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Author Topic: 5Head :wineglass: mm exquisite oh i didnt see you there  (Read 323 times)

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5Head :wineglass: mm exquisite oh i didnt see you there
« on: July 23, 2019, 05:35:50 am »
Real Name (optional): Noah
Age (optional): 17
Timezone (click here for help):  PST
How many hours a day do you spend on our Forums, on average: I always tab into it so like anywhere from 5-8
What are thing(s) you are passionate with/knowledgeable about that you could help others with:  Politics, music, how to spell, math, pneumonic devices
Why do you want to be a part of Prestige: that forum bar looks like an eeveelution and pokemon is sick af homie
What other sort of groups are you a part of, if any, outside of Tango: I do track and I run a club where we watch old movies such as Citizen Kane, Psycho, and 12 Angry Men
What do you want to get out of joining Prestige: that sick ass forum bar, and to educate the masses of Tango Worldwide what it truly means to be prestigious. Be right back, I need to turn off my music, it's getting quite loud (Beethoven's 13th symphony movement 3 in b flat minor)
Do you find that the needs of the populous is more, just as, or less important than the needs of the individual: To the individual it would be the individual, but to everyone else the populous
Explain your answer to the previous question in depth: Well in the broad sense of philosophy, and even in science if we observe our natural human traits, our main goal as a species is to survive. This would mean that, objectively, you must say the individual or you are defying human nature. On the opposite axiom you have the idea that a society cannot excel if it's goal is to benefit a single individual, just look at any monarchy, and the plight of the peasants who must be trampled upon for the success of the royals to exist. Overall, this question may depend on your philosophical groundings, or you can look at it from a perspective of science, which in itself would be a philosophical stance of objectivism.
When you serve others, do you do it for recognition of what you've done, or for another reason, and explain: Humans thrive off of positive affirmation of our actions. This is clearly grounded in science, as you can look up positive versus negative affirmation utilized in multiple settings, such as households and classrooms. We do things to make ourselves feel good, which is to benefit us, but our egotistical actions therefore serving the group regardless.
How have you already served others, here in Tangoworldwide (it's alright if you haven't): One of my suggestions got accepted so I essentially own stock in Tango.
Who is your waifu (NOT OPTIONAL VERY REQUIRED): @Purpley may his soul rest in peace
Were you asked or referred by anyone to apply and if so who: no
Any Further questions or comments: i used as many big words as i could think of uhh i mean
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