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Author Topic: Welcome to Year Three  (Read 2046 times)

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Offline balon

Welcome to Year Three
« on: January 03, 2017, 06:09:14 am »
3 years have passed... and what a journey it has been so far. I apologize in advance for the long post, but there's a lot to reflect upon of TangoWorldWide. Thank you all for reading and reflecting with me on the journey TangoWorldWide has been so far.

Three years ago, on 1/2/2014 we decided to make a new group, a new community, a new place, and a new home for our friends around us. Something that we could build together and put a meaning. Today, we've done just that. The last year of TangoWorldWide brought two major conferences/events Spring Ahead, and TSDC, new members of Ownership, hundreds of new members community-wide, a total of 6,000+ steam group members, 1,000+ on the official roster, hundreds of thousands of unique website hits, 238,282 forum posts, 250TB+ of transfer through our game-servers, and even more network wide. Today I am very pleased to reflect on that, TangoWorldWide's steam group was officially registered on Jan 2, the website on Jan 4th, so we've met this years post half way between those two dates.

I had two awesome people convenience me to start this awesome place. @rizky and @Zeph I know you guys aren't here anymore, but it wouldn't have been a thing without you. @rizky decided one day during our team practice (god we were AWFUL) that he was going to ask me to make another community like I had when he originally met me. Wow, I didn't think I'd be writing this post now three years later. Today, I'm sitting here writing this post in-browser, the sponsor bar is sliding across the bottom, the steam announcements and twitter feeds are packed. We've grown so much from that shitty theme and half-assed logos I'd pull together in photoshop. It's crazy to think all of this came from a spare $50 I had in my in PayPal.

Spoiler: Prime Example Inside (click to show/hide)

Regardless that we started from nothing, we're here today. I can still remember in fine detail the long talks between @whale @kenox @Flatburger @Zeph @rizky and the rest of the crew of "What are we doing wrong?", "What isn't working?". So many people who were here at the start sadly are not active now. One of our oldest active is @Alex from spring of our first year, and that shows quite a bit how much TangoWorldWide has changed.

TangoWorldWide is very special in my eyes, and of course I say that as the Owner, but also someone who has been around many communities and has seen a large array of staff. I can thankfully say that my Council has some of the most hard working and dedicated people I've met in all of my life. The way that some of my staff are able to collaborate, discuss their opinions, their views, ideas, and interact with one another, and myself... that blows my mind. Thank you, all of you, you make TangoWorldWide possible. You make TangoWorldWide different. You make us what we are today, and what we are going to grow to be in the future.

As time has moved on in this community, TangoWorldWide has seen many faces, and it's the ones who stay who make this place what it is. To all of you who come by, drop by for an instance, I hope we've served you well. For those of you who stay, I hope we continue to build this organization to the best of our abilities and continue to break new ground and move up and be better, be bigger. The other night TangoWorldWide broke it's network record of Players Online hitting almost 500. That's MASSIVE. I never thought we'd see that, there's been my doubts, with internal issues, issues with !ws, valve having poor updates... but 500 players online, the all-time high. Next is 600.

Throughout tango's time it has changed a lot and has changed me a lot too. I was a complete amateur coming in, I had very little knowledge that I have now. I had no experience, and did not think that I could manage something this massive. If someone asked me three years ago would I be running this I'd said no way. There was no way I could've guessed it would've grown this much and I would be the one in charge of it all. I am SO thankful for the journey, and SO thankful for the love and support given to TangoWorldWide. It's taught me so much as a administrator, as a professional, and as a person. That's the thing too, I'm just a person. I'm not above admitting I make mistakes, I make bad calls, but TangoWorldWide has given me the ability to learn from these things, and grow from these things. It's an experience that I am going to remember for the rest of my life, and something that has shaped me into a smarter and better person. Something that is unforgettable, and which I will never take for granted.

2017 is going to be huge, we're going to continue to move up, continue to empower this network to be bigger, and better. With all the recent hate going around between various members, staff, etc; it's put a lot of you at an odd, and a dark time within the network. We are better than that, and we can fix that. And we will. There's been numerous times where we've been in our highs, in our lows, right now we're growing, and we're never going to stop. We are lucky to have a fine selection of new members, new potential staff to continue to help us build on TangoWorldWide and continue to help us pursue this dream. Thank you for that.

Now is also a great time to put this out here: There's been a lot of people with misconceptions recently how staff here works, how TangoWorldWide's back-end works. It's not all about getting to the top, it's about being the right person, for the right job, at the right time. Do not ever get discouraged. If any of us got discouraged who have built this into what it is today, it wouldn't have gotten here. If you see something, say something, speak up. If you are messaging me continuously over an issue, I notice it. (Yeah @Squishy talking to you buddy). I'm sorry with how busy I get I push some of you off, but please continue to bug me about things you feel are wrong, flood my forum PMs with suggestions, ideas, reach out to me on steam, in Teamspeak. Never think I consider myself above you and you shouldn't talk to me. That will never be the case here. You, the user, make this possible and I do care everything you need to say. As big as TangoWorldWide is, I will never stop trying to please everyone. Even if it's impossible.

So to wrap up on my third-person bit I've done every year in this post now, and to turn it to some thank yous. I close you all to a major thank you to every single person who has kept this dream alive and continues to make this possible. I will reassure you, we will not go anywhere anytime soon. We are well funded, thanks to very generous users and donors, and we are well coordinated thanks to a simply amazing staff team. We will continue to try to improve our network, our community, and our organization in the year to come and continuously implement change. One beautiful thing of TangoWorldWide is our keen aspect to continuously motivate and innovate. It's something that brings so much joy to me as the owner, seeing our staff break into bubbles, teams and work together to continue to build something awesome.

Mentions & Thank You's
There is a long list of people, who I simply cannot be running this place without. Without you here, it alters my view on what I am doing. Makes me question myself, and honestly you help keep me in check. Thank you for being here. To the list below, these are the names that make this place so special for me. The people who make this community worth being in for me. So I apologize if I miss anyone, please know you are ALL important to me... but here's some shout-outs.

@Shadow - I can proudly say that you are by far one of my best friends I've made online. You're a really important person to me, and in TangoWorldWide. You are someone who I can always turn to when I'm getting stressed out, and when shit is hitting the fan, and I've had enough. Thank you so much for being there as a great friend, thanks for carrying me through two semesters of Arabic. That was extremely fun. Thank you for being here, because TangoWorldWide has had a major impact for everything you've done for it, and everything you continue to do. You're a great friend, and a great person.

@Alex - Alex I give you a lot of shit, I "take the piss out of you" quite a lot, but honestly thank you. Thanks for coming to this community. Thank you for dealing with my bullshit, my inconsistent work ethics, me bitching you out for random things. It's been a crazy 5? 6? 7? years we've known each other, but I am thankful we met. You handle a lot when I'm not here, you take a lot of pressure off me and make it possible for TangoWorldWide to continue to grow. Thank you for that, thank you for everything.

@Lt.DoomY - You're slowly fading because you're busy in life (finally happy?), and that's awesome. Thank you for everything you've done for this community. You merged from ZenRefuge, and you made this community your new home, you made this community yours. And it would be so much different without you.

@Oscar - You are a real homie, like a brother. Hours we sit around bitching about stupid stuff, arguing about code and algorithms, you memeing me in league. It's been nothing but fun. Thank you for building TangoTimer for us, thank you for always being there in the background helping me with the technical side of TangoWorldWide. Thanks for being an awesome friend and colleague. As well as the other Owners, a lot of Tango's success is thanks to you. You may not know how to get your opinions out in the most professional manner, but I will say your heart's in the right place. You've really grown to be a great friend, one of my best friends both online and in real life (I don't really use that border between the two). I honestly hope to see you actually out here at my school one day with Polak and myself.

@Dkmstr - You're new in the staff mix, but thank you for working so hard for Ownership. It's a pleasure working with you and I can't wait to watch you develop and continue to learn.

@rizky + @Zeph - Thanks for convincing me to start Tango <3

@The1Speck - You aren't here much anymore, but you never fail to brighten everyone's day when you're online. SpeckScape was OP, bring it back.

@Adam  - Being honest, I wish you were still active as you were when we were fucking off with Jacob, Juicy, and Mercutio in GTA 5. That was a really fun summer. You did a lot in your months in Ownership here, and you were someone who I loved to interact with and work with. Wish you were back on my Ownership team one day.

@Mobz - You are another person who I can turn to whenever, and definitely have helped TangoWorldWide massively. Wish you were more active, thank you for everything.

@Conman118 - You're an awesome guy and have done a lot for us. You have no clue how to take a thank you, but I'll try anyway. Thank you for learning, and continuing to do a lot here.

@Dream - Kind of just recently talked to you after your considered leaving a few months back. Really glad you did not, your channel with Alex is somewhere everyone wants to be, myself included most days. You're an awesome person and friendly, someone who is going to continue to move up here and do some really cool things. Continue to work hard, and help us to continue to be the best we can be. Oh.. and thanks for proof-reading my shit 8). You're doing good with Community Administration so far. Hope to see you keep it up.

@dr.friday - Doc, we used to DM each other in CnR. Man that was so long ago, I'm so glad you followed me to Tango. Thank you for being here, really. I know we don't see eye to eye sometimes.. but I really appreciate you.

@Ferndeezy - You're probably surprised to be on this list. I consider you quite a good friend, and thank you for being apart of Tango. Getting you to come back was really challenging, but ultimately really rewarding.

@Nisse - Nisse, you're our biggest donor. But that's not why you are on this list. You reached out to merge quite some time ago, and I'm really happy I took that one. You're an awesome guy, and you've changed so much and have so much love and passion for Tango. Couldn't think someone could love this place as much as me until I met you.

@aPn - Another big donor, another person who isn't on this list for that reason. You are another person who I can turn to to vent for shit going on in and around TangoWorldWide whenever I need. Thank you so much for being here. I'm glad you and your brother ended up here, glad you attempted with minecraft, among other things. Glad to have met you, because you've changed my perception on things. Looking forward to meeting you this winter when your brother moves out here.

@Polak - I still can't believe I convinced you to come out here to school with me. I'm so siked, honestly. We're going to get to do a lot of awesome stuff together and work together. I cannot wait to see you participate more and more in Tango.

@Shay  - We don't talk and fuck around as much as we used to... but the league days were a lot of fun.

@miK :) - You're an awesome guy in our community, wish you weren't in a position that was just so laid back, you'd do great things here.

@Urbana - You've done quite a bit here, moved to a lot of staff. You are definitely someone I like interacting with.

@NootThePenguin - Glad you returned once I got home from school. Nothing's better than playing random fucking games with you. Hope you continue to stay here and move back into my administration. You're a great friend. You've honestly filled that role juicy once had memeing in random games with me. Glad you merged in from WTC and brought that purge server here. Lots of people love it still to this day, and you did great things with it when you were in control.

@Sinister - Miss you in my staff, miss playing games with you. Hope you return one day soon. Glad to have had you apart of Tango so long.

@Juicy - Miss you dude. Get back from where-ever the fuck you are so we can convenience so more people you're my brother.

@themacproguy - New guy on the list, but moving up quite fast. You've done more for TangoWorldWide in a short time than a lot. You're motivated, you love to contribute, and I honestly can't thank you enough for that. Working with you this last week has been loads of fun. You've taught me a lot of new things, and showed me a lot of things of where we can go towards. It's exciting. Looking forward to continuing to in the future.

@xyra - I saved my best for last here. You're one of the best friends I've acquired from Tango. Someone I've had the chance to play a lot of games with and spend quite a bit of time with. A lot of people don't know much about you, and you get a lot of hate for random things. Some think you don't do your job, some think you get your rank just because you're friends with me. Honestly, neither is the case. Your profiles right, "big heart". I know you care a lot for cL, and your work, and the things you do in TangoWorldWide. It's why you're still in that position, thanks for reaching out to the community to get help with cL. Hope it all works out and you continue to lead that group, you're someone who definitely won't leave it anytime soon, and will continue to try to help it grow to the best of your ability. Dedication* is the word I'm looking for.

As I stated, these are the people who make Tango what it is for me, and make it so much. It's late, and I could continue to write thank you's to people for hours. There's even more than this who make Tango mean so much to me, but this is the immediate list that stood out.


As previously stated, there are a lot of people who have joined our community and continue to move on. Thank you so much for those who stay around. It was an absolute pleasure tonight writing my reflection on the last year and what's to come. It brings back memories, and reminds me to stop for a second and say thanks to the people that mean the most to me.

In the next few days, upcoming is our second "Homecoming" event, to invite old member(s) of our communities back to TangoWorldWide, and my picks of 2016's Staff, Admins, and Members of the Year.

For those of you who read this much... thanks for getting to see my view as the Owner, and thank you for being here. I look forward to another successful year, and hope to see many of you still reading in year 4. We'll continue to be bigger, better, and most importantly still have the characteristics some of you have learned to love: motivation and innovation. I've never been proud of something more in my whole life. Thank you.

Director of Operations
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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2017, 07:11:37 am »
I joined this Community back in March 2014 after balon had spammed me for weeks to join. Looking back at it now, it was stupid of me to wait so long, I can honestly say Tango has been the best Community that I've ever been apart of throughout my 13 years of Online-Gaming.

Within a few months of being apart of Tango, balon had asked me if I was interested in becoming part of his Ownership. Being here for so long and having the opportunity to watch Tango grow, expand and improve has been amazing and I can't begin to put into words how thankful I am towards @balon for that.

Balon has thanked those who have made a huge impact on this Community and I couldn't have said it better myself, Without our Current and old Staff I don't know how we would have handled the Community. I think I speak from everyone within Ownership that we are so very thankful for what you've done for us, for what you've done for Tango.

One of the few things that our Staff hear each week is that your opinions are needed, we encourage everyone to be truthful with their feedback. Now we've said this before and I want to say it again, we have faults but we are working to fix everything we can. If you see something within this Community that could need fixing please post on our Forums, send our Ownership PMs and we'll respond. With your help and with the help from our Staff, Tango will continue to be the best Community out there.

Wrapping this up short because I'm terrible at writing these posts. I'd just like to say, to all of you, thank you for making this Community what it is today.

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2017, 07:14:59 am »
I am thankful for being given such an opportunity as to run our very own roleplaying division. @balon, I have wanted to leave... several times.. and you didn't want me to. Even when I was stubborn and didn't want to talk to you.... you still moved mountains to get a few words out to me... and by that I am extremely proud to call you our Owner and my friend. You have instilled so much trust within me that I will be forever greatful. Our friendship is slowly but gradually getting there, and I'm glad to have a person to turn to in a time of need (such as last night, when I needed to vent). You are one of the best owners I have ever seen in a community. You care about every individual player, something that we both share. I never thought that after being here four months I'd already be a Divisional Leader... it amazes me how much shit I've thrown, and how much you've heard me out and tried to fix problems I've had. Please... keep doing what you're doing. This community is going to soon be as big as Intox, but I imagine bigger and better. This community has brought users together unlike any other community I've been apart of, or even seen. It has brought together couples... something that both has pros and cons. It has brought together friendships like no other... and lastly it has brought together dedicated players who put hard effort into something they believe in.

Aside from my long paragraph thanking balon, I have never specifically thanked some of my friends that I have made here in Tango:

@Terranian @Blueberry Not everyone likes you guys.... Not everyone likes me.... but that's okay... because together we are a group of friends that are inseparable. I can definitely see us meeting up someday.

@Washcloth @Nisse Thanks for putting up with my shit while I was div staff of DarkRP. You guys have built my tolerance up and prepped me for my stepping up as a Divisional Leader. Thank you both for your leadership and wisdom.

@RozRocks I am really looking forward to working with you. We may have had some conflicts in the past, but the past is the past. I admit I thought that we'd have some unwanted conflict, but we have seem to be getting along extremely good already, which makes my days even better. I couldn't have asked for a better person as my Divisional Coordinator.

@Zhu Where do I even begin... we pretty much go through the same shit together. Everytime we talk about something that has happened to us, it has happened to both of us. I'm here for you pal and I hope you know that.

@AyameAccelia You are amazing. I know we have had hard conflict in the past, but I have had the pleasure of talking to you again recently and I felt no conflict, no hate what-so-ever and I am extremely greatful for that. It shows that we both have moved on... something that I hoped would eventually happen, and I am more than ready to call you my friend again.

@Militant mario Without you, I wouldn't have even known this place existed. I probably would still be running servers on a dying roleplaying framework. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me into such a fantastic community. I am proud to call this place my home.

If I didn't put you down, don't worry. I know who you are and you are still special to me whether I put you down, or not.

Now aside from my mentions, I'd like to say that I spend a good 10+ hours on Tango's servers daily (TS3/Games/etc.), as I imagine some of you might. Many of you do not know what goes on in my life, and some of you may not know who I am. I will tell you some things about me that I am now feeling comfortable enough to publicly release. I have Major Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. Now do not let yourself think that it clouds my judgements as a Leader, because it doesn't. It doesn't even change who I am. Tango has helped me get over most of my Anxiety and Depression - hence why I'm online almost 24/7. While it may not be healthy (Currently finding healthy things to do like go to the Gym, etc.), it has given me the chance to find a major distraction from my mental disorders. Talking to some of the kindest people such as @Cyri, @Washcloth, or even @Dream has helped me find a common ground on which I like to stand in Tango. This place is where I make the most friends. This is the place where I am most happy. Thank you guys so much for raising me up, and allowing me to be your Divisional Leader of TangoRP.

TL;DR- Tango is great, but even greater with some of the effort that our staff puts forward into making Tango what it is today.
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It's been a good run... but two faces are among us.

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2017, 07:33:21 am »
Despite all the down side's of Tango, it is truly an amazing community and I am proud to be apart of it. Tango has made it to year 3, I can't wait for year 4. Though I wasn't here for the whole year, I was here for the majority of it, and I can honestly say I'm astonished how far Tango has made it and how much I have grown with it. Thank you to every single one of you for making Tango what it is today. We have a long way to go and I can't wait to continue this journey with Tango and help it grow as much as I can. See you all in year four  :)
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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2017, 08:38:21 am »
i joined in 2015 when i got so bored.

thats it. i had no friends before now i am a cool kid.

Happy New Year to Tango
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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2017, 08:48:49 am »
I think this year will be much better than the last.
You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.
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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2017, 09:28:45 am »
Shoutout to balon for holding down the fort for 3 years.

Congrats man, this is a great community and im extremely happy I decided to apply almost 2 years ago.

Here is to 4 years!!

p.s - jungle monkey will never be able to take your place

and alex is my dad :hurr:

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #7 on: January 03, 2017, 09:42:40 am »
I haven't joined too many communities before i came across Tango. I first started off on an Arma 2 Takistan Life server with the name of "British Borders". Some of you might of heard of it. Some of you might of played on their server. But back then i was at a young age and i wasn't as social as i would be now. I had no friends within that community and i would usually be talking to whoever was in the UN West Border Patrol TeamSpeak channel. A year later my activity started to drop. As I didn't see what i could bring to the community and nobody knew me. Then in the start of 2015. I joined a small community by the name of "Moonshine Gaming" a small Garry's Mod community that based around DarkRP. Again, some of you here will recognise that name and would of even come from that community. It was fun. I actually made some friends there. I was a Super Admin within their server. So i guess i showed time and dedication to get to that staff rank. This is where i met @[TRB] Ben and @Ollie. We were all staff of that server. But we came into some issues with the owners which lead to our depart. Ben was also playing on tango server at the time, and we all joined around the same time. And I've been here ever since. It's soon to come up to my 2nd year within tango. And apart from the shit everyone has seen from me. Including around this time last year. tango has been the most fun out of all the other communities. And I've met some amazing people. I will list people who have made my time fun since the start.

@[TRB] Ben (Cant tag you rip) You've had to deal with my shit since the start lmao. And im glad we're still friends. you've put a lot of trust into me and i'm thankful for that. So thank you.

@Ollie You've also had to deal with my shit since the start. And yes, we've had our ups and downs. But tbh you aren't even that bad of a person. I still enjoy playing videogames with you like gta etc. So thank you.

@balon Thank you for everything. You gave me the opportunity to join such an amazing and outstanding community. You gave me the chance to show my "skills" to put it into a use for the community. You gave me the opportunity to appeal my ban. I thought back then that everything was over. But you gave me that second chance i thought i would never get. You also gave me a second chance at council. So thank you and sorry for you dealing with my shit.

@Mobz I'd like to say thank you for the trust you put into me. Especially when it came to the whole Counter Strike Source thing. And i am sorry that i broke your trust when i left a while ago. So i'd like to say thank you and sorry at the same time.

@Alex I guess you never really liked me. And i was probably always annoying. But recently we've been speaking a bit more. And i'm glad. Because I've enjoyed the times we've spoke. And the time you banned me for reason "Go to sleep". So thank you! :D

@xyra People will look at this as i'm writing to you and question it. I know we've gone through shit the past year and i know that friendship we use to have will probably never come around again. Because I've been a huge dick to you. And i regret it. Every bad thing I've said and done to you. I regret it. I am mentioning you because of the fun times we had back from December of 2015 to around January of 2016. Although i was annoying and was feeling down as fuck. At that time you was putting a smile on my face. People will most likely think i'm sucking up to you or smthn and they will probably pester me about it. But thank you for the fun times we had and i'm sorry that i am huge cunt to you. I also wish the best of luck to you with .cL.

@Shay I met you last year i believe. And we started to play L4D2 together. And i enjoy those times. I remember the time we played a custom map full of tanks. And that was difficult! We don't speak a lot anymore but i want to say thank for for the fun times on L4D2 and on CS:GO comp (when i carry you hue hue). So thank you!

@Rampage I cant remember when me met and how we met (great friend i am..) but i remember the times you've allowed me to play H1Z1 KoTK with you, sinister, SK, Ferg and everyone else that played with us. I was fucking awful at the game. But i still got some decent(ish) plays on some of the BR's we were doing. So thank you.

@Rain I've met you recently but i just want to say. Thank you. I enjoy the times we talk and all the jokes. And the TF2 Dodgeball times ( Gotta Blast! .  We don't talk as much anymore which sucks.  But thank you for being such an awesome person!

@tinathebattle Again. People will look at this and probably laugh and pester me. Because they have something against you. But i just want to tell you no matter what has happened you're still my friend and i'm glad i met you. If you ever need someone to talk to. You can talk to me.

@Deef My retard! We don't talk and play as much as we use to. But i value the fun we had on Jailbreak and rust. And pretty much every time we've been around. Seeing me win and lose thousands of dollars and seeing you lose $400. I will never forget that. So thank you!

@CmAnT My roadman chav! You let me borrow knives off of you, which i'm thankful for because not too many people would do that. I am also your lucky charm... Well you know.. BECAUSE YOU UNBOXED LIKE 3 KNIVES WITHIN 3 DAYS.... Anyway thank you for the fun times and one day.. Just one day.. I'll 1v1 you on pixelmon...

@FrostEffects Again. Just met you recently. But i'm impressed with the time and dedication you've put into the Minecraft division. I can see this finally being successful after many failed attempts in the past. I can't wait until we both play GTA when it's installed.

@Napkin We've met quite recently too. But I've enjoyed talking to you on TeamSpeak and playing GTA with you. Oh and we need to work on our skill on Rocket League but i'm over it.. Oh and one last thing.. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTERRRRR!

@Olivia My Minecraft School RP buddy! Yeah we've had plenty of fallout's and i'm probably a huge dick. But i value the times we've memed around on Minecraft together!

@Oscar (Or whatever your damn name is now xd) Orangu-Tango Squad!!!!! Met you when i first got H1Z1. Thanks for the memes! And remember.. :rednurf: Its nerf.. Or nothing :bluenurf:

@Bunny and @SpiderLily I want to put you two together as i met you two at the same time.. Early in the morning. In the council lounge. Ever since then I've valued our friendship a lot and i enjoy the times we've spoken on TeamSpeak and the time's we've played. Bunny. Where can i start off. You've been putting a smile on my face ever since we've become good friends. You allowed me into your group of friends and become one of you guys (i guess). You've got me back into smite and i'll continue to kick ass with Neith. You've also got me back into Murder and you have also just recently given me the opportunity to become staff of the murder server. So thank you. I'll also make sure to carry you on CS:GO when we get round to playing it xd

Now onto your Spiderlily. Thank you for accepting me into your group of friends. I was nervous at first because i didn't know whether you would like me or not. But you to have also put a smile on my face. I played that one game of smite with you. Which i preformed poorly in. But I'll get better at Smite some day. Also sorry for getting you guys into an EU server when we played competitive, and that it was a gold nova game too.. I would also like to thank you for introducing me onto purge and i will try be on purge at times. but with my new server staff role, I might not be able to be SUPER active. But thank you for being awesome! The both of you!

@Washcloth I would also like to add you onto this as well. We had beef in the past due to the whole thing that went down last year. But I'm glad we've gone past that and that and that we're good friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play and talk to you!

@Blizzard Thank you for the fun times on Battlefield 4 and for giving me the opportunity the become staff on DarkRP. Sorry i resigned from the position. But as i said in my resignation post,  was getting really inactive on the server so i basically took up a spot someone else who was full dedicated deserved.   

@MunaKnif Can't forget my feg muna! :D Got a $60 knife from a 35 cents drakemoon crate... Lucky cunt... <3

There are many more people i want to tag but i don't want this post to be too long. Almost everyone I've spoken to and/or played with has made a positive impact on my life at some point. So for the 100000000000000th and last time. I want to say thank you.

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #8 on: January 03, 2017, 10:01:19 am »
Nearly on to my second year of Tango, love the majority of the people in here as most of you are pretty cool.

Here's to list a few:

@Mobz Geese
@balon Owner
@Harry Ancient friend
@TobyQweef irl friend
@Alex Brit co-owner
@Napkin Ma hoe
@Dirtlion the definition of cancer
@Deef Dutch
@Oscar G-shock watch
@[TRB] Ben Loser + ancient friend
@miK :) always remember that I got u into council
@Ally dating toby
@SkypeDoesntKnowThis Martin ur an aid
@a19872w Love you aya (or however ur name is spelt)
@rizky I thought u were pretty gangsta and probs a crip
@Nisse Please don't kill yourself
@capie My best friend and wife

And thanks to many others u little memes and don't get run over or some bad shit in the new year!
« Last Edit: January 04, 2017, 11:06:22 am by Ollie »
glad to know you still have a picture of me saved, i can tell you think I'm beautiful.

you are literally the most irrelevant staff member with the most made up bullshit position i think ive ever seen. it was made so you dont try to grab attention and leave tango again.

you are about as edgy as the blade you slice you wrists with. you can probably hold a conversation as long as you can hold a 3 pound weight with your toothpick lookin ass arms.

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #9 on: January 03, 2017, 10:17:51 am »
(there's a lot more ofc, my memory is so bad)
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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #10 on: January 03, 2017, 10:31:48 am »
Thanks for

- Signature by the one and only Ally <3

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #11 on: January 03, 2017, 10:48:34 am »
These people make me want to not die which is pretty cool
@dr.friday - :>
@Vita - :>
@aaronxps - wowee
@XbFTB - gosh darnit
@Ally - Tyvm message me if you want me to tell any more
@TobyQueef - Ur a pretty dope guy +respek
@Shiro - People just see you for your noodle eating, but those times when we would spend hours talking about random shit in skype with my irl friends was fun af
@Shay - Ur pizza girl doesnt like me 2 much any more so thats a plus
@xyra - go to bed
@SpiderLily + @Bunny - You guys made my first few months in Tango enjoyable, I may not agree with Layla on some things but I can't forget the fun times we had. Tyvm
@Rain - ur a good listener n i appreciate u
@miK :) - I'll download paladins again soon n we can play XDDDDD

thats all i can think of rn
im tired n doing stuff so dont be mad tyvm!!!!

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #12 on: January 03, 2017, 11:41:16 am »
It's amazing to see how far the community has come. I hope that this year is just as great and even better than the previous years!

Girls, you want a gentleman? I'll be the gentlest man So gentle I won't even touch you In fact I won't even acknowledge you exist Don't call

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #13 on: January 03, 2017, 12:34:20 pm »
Thanks for the shout out my man.

Honestly not sure how I made it this far. Pretty sure my friends at the bhop server and the way they painted Tango to be was the reason I got so involved. I am not sure where I will end up nor what I want to do, but just know I'll be here for the ride no matter what. Even if that means me telling you I want to resign a couple of times :)

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Re: Welcome to Year Three
« Reply #14 on: January 03, 2017, 12:56:24 pm »
received three e-mail notifications for this thread so i figured i'll say a few words

thank you for the memories
here's the people that mattered.

2016 was my most progressive and fun year in tango

@balon i start off with you because you gave me countless opportunities to do something for tango, i'm not sure if i completed that but it was fun while it lasted, this played a huge role in my life and i can't be more thankful of you for making this year complete. Thanks for the shoutout.

@suna one of the best things that happened in my 2016 run of tango, i'm glad i found you and we had fun talking about absolute dumb shit and have serious conversations as well - i could undoubtedly say you're like a little dumber brother to me.


@Ally you spent lots of time listening to my stories and did your best to help me out, thank you for that.

@Adam you have autism

@Vita you're squad gang* but you should really stop smoking its not healthy when you're 50.

@SLean you have an absolute perfect taste in music, here's to the music we've already shared and more that's to be shared

idk if i missed anyone, i wrote this in a hurry so, excuse me if i missed you out.

thank you


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