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Author Topic: [Closed] Alex Unfairly dealing with ban appeals.  (Read 570 times)

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[Closed] Alex Unfairly dealing with ban appeals.
« on: February 02, 2019, 10:43:23 pm »
Your In-Game Name: Tendies
Their In-Game Name: T.w^2 Alex
Their SteamID (https://steamid.io): N/A
Time of occurrence (Date and Time, Map and Round): Forum Related
What happened (Be detailed): Alex has had a hate for me for a really long time. I thought we squashed the beef about 9 months ago but I guess its still going on.

Let me explain from the start. The first tango server I had ever played on was the Surf server. On this server I spent a majority of my time trying to take records and teach new players how to play. This was about 3 years ago so not a lot of people knew how to surf so every single day a majority of the talking would be me trying to explain to the new players how to strafe onto ramps to gain more speed or how to leave ramps without losing a lot of speed. Most of the players I hung out with were super friendly and very chatty. My first ever mute I had gotten from alex was a 30 minute mute for "mic spamming". When all I was doing was teaching a new player on the basics of surfing. The friends that I had made had stuck up for me and told Alex that I was just helping out and told him to unmute me but every single one of my friends did it pretty immaturely and all ended up getting muted for actual reasons.

A few months later the server was very populated with at least 20 people on the server. This was very well for our old surf server that averaged about 8-12 players on good hours. There were a few people breaking the rules and being racist and after a majority of them had been delt with by admins I was asked a question. "Chicken strips do you think chicken nuggets or chicken fingers are better?" This question is very plain and simple to a man that spent most of his days eating and cooking with chicken. I told him "chicken nuggets obviously" and I had received a 3 month ban for implied racism.

About a year passed with a few more things like kicks and mutes been given to me some which I well deserved and others that I had questioned. I had discovered that tango was a bigger community than just surfing and had explored the bhop and the jailbreak servers. I stopped surfing on the surf server because most of my friends I had met had moved onto other things in life so I had started to play on the jail break servers. This server probably had the most troublesome and wholesome people in the community on. I was quickly met with people that I knew would be friends for a very long time and people that would hate me for my playstyle. I had received several mutes and ct bans for rules that I had been told I was "loopholing" and that I should start using "common sense" to know whether or not what I was doing was right.

About another year passed and I had a lot of friends in the community and only a few people that still hated me. Some of these people included red, itsCanada, Alex, Kevin, and a few more people. I had decided that I had wanted to set aside differences with people in the community that I had known and reached out to most of the people that I could and try to squash the beef. Me and Alex had played a few games of PUBG and we talked things out and I thought we were good. We both agreed that we had no beef and that we were neutral to our past. But that's not what it seems like to me.

Two months ago I was banned from the community for crashing the severs. I had reached out to balon about the issues of the server crashing and I made my ban appeal. I had my ban changed from a permanent ban to a 6 month ban. Which is a pretty big ban still but at first I seemed happy. I came back with another ban appeal and tried my hardest to not repeat what had happened in my first appeal and explain that I really didn't mean any harm to the servers. If I did why would I have only crashed them two times? That appeal also got denied but I didn't want to give up on the community and lose a lot of friends that I had met. I posted a third ban appeal which was in my opinion pretty bad. All I wanted was from this ban appeal was to show that I really was sorry. I still haven't been on the tango servers but have stuck around the community trying to keep in contact with everyone that I could. I know that CSGO is free and a VPN is pretty cheap but I didn't want to act like I had no respect for the servers.

Now let's get back to the complaint. How was my ban appeal wrongfully dealt with and why does this beef even matter.
1) In my first appeal I had explained everything, the entire situation and the entire truth.
"Please explain what happened leading up to the ban: (I just want to put out the 50 times the server crashed was NOT me and it was a glitch with all csgo jailbreak servers and im pretty sure valve has made a hot fix for the plugins to work with the CT team again) I was playing on an alt account and the server was constantly crashing and no one knew why. I had only crashed the server twice. The first time it was only me on the server on jb_undertale and I had found a game breaking bug. Then the second time It was when there were about 8 people on but it was unintentional. Im pretty sure this was a global issue because it also had worked on EGO and xG."
Why do you think you should be unbanned: I didnt know that this certain option on would crash the server dispte me saying "want to see me crash the server" and "ok" I did not actually mean to crash it. I said that as a joke because everyone was complaining about the crashing of the server. I had known about two other ways to make the server crash before this incident but I did not mean to crash it this time and I did not use those same old methods this time. It was a completely new discovery.

My response from Alex seemed like a normal response and I had accepted that I had at least gotten somewhere with the appeal.

2)My second appeal I had swallowed my pride and accepted that I had made a stupid joke that made me look like a completed dickhead.
"Please explain what happened leading up to the ban: I made a joke saying to everyone online "Do you want to see me crash the server?"  After this I chose a last request that happened to actually crash the server, I had no idea this would happen.
Why do you think you should be unbanned:  The server's crashing issues have been fixed and the last request that caused this to happen has been removed."

My response from Alex had seemed a little weird like he didnt even read the appeal
"You admitted to purposely crashing the server to "test", not a clue why you thought that would be a great idea instead of trying to report it and let us deal with it. It's not up to a random player on our servers to test if something can crash our servers."

The problem here is that I didnt test to see if the server crashed I was testing to see if I could make an LR unfair but have it considered as rebelling, I had no clue that it would crash the servers. The only servers I had tested the crash on were PG or EGO and XG and this was only AFTER balon had asked me if it was a global issue.

3)My third appeal I was just trying to be as genuine as possible
"Please explain what happened leading up to the ban: I had crashed the server while testing glitches on jailbreak.
Why do you think you should be unbanned: Its already been two months I really didnt mean any hard to the servers, I dont want to just repeat what I said in my other appeals but theres not much more for me to say. I tried to reach out to any executive I could and did reach out to balon. I told him everything I knew and the problems got fixed."

And the response I get was practically a joke
"You "tested" an exploit on our server, knowing it crashed others, while our server had high population.
Again, your appeal has been denied."

He keeps acting like I knew the servers would crash, like it was intentionally meant to harm the servers. Even though I had already explained 2 times that I had no idea it would make the server crash. I knew that it was a global issue only AFTER balon had asked me if it was and I went out to test it on other servers. If he had just read either one of the other two appeals he can clearly see that I had talked over the issue with balon and I had found out that it was global AFTER it had happened on tango.

I find it ridiculous how the banning admin has to deal with the person they had banned. Now I know that this can go both ways but I feel like a third party should take over ban appeals from people that have had a bad history together. Later on I reached out to Alex and asked him if he had even read the appeal or maybe he misunderstood it and I was told this.
https://gyazo.com/8aedfb08229b88ee687ca2efee748519 <--- what i said
https://gyazo.com/c31df31bdb2e4056fd9066b5692eeccf  <--- response from alex

Provide necessary proof (if applies):  These are the ban appeals. If you go and read through them you can see that I had not edited any of the chats.
First) https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=60514.0
Second) https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=61043.0
Third) https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=62121.0

I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set-forth above(Agree/Disagree): Agree
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Re: Alex Unfairly dealing with ban appeals.
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2019, 09:48:45 pm »
User no longer wishes to continue this report.
If further issues arise, feel free to make a new dispute.

This dispute is now locked.

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