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Author Topic: What is an Honorable Member?  (Read 593 times)

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What is an Honorable Member?
« on: March 01, 2019, 03:39:09 pm »

TangoWorldWide, being a multi-gaming community with countless members over the years that have put so much of their hard work and effort into the community to have made such a positive impact which can't be forgotten - They deserve all the recognition we're able to offer.
Introduced around early 2017, the Honorable Member project was launched specifically for this reason.

Honorable Members are TangoWorldWide's highest ranked members.
They are distinguished from all other member ranks as a result of all their contributions. They receive the Honorable spot on the roster - the highest member rank, the Honorable user-bar and the Honorable role on Discord/Teamspeak, and they receive Lifetime Global Super-Admin - valued at around $325
as a way of thanking them for all, they have done for us.

If you believe you've done enough for the community and believe you're fitting to be an Honorable Member, you may apply here. But, be sure to thoroughly go over the READ ME thread pinned on the board because, multiple applications with much thought given may get you permanently denied - unless invited to apply by 2/3 of the Honorable Board.

The decision on each application will be made by the Honorable Board, which includes @balon, @messiah and @Alex.

Have any questions? PM me or post below.

- messiah
Project Administrator/Head of Honorable Board
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