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Author Topic: T.w² | Donations / Subscriptions  (Read 57204 times)

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T.w² | Donations / Subscriptions
« on: February 15, 2014, 11:51:52 pm »
As an online community, TangoWorldWide runs 100% off of donations. We appreciate each donation that comes in large or small that helps us sustain financial stability, as well as empower us to grow. TangoWorldWide feels that donators should be able to receive perks for their generous donations to our community, and we've developed various perks, benefits, and features that you can receive for your payments to our network. Below are lists of packages that are either general perks, server based, or forum based packages which will allow you to gain benefits for the money you donate to us. Please note, you do not have to receive a package upon donation, instead you can opt to receive a forum-award depending on your donation amount. Remember to read the instructions located at the bottom of this page once you've selected a package, it will direct you to the proper Owner to contact regarding donations.
Note: Donations used to purchase a package and recieve a perk do not count toward TangoAwards (Donation-Awards: Bronze | Silver | Gold | Rich Bitch donation awards).


Once you've chosen the package or perk you would like to purchase, follow the steps below.
1. Go to paypal.com
2. Click on Pay or Send Money
3. Click on Send to Friends and Family in the US
4. Type in balonfx@hotmail.com in the Email box
5. Type in the amount that the package costs in the money box (make sure you select USD).
6. Click Add a Note and provide the following information;
          a. Steam Name (IGN), Steam ID, and the package that you wanted (Tango Package III, Extreme Admin one month, etc.), If you chose admin, specify which server it is for.
7. Contact Alex below via Steam or Forum Email. He will add your package as soon as they can or before the end of the day.

Alex - Forum PM | Steam

Also note, a $50 donation will not get you multiple packages under $50, but only those which equal up to $50. Most donations are on a month-to-month basis, unless other specified in the donation information. Personal packages, or custom deals can be negotiated but you need to discuss the offer with balon - Forum PM | Steam. If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact Alex - Forum PM | Steam.
All purchases are final, attempt to charge-back or abuse your privileges will result in immediate deletion of your package, and you will face a kick, ban, or punishment from TangoWorldWide.net.

Where does the money go?
-Each donation is used to fund and power TangoWorldWide.net. Each payment is up to the ownership where the money belongs, sometimes the funds end up going toward the servers other times the websites, vps, or Teamspeak.

Does anyone take money?
-We do not feel that ANYONE should be allowed to take money from donations - Any money donated or sponsored to us is used 100% towards monthly bills for TangoWorldWide. The Council/Leaders/Owners do not take any money for personal use, everything is used for Tango.

What if I don't get my package at the end of the day?
Contact any staff member to reach out to Alex via Discord or Teamspeak.

What do we accept for donations?
-99% Of the time we will only accept paypal as that is what our hosts accept. If you want to donate in-game items, these cannot be credited towards perks.

What if I am SA or have another form of complimentary admin but want more perks?
- You could purchase an upgrade for your admin! All you will need to do is pay the difference, so if you have Basic Admin, commands like !color would cost $10 more.

What are non supported servers?
- As mentioned above, we have servers which do not support purchased admin for various reasons. These are listed in a spoiler here:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

We would like to thank you again for being so generous to donate to our community.
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