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Author Topic: [Closed] Don't wanna get noticed Report  (Read 157 times)

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[Closed] Don't wanna get noticed Report
« on: June 02, 2019, 03:56:18 pm »
Your In-Game Name: yankson
Their In-Game Name: don't wanna get noticed
Their SteamID: STEAM_1:1:502880114
Time of occurrence (Date and Time, Map and Round):
What cheat or hack was being used: Multihack
Provide necessary proof (Demolinks are NOT sufficient evidence):
Any further details: In many different cheats there is an option to change your clantag depending on your health, the cheat your using, etc. This is obviously impossible to do legitimately unless you have 101 different binds to change your clan tag according to your health. The video shown above isn't the greatest example of it because I was pressed for time, but if needed, I could comb through some demos to further prove this point. Also had to upload to drop box on my throwaway account because youtube was fucked.
I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set forth above(Agree/Disagree): Agree
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Re: Don't wanna get noticed Report
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 05:28:13 pm »
This is indeed part of a multihack, it hooks into the game and takes your health and then displays it as your group tag. This isn't possible without external assistance.
However, this cheat isn't to be confused with the standard w-a-s-d group tag that changes every time you press a key.

User will be banned 12 months for cheating as stated in the CoCPE.
Thank you for the report.

This report is now locked.

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