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Author Topic: Changelog v13 - 11/22 @ 11:15PM  (Read 957 times)

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Changelog v13 - 11/22 @ 11:15PM
« on: November 22, 2014, 11:17:42 pm »
TangoWorldWide Change Log v13 11/22

Hey everyone! Frigid here, happy to be telling you all of the changes that have been made in the past week. This week's changelog covers from about 11/15 to 11/22.

I'll introduce the main topics for the changes, and then we'll go in-depth for each one.

  • Signature of the Week
  • DDoS protection and admin sale
  • Tango community giveaway
  • CookieTown TTT Merge
  • Upcoming council - community meeting

Let's dive into what's been going on in the community!

Signature of the Week

Signature of the Week, a contest designed by @kindles , is a contest in which members of the community can create signatures based on a weekly theme for a chance to have it displayed by BOT Tango. SOTW is a great chance to see how people think creatively and also gives members of the community a chance to show their own designs. Everyone loves to express themselves in their own ways, and for the artists in Tango, this is a wonderful opportunity.

This week's contest can be seen here, and voting can be done here.

DDoS Protection and Admin Sale

With the recent DDoS attacks on the server, the administration has decided to add protection to the server. A new IP change (see: connect csgo-jb.tangoworldwide.net) has occurred, so the old way of connecting will no longer work. We hope that the new protection for our server helps sustain our rank in the jailbreak leaderboards, because ours is one of the most played servers in the world. 

The new protection also comes along with an admin sale until 11/24. Many of the admin prices are severely lowered in price, and now is the prime time to purchase the privileges on jailbreak. You can find the prices here.

Tango Community Giveaway

@BenDrowned has created a giveaway that everyone in community can get into! There are two different ways to enter the giveaway:

1. Post on the giveaway thread. This method will only allow you one entry.

2. Donate a skin to be used in the giveaway. The rarity of the skin directly correlates to the amount of entries you get in the giveaway (basically, rarer = more entries)

The winner will be announced at a later date. If the giveaway gets popular enough, the prize pool could be worth a huge amount of money, so it's worth it even to donate a lower-tier skin. Participating in the giveaway is easy and I recommend that everyone checks it out!

CookieTown TTT

Very recently TangoWorldWide and CookieTown have merged to mutually benefit both organizations. We've been looking to branch out further into the world of Garry's Mod, and TTT is the gateway for us. @Nisse , a private server owner, is now working with us on our council to further increase our presence in GMod and the world of gaming.

If you'd like to play on the TTT server, you can join at gmod-ttt.tangoworldwide.net

Community - Council Meeting

A meeting in which members of the community can ask council and ownership members anything will be hosted by myself and @Alex at a later date in the week. This meeting will consist of a panel of members from both council and ownership that will answer questions and be able to better explain things to members of the community. If you would like to attend, there will be a sign up thread posted tomorrow to reserve slots. Please note in advance that this will be a serious meeting - we do not expect members to join the channel and be disruptive. This is a mostly informational session.

We hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to the end of a great year with all of you!
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