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Author Topic: Application Template.  (Read 4510 times)

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Application Template.
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:15:46 pm »
  • You must be an Official Member of TangoWorldWide
  • You must uphold your representation as a Tango Member.
  • You need to understand the basics of Open Broadcaster Software
  • You need to have a computer capable of running the games you plan on streaming.
  • Your internet needs to be at least 5Mbps Upload speed
  • You MUST have a microphone.
  • You MUST follow and stream under the Tango Twitch Community.
  • You MUST have past broadcasts enabled!
Code: [Select]
[list type=decimal]
[li][b]Name (Optional): [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Age (Optional): [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Time Zone: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Weekly availability/schedule: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Twitch Profile: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Twitter Profile: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]YouTube Profile: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Upload Speed (Please provide a screenshot from [url=http://beta.speedtest.net/]here[/url]):[/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]What day and time do you prefer to stream?: [/b][i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Games you like to stream: [/b] [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Do you have a webcam?[/b]: [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Do you follow and or stream under the Tango [url=https://www.twitch.tv/communities/tangoworldwide]Twitch Community[/url] Y/N?[/b]: [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]How long have you been streaming on Twitch?[/b]: [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]
[li][b]Why do you wish to stream for Tango?[/b]: [i]Answer Here[/i][/li]

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haha :?


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