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Author Topic: TangoPoints  (Read 126 times)

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« on: January 01, 2019, 05:53:24 pm »
Earn rewards for helping our community!

The premise is simple: for completing basic actions that help our community to grow and improve itself, you will earn points which can be spent on various rewards. Our main goals are two-fold. First, we would like to motivate everyone in our community to be proactive and also independent in their efforts to help Tango grow and prosper. Second, we hope to more properly reward and appreciate those of us who are doing a lot for Tango.

All of the following actions will give you 1 TangoPoint
  • Recruit someone to Tango
  • Referred someone to Donate $10+
  • For community leadership members every 10 complete FTCS claims gets you 2 points. (You can only get 2 points every 10, not 1point every 5)

Your options for spending TangoPoints are as follows
  • 10 TangoPoints - 2500 Credits
  • 15 TangoPoints - 5000 Credits
  • 30 TangoPoints - 2x Credits
  • 30 TangoPoints - Basic Admin*
  • 30 TangoPoints - !redie
  • 30 TangoPoints - VIP Package*
  • 50 TangoPoints - Advanced Admin*
  • 50 TangoPoints - 6 Month TeamSpeak Channel
  • 100 TangoPoints - Extreme Admin*
  • 100 TangoPoints - 1 Year TeamSpeak Channel
  • 150 TangoPoints - Point Collector Badge
  • 350 TangoPoints - "Legendary Collector" Group

NOTE: Rewards marked with an asterisk (*) will last for ONE MONTH
NOTE: If you submit a reward for admin and it is removed because you were convicted of abuse, you may not receive a refund.
NOTE: Legendary Collector will be a new Private Forum Group.
NOTE: You can NOT combine points with other players

Frequent Questions!

How do we keep track of how many TangoPoints someone has earned?
- There will be a separate section of the forums dedicated to TangoPoints and there you will find a thread listing everyone's earnings as well as a section to request for points to be assigned to you. A staff member who oversees the TangoPoint operation will check for requests as well as monitoring the forums and other sources in order to give out points as they are earned.

How do I spend my TangoPoints?
- In the TangoPoints forum section you will find a subsection for submitting orders to spend your points.

Can anybody spend their points on Admin?
- If you have had your admin taken away due to misconduct or been found guilty of abuse we reserve the privilege to deny admin to you. Also, certain servers may have additional requirements in order for you to become an Admin or those servers may in some cases not be allowing new admins.

Can you purchase other users items with TangoPoints?
-Yes. However, there may be rare cases when admin packages will be denied due to the players history.

So, if I recruit someone and get them on discord and teamspeak, is that 3 points?
- Unfortunately, no. You may only earn 1 point for each individual that you help to get more involved with our community.

Will rewards be added or removed?
- Yes. Over time we may change the value of rewards, add new rewards or remove certain options all together. It’s important to find the perfect balance regarding how easy and how fast rewards can be earned. In all likelihood that will mean adjustments after we can observe how people interact with the program.

Are two or more people allowed to combine points to redeem something?
- No. You are not allowed to combine points or give others points.

Can i post my recruit if hes not accepted into tango yet?
- No, you must wait for the member to be accepted into tango.
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