn with default Essentials (Tools Kit) & don't have access to any food source.
- You take fall damage & lose hunger in spawn.
(These are all just things I noticed at a glance)

Factions Suggestions:
Remove Factions by markeH & add SaberFactions - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/saberfactions-1-7-1-15-the-complete-factions-solution-discord-saber-pw.69771/
Add F Top - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/f-top-factions-top-by-novucs.26905/
Configure everything properly.
Make kits with bungee ranks. (PermissionsEx & UltraPermissions Both Support This)
Fix the 4 dupes i found in 10 minutes. (Pm me regarding it so I don't let people exploit it)
Make the base version of the server 1.8.8 TacoSpigot w/Via Version, & ViaRewind
Give players access to /hub from Factions (BungeeCoord Port Listener)

SkyBlock Bugs:
Hashed Data from another skyblock plugin is forcing players to other players islands (This is caused by bSkyBlocks instability)
Probably can do the same dupes as factions (Once again, pm me regarding them so I don't let players exploit.)
Spawn's Island can be exploited by using anvils with renaming.
Setup kits & perms (BungeeCoord Factor with Ultra Permissions or PermissionEx)
Make the base version of the server 1.8.8 TacoSpigot w/Via Version, & ViaRewind
Give players access to /hub from SkyBlock (BungeeCoord Port Listener)

SkyBlock Suggestions:
Add aSkyBlock (Or my fork of aSkyBlock)
Island Upgrades that work are a key feature to a successful SkyBlock server
Setup Holograms on Spawn Island. (Give players information about what they are doing other then using signs) - HolographicDisplays
Use EssentialsX and not regular essentials if not already being used.
Add PlayerVaults
Add MobCoins

All of these suggestions are the basic fundamentals of a basic server

Join Quit Messages and Achievements should be disabled on all servers!

But yea, need any help just shout.

Much Love, Driftay

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Re: Overall Server Bug Guidance
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2020, 02:17:21 pm »
unsure if this was removed or not since i haven't played on the server for a bit, but just note that players have access to /lobby for an alternative to /hub. i think it should swap it out to /hub so i agree that suggestion B)
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Re: Overall Server Bug Guidance
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2020, 04:50:55 am »
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