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Author Topic: Dream: In Celebration of Life  (Read 958 times)

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Dream: In Celebration of Life
« on: June 14, 2019, 02:27:20 am »
GoFundMe Update
First and foremost, the family has updated us (and the GoFundMe). They would like to thank everyone for their generous donations, as we all have contributed enough to cover the entire cost of Dream's memorial services. They are extremely grateful for all of the donations, and any donations which go to the GoFundMe from here on out will go towards the Colorado Suicide Prevention Hotline. You can continue to donate by clicking here.

Celebration of Life Event & Charity Stream
After working with her brother, Paul we have coordinated to livestream her Celebration of Life event which will be on Saturday June 22, at 2:00PM GMT. The livestream will be available on TangoWorldWide's Twitch, where you can come pay your respects to the family. We are coordinating the moderation team for this, as after some research hosting memorial services on Twitch has rarely occurred. Given that Dream was into gaming and online communities, her friends and family she made away from home will not be able to pay their respects in person. This livestream will be an opportunity for people to type into the chat their condolences once more, as the family will have the recording for their future memories. We hope that we will be able to get as many friends of hers' into the chat to show their love and support once more.

Following the Celebration of Life Event, we will be hosting a 24-hour charity stream on the TangoWorldWide twitch. All proceeds the entire time will be going to Dream's family. While the GoFundMe has covered the cost of the services, it was not designed to help cover the cost of her family missing work. The GoFundMe will go towards the services and the Colorado suicide prevention hotline in her name. The proceeds of the 24-hour stream will directly support Dream's family for missed work and the financial strain of losing a loved one. This, of course, is not designed to yield them profit, but help offset the costs of missed wages.

Poem for Pamphlet
I have been asked by Paul, her brother, to open submissions for a poem for her memorial service's pamphlet. If you are good at writing poetry and want to take an attempt at it, please click here to make a submission. Her family will select a poem for the pamphlet.

Memories & Messages
During the Celebration of Life event, her family wishes to read out memories and messages from our community to her. Unlike on the initial thread which was posted announcing her passing and intended to show condolences, these messages cannot be short one-liners. If you would like to share a memory or two of Dream, we ask you to post on this thread. There will be guidelines to what your post must contain as far as contents and length. Not all messages and memories will be able to be read, but they will do their best to share all of the memories at the Celebration of Life ceremony.

If you wish to send flowers for the Celebration of Life, please contact me directly on discord at tjbalon#0306.
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