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Author Topic: Getting Started...  (Read 51381 times)

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Getting Started...
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:43:43 pm »

We are extremely excited to have you view this page and have a general interest to join TangoWorldWide. We are eager to meet every single member who has played in our servers, visited our TeamSpeak, or played with one of our members; and we hope we get the opportunity to make you part of our community. This is a tutorial to newcomers to understand how to start their adventure here in TangoWorldWide and become an Official Member. If you were directed to this thread by a current member, make sure to give them credit by listing them as a referral in your application. This 'Getting Started' thread will cover Registration, Making Your Arrival, Applying, What's Next, and What We Offer. We hope this lays out everything you need to know, and you enjoy your stay here in TangoWorldWide.

First thing is first, you need to register on our forums. Talking to other members on the forums is the best way to get involved in the community. On the forums you will be able to get your voice heard, apply for our various administration teams and official groups, and meet some amazing people. You can register at this link. After some anti-bot verification and filling in all of your information, you will receive an email confirmation. It is very important that you do this so you are able to post on our forums. If you did not receive the email, or had any trouble with the verification systems, please contact balon or Alex. After that, you're nearly done with setting up your forum account! (Note: Next step is only required if you seek membership) The next step is to simply visit your profile by going to this link, if it isn't working make sure you are logged in. Here you will find a green sign-in to steam button, in order to be a member on our website, apply for admin, or any of our groups you need to integrate or link your Steam account. You do this by simply signing into steam using this login. Everything is done through SteamAPI and we never have access to any of your personal information. Now you are officially done! Make sure to read onto the next sections to make sure your transition into TangoWorldWide is as good as possible.

Making Your Arrival
This is an extremely easy task. There are two things we highly suggest you do upon registering to our forums. First is join our Official Steam Group. Here you will get announcements from ownership regarding server maintenance, updates, and more. The next is to simply make an arrival thread in our Arrivals/Departures sub-forum. Here you can write a brief introduction to who you are and what you want to accomplish in the community. Remember that first impressions are everything, so take some time writing this post and be thoughtful! Making these threads gets you in contact with members, staff, and ownership as well. Make sure you check back at the thread to see if you have any responses and make sure to reply to some of them. Getting active and being social within the community is something we look for in potential members and staff.

It is time to get your official tag and become a member of TangoWorldWide, but first there are some things to do. Applying can seem pretty daunting, but this post is to make sure you get everything done right and your application process goes smoothly. First, we ask that you wear the -tw2- tag before your name. This is not a requirement, however it shows your dedication to the community and that you will actually wear your required tag come the time you get accepted into membership. You will need to post your application following this template and you will need to post it in our application center located here. Before you go off posting your application, read on here for a bit, there are some important things to note! Make sure your application has all of the answers in between the italic tags. Take each question seriously and put some thought to them. A good looking application will find you much better odds of being accepted at our meetings. Proof read your application, make sure there are a minimal amount of errors, then you are ready to post. We check all applications at Saturday at 9 PM EST, so you will usually get a response by around 11 EST. However, if you do not receive a response after said time, contact one of our staff members, and they will be glad to help. You can find a full roster of staff here.

What's Next
Now that you have submitted your application, it is crucial that you start becoming active. Activity in the servers, forum, and TeamSpeak 3 is what we look for when accepting members. You can connect to our TS3 server using the IP ts3.tw2.us and find our server list here. Talking to others in TeamSpeak is something that will be noticed by our staff when going over your application and allows you to engage with others in the community. Even if you aren't a big talker, just being in the server when you have Steam open is a nice way to show us you care about being a part of the community. Beyond that we do have the option to donate. If you are interested in buying something on the list of items we offer, please contact balon or Alex. This will get serious attention from council because only shows your further dedication to the community.

What We Offer
There are lots of different divisions and groups you are able to join and this thread will only highlight some of them, so make sure you get involved and ask staff about everything we offer!

Community Leadership - A group dedicated to making sure new members feel welcome and their transition process goes smoothly!
Mentorship - A group dedicated to making sure all of our admins are doing the best possible job of administrating our servers.
eSports - A division dedicated to all things eSports: create your own team, join a team, post a free agent application, or learn about new competitive strategies!
CS:GO - Our division with all CS:GO servers, go here to find the latest updates and discussions about your favorite servers, apply for admin, or just to talk about the gamemode!
Garry's Mod - Our division with all Garry's Mod servers, go here to find the latest updates and discussions about your favorite servers, apply for admin, or just to talk about the gamemode!
Fire Skins - A player owned group that has the sole purpose of delivering you free skins via giveaways. If you want free stuff, this is the group for you!
Otaku Squad - Love anime? Want to find others who do too? Well the anime/manga group has all of your fellow anime lovers in it.

With the following information to jump start your beginnings here, there is so much more to learn about our community. Contact a staff member about anything you see here or anything you don't see here.
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