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Author Topic: Change Log v8 -2/16 @ 12:05AM EST  (Read 872 times)

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Change Log v8 -2/16 @ 12:05AM EST
« on: February 16, 2014, 12:09:53 am »
A lot has changed this week for tango... Wait... I say that each week don't I?
Let's get started!

First off we have the brand new "Donate" tab where you can purchase donator status and subscribe to different features in TangoWorldWide. This is a major change, and will give back to our donators.


Gold Bison has merged into tango, all members have applied as of recent and most have been accepted.


TangoUS T2 has been opened T3 is on it's way!

I almost forgot. New ranks added to the roster :)

Divisional Officers
Divisional Officers run certain divisions of TangoWorldWide, divisions are broken down by game in most cases. Each game will have a divisional manager that maintains the servers, and is meeting quotas for admin donations, monthly players, and new features.

Retention Supervisors
Retention Supervisors ensure that members want to continue their time in TangoWorldWide, they make sure all suggestions and ideas are being considered and we are creating a member-friendly environment that all community members will enjoy. Retention Supervisors are also in charge of watching activity in servers, mumble, and the forums as well as if members are wearing their tags.

Development Team
TangoWorldWide's Development Team is in charge of community-wide graphics, maps, models, recordings, videos, & development. They come up with new designs, or ideas to advance tango and keep everything presentable.

Also the community advisor rank is now part of the tangoworldwide leadership.

Sorry for the brief content in the change-log, it is extremely late.
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