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Author Topic: CLOUT GOD's Akatsuki App.  (Read 95 times)

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    tw CLOUT ????????????


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CLOUT GOD's Akatsuki App.
« on: August 14, 2019, 06:45:30 pm »
1. What is your in-game name?

2. Why do you want to join the Akatsuki?
As a huge Naruto fan I would love to join the Akatsuki because this is the only forum I use and to join a group with people who love the same thing I love is what would make me feel even more at home. I've watched the Naruto series twice now (although I'm still making my way through Boruto still). But to share my love with Naruto on the Tango forums would be fantastic.

3. How many episodes of Naruto do you think you have watched?
I don't know the exact count but definitely over 1400 because I've watched the original Naruto series twice and Shippuden twice.

4. Who is your favorite Akatsuki member and why?
Hidan. Hidan I feel is under-hyped in the Akatsuki and I feel like the amount of skill he had was not shined upon enough. To make others trapped with the blood he got from his opposition and then get himself back into his pentagram is insane. (Not even gonna lie what he did to Asuma made me cry). But outplaying Asuma takes some real skill and I feel like his powers were well thought of from the authors. 

5. What Justsu do you posses and how is it valuable to the Akatsuki? Make up your own and be creative (This question is the most important)
I am a kekkei genkai, I have the ability to control people's blood making them have brain aneurisms if I catch them in a genjustu. I also have the ability to sense blood from 1000m away good for running detection missions and make sure I can cover a wide area to see if people are around. I would also be able to disable enemies movements when caught in a genjutsu. Pros, I am also incredibly good at taijutsu equipped with 2 swords.

6. Any additional information
I thank you for reading this application. And I hope you approve my application as I would love to join, thanks all.



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