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Author Topic: [12-DOC] Tango "Frag-Mas" Video Editing Contest 12/12/2016 | Day 0  (Read 100 times)

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Event Name and Date:
Tango "Frag-Mas" Video Editing Contest
Who Can Participate? 
@Papi Ro

Wanna show off your editing skills this holiday season? Send some nasty clips of your edits to our Emails, They will be uploaded to youtube and previewed over our network? Winner Gets more than just a cool badge, they get enter to win a prize!
Event Prizes
Those who participate and are RSVP'd will get forum badge + Teamspeak 3 Server Group
More prizes may be given out stay tuned for more information!
How to Enter into the Contest?
Please send your clips to our email.
Code: [Select]
tangolivesubmit@gmail.comIn the title please state your profile name and say you are entering into the contest. (Ex. Sk67's Frag Clip [12-DOC Contest])
Please do not attach your video to the email but instead give a downloadable link through dropbox, Mediafire, etc...

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