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Author Topic: FiveM | Dev Update  (Read 78 times)

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FiveM | Dev Update
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:16:24 pm »

It's a good time for a dev check-up to see what's going on with TangpRP. Throughout the last few months we've given efforts towards patching bugs, errors, and a bunch of nasty things in the code. While we have made tremendous progress, the efforts have fallen short as there are still numerous areas that would need to be fixed. Some which rely on a very old framework which the code-base runs on.

As many of you have noticed, STRP has decided to go for a re-launch. While they've just now entered their BETA phase if you visited their server you may have noticed that things are a lot different; as they are not basing their new project on their old work as they too think it is unmanageable. With the original creators moving on from this code and framework, it's time for us to do the same.

Originally TangoRP was an effort to keep the players of STRP together and provide the server that many have come to love. In that time, we accumulated a lot of players of our own both from just FiveM and TangoWorldWide. Now that STRP has returned many players are checking that out, some are on LA:RP, San Andreas State, Rivalry and even trying to get into servers like NoPixel. These are all massive servers with a lot of robust features and all have their own flair. As even STRP does not plan to continue to use their old codebase, we surely think it is time to start somewhere else and come up with our own flare. We think this is a good time and a golden opportunity to take strides at making a new experience.

As of today, the current TangoRP server will enter legacy-only updates. There will be no plans in the future for any major content updates. Urbana, one of TangoWorldWide's Executive Staff, will be taking on the challenge of writing a framework custom to TangoWorldWide that will allow us to massively expand the server and provide a new flare for ourselves. Urbana & balon have begun planning the framework and as development starts their goal is to make a good starting point to develop RP, situational RP, Cops & Robbers, and servers alike in the future.

Everyone is welcome to stay active in our server, on our discord, and visiting the forums to see the progress of design and development for the new framework. While at this time we do not have an ETA to announce, we do want to say that we will have alpha, beta, and other phases showing progression and where we plan to lead with a new fleet of servers. TangoWorldWide has been involved in many other games over the years, one being GMOD highly known for custom RP situations (things such as DarkRP, Star Wars, Zombie, etc). We would love to follow in the footsteps of some of these servers making various kinds of servers that our players will enjoy.

We would like to thank you for being apart of the TangoRP server, and more-so thank you for supporting us over the last few months. We plan to accomplish a lot in the future providing a unique flair to all our FiveM related projects. While some of you may be returning to STRP, some of you may go over to any of the other countless RP servers,  we hope if and when you return we are able to provide new experiences. The current legacy-server will remain online at a minimum until May 1, 2019. At that time we will decide based on player counts if it is worth leaving it online or taking it offline to focus all of our resources on the new framework.

With that, thank you for choosing TangoRP and TangoWorldWide. If you see our staff working on other projects, helping out in other servers, or anything like that make sure to say hi!

FiveM Divisional Manager


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