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Author Topic: Change Log v17 - 3/18/2015 @ 1:01AM  (Read 1163 times)

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Change Log v17 - 3/18/2015 @ 1:01AM
« on: March 18, 2015, 04:03:19 pm »

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TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog v17

Recently we've slowly been pushing out update after update to make changes within TangoWorldWide. Here are our most recent updates, we urge you to post feedback below!

(v17 - 3/18/2015) :: TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog!

01. * Sponsors Page Added
  • Due to our recent successes in the eSports world (will be mentioned further down), we've started to get traction with sponsors and partners for our community! Today we are proud to announce our new 'Sponsors' tab under [Community] at the top of the forums! This page is accessible in all servers by typing !sponsors, with a message about our sponsors appearing every 5 minutes.

    Check out more >> http://tangoworldwide.net/sponsors
02. ! CSS Load Failures
  • Recently we've noticed an increase in reports that our forums have been loading without the CSS to structure the theme, we've located a few issues and hopefully have resolved them. If they continue, please contact @balon.
03. ! Mail-Server Update
  • We've gone ahead and make some changes to our firewall to ensure that our mail is successfully reaching our new members that register to verify their accounts! Back in 2014, we've had a lot of issues due to this, we hope to see most of these issues clear up, and rarely if ever present themselves again.
03. + DDoS Protection
  • A change that should've been posted back in January, but we've moved Datacenters to OVH Networks in Montreal, Canada. This has been a small issue due to our ping-radius being moved from central US to far east. We are hoping to resolve most of the routing issues soon with our major servers like Minigames & Jailbreak, but for the moment OVH is providing our services with over 480gbps DDoS Protection; keeping us online and keeping our servers accessible to our players!
04. - Jewbreak Update Rolled-Back
  • Although we had no discriminatory intentions in mind, many took offense to our Jewbreak update which occurred in February of this year. After a few weeks of the update, we've decided in TangoWorldWide's best interest to roll-back the update to Jailbreak Facility v2, with a few updates to structure a version 3 which released later last night. Our final changes with this server is to edit the MOTD yet again and make necessary changes to the rules and procedures.
05. * Hard at work looking for feedback
  • Jewbreak's rollback, inspire that ownership made the final call to make the change; came from our community base as a vote to veto and revoke the prior changes.We've found that using our weekly poll to generate changes amongst our community will be a convenient way to get quick feedback. More polls that change outcomes for TangoWorldWide can be expected soon.
06. + New Designers & Developers
  • As our community continues to expand we are in an ever-search for new content creators! One of our most recent to join our Development team is @iudesigns - A freelance graphic designer that found us through our Jailbreak Server! We welcome him warmly to our community and have excitement of his abilities; he's already performed many graphic works for TangoWorldWide, including banners, our new logo, and much more.

That is all for this update, we hope to have more Change Logs come out soon on a regular basis!

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Re: Change Log v17 - 3/18/2015 @ 1:01AM
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2015, 05:46:22 pm »
All great updates! Cheers to improving Tango everyday.


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