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Author Topic: Roster Modifications, Staff Dismissals and Re-assignments  (Read 1206 times)

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For approximately the last 12 months, TangoWorldWide functioned under a 'new' corporate-styled staff roster. Originally, we had the Council/Leader/Ownership structure but moved over to a corporate styled roster in 2017. While this methodology has provided a fair amount of benefits, we've seen in some positions there are simply not enough people to fill them, and in other cases... too many which causes a natural "relaxed" feeling of not having to produce a high level of quality to sustain your position. This takes the both necessary and reasonable competition out, leaving many to slack off while others get vastly discouraged.

Roster Changes
As a response, and how to appropriate our roster moving forward; several positions will be "deprecated". There is a reasonable chance these positions will return as time continues, but will no longer sit vacant on the roster. These positions will remain on our website, but no one will have these rankings unless they are re-introduced at a later point of time. In addition, new positions have been added, or positions have been merged into one. The position changes include the following:

  • Entire "Blue Team" Department will be retired (permanently as of now)
  • Office of Community Affairs will be de-listed (planned to return in future)
  • Security Administrator added to Technical Department
  • Web Administrator will return to Manager, as Web Manager
  • Lead Engineer, Lead Architect, Lead Designer will merge to Lead Content Creator
  • Assistant Media Manager will be retired (semi-permanently as of now)
  • Quality Assurance will have additional requirements added, included QA-server testing
  • Senior Developer, Designer will merge to Senior Content Creator
  • Junior Developer, Designer will merge to Junior Content Creator
  • Senior, General, Junior personnel will be replaced with just 'Staff Personnel'

Staff Dismissals & Re-Assignments
As for the users who may have held these positions, and for other users on the roster; TangoWorldWide would like to begin to realign our workforce and position to better prepare our organization for a successful future. It is necessary to dismiss or re-assign a multitude of  staff members to realign our needs accordingly. Some of these staff members are either inactive due to personal reasoning, are immature, do not follow our policies and expectations (i.e. not wearing the tag, not attending meetings, etc) or are not a fit for the vision of TangoWorldWide moving forward. With this, several users have been re-assigned or dismissed from staff.

Dismissed from staff:
- messiah
- Loo
- RozRocks
- Stan Sanders
- SolidGreenDay
- Macmagic
- Variant
- Libyan
- Kammi

- Dkmstr to Program Director
- XbFTB to Web Manager

To those of you who were demoted, thank you for being apart of TangoWorldWide's staff. Sadly there were issues with having you in staff, or you were simply not active enough. Many of you will be re-invited; and can come discuss with me how things could've gone better or what you can change to head into a position in the future. For the most part however, many of you were warned that we would be making modifications if productivity, activity, and reliability did not increase.

There are several more changes coming to our network in the coming weeks. We look forward to your feedback below. Don't forget to say thanks to your favorite staff members on this list, and wish them best!
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Re: Roster Modifications, Staff Dismissals and Re-assignments
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2018, 09:27:41 pm »
To the staff members dismissed, if you left in a positive, or in a negative way, thank you for your work over the years/months.

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Re: Roster Modifications, Staff Dismissals and Re-assignments
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2018, 09:31:04 pm »
I'm sad about some of the demotions

It's interesting to see that we just have "Staff Personnel" now.
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