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Author Topic: [Closed] Darnell Johnson RDM  (Read 196 times)

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[Closed] Darnell Johnson RDM
« on: December 21, 2018, 06:25:46 pm »
Your In-Game Name: Jayden Carter
Their In-Game Name: Darnell Johnson
Their SteamID (https://SteamID.io): STEAM_0:0:204166291
Time of occurrence (Date and Time, Map and Round): Dec 19, 2018, afternoon
What rule(s) were broken: RDM
What happened (Be detailed): I pulled up in tha hooptie to Legion Garage and sum fool rockin green was flauntin' his yard so I banged on him, just a lil roleplay and I aint talkin' chicken n' gravy. So then sum guy from the LSPD gang rolls up and so I start bangin on his ass cuz this 3rd street we dont like no pigs in hats. Then sum fool rolls up next to me also talkin shit while im talkin shit to the cop I turn and im like "Tha fuck fool?" and make a spit sound. Outta nowhere this pig, i mean cop start wailin' on my ass outta nowhere and knocked my ass out, shut tha generator off and stuck me in his hooptie.
Provide necessary proof (Demolinks are NOT sufficient evidence):
I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set forth above(Agree/Disagree): Agree
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Re: Darnell Johnson RDM
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 12:56:56 pm »

This wasn't random at all, you were smack talking and you got beat up because of it. This is an In-Character issue & Needs to be done so. File a report against him
via Internal Affairs if you feel he is breaking his SOPs/Corrupt. If he would have just got out of his car and starting beating you up that would have been RDM.

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