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Author Topic: SERT | Introducing CTFF Project  (Read 887 times)

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SERT | Introducing CTFF Project
« on: November 27, 2016, 02:18:42 am »

Hello Everyone,

This post will build on the announcement that I made on August 28th, 2016 about SERT, our goals, and the Capture-The-Forensics Flag website. This will mostly focus on the CTFF website.

Capture-the-Forensics Flag website is a ‘capture the flag’ competition. It will be a Jeapordy-styled CTF competition that tries to distill the essence of a specific aspect of professional computer security work into single short exercises that are objectively measurable.

Computer security represents a challenge to education due to its interdisciplinary nature.  The topic in computer security we will draw from is digital forensics. This will be our main focus, and we will work on the site with support from the University of New Haven's UNHcFREG.

Visit the site at https://ctff.io The site is still under contruction and runs the open source platform called CTFd.

Currently Completed Tasks:
  • Site Running with Let's Encrypt and ranked A on SSL Labs
  • Template for site completed.
  • Template uploaded and added to all pages.
  • Social Media pages created, Twitter handle @ctffio, Facebook page name, @ctffio.
  • Created and registered IRC channel on freenode under #ctffio

Still Under Construction:
  • Add Site Logo
  • Create a CTFF mission statement
  • Add background photos.
  • Add detailed information missing on website, such as profiles, announcements, and other missing data.
  • More to come.

As you can see there is still so much to do, and I will update as time goes. We are shooting for a launch maybe sometime into the Spring 2017 semester, but this is an ambitious launch date. Thanks, and if you are interested and think you can help in any way reach out to @Polak.

Additional Information:

The Security and Exploit Research Team is a collaborative team aimed to study about Operating Systems & Networks and their flaws.  This is not limited to exploits, vulnerabilities, bugs and more. "SERT", as an acronym, strives in studying and analyzing in Computer Security to help aid others and keep our community safe.  Composed of various members ranging from Tango members to non-Tango members, anyone is able to apply to become part with the community.

We provide tasks such as monitored case-studies, 'post your findings' and various other to benefit group knowledge.  Throughout your time as part of the group, you'll be able to communicate and collaborate with students from, but not limited to, IT, Cyber Forensics and Computer Science backgrounds.

Wish to apply and be part of the team? Visit the SERT Sub-Forum

Any further questions? Direct them to @Polak via Forum-PM!
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