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Author Topic: [Deprecated] T.w² | Rules, Policies, & Procedures  (Read 15227 times)

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[Deprecated] T.w² | Rules, Policies, & Procedures
« on: January 06, 2014, 09:47:27 pm »

Hint: You can also read this in: Spanish

1. Users are not authorized to post, discuss, or express NSFW (NonSafe For Work) content outside The Gentlemen's Club section within our forums. (See the "Generalized Legal Content" Policy)

2. You may not post, discuss, or link to any forms of warez. Failure to comply with this rule will result in removal/ban. (See "Warez" Policy)

3. TangoWorldWide has a 0-Tolerance for Hacking, Injecting, Cheating, Scripting in our servers and around the entire community; members found guilty of breaking this rule will be removed/banned with no chance of appeal. (See "Cheating" Policy)

4. Due to the age of some members of the TangoWorldWide community, there will be a major limitation on swearing, excessive swearing, cursing, flaming, and trolling will result in loss of communication privileges on our forums, game-servers, and TeamSpeak and persistent offenders will face removal/ban.

5. Spamming, flooding, low quality content, and immature post etiquette will result in consequences. (See "LCP" Policy)

6. Advertising other competing communities, similar forums, similar groups, and/or organizations is prohibited. If you would like to purchase an advertising agreement, you can contact an Owner. (See "Advertisements" Policy)

7. Harassing and annoying other members will result in removal/ban.

8. Do not rip/steal/plagiarize other peoples work. (See "Generalized Legal Content")

9. Double posting will result in forum warnings and bans; use the "Modify" button.

10. We do not tolerate any personalized Racism, Stereotyping, or Prejudice behavior of any kind.

11. You may not "double-clan" while in TangoWorldWide as an official member, if found doing so you will be removed. (See the "Double-Grouping" Policy.)

12. Do not bump threads which are of 90+ days old without a reply. This is considered grave digging and can result in a forum warning.   

13. We will not tolerate disrespect of any kind. Disrespecting council members, admins, official members, community members will result in ban.

14. If you are an official member you are expected to be active in TeamSpeak whenever you are on steam. Our "Out Doin' Business" channel is perfect to Idle! (See "Official Member" Policy)

15. All official members are expected to wear the T.w² Tag in front of their name, as well as be active in our game-servers, our forums, and our TeamSpeak. (See "Official Member" Policy)

16. Any community, server owner, group owner, or team which would like to join TangoWorldWide has a chance for an official Merge. Contact an Owner. (See the "Official Merges" Policy)

17. You can only have 1 change of name per year, if you'd like to do so, please request it from an Owner. They can change your TeamSpeak and forum name. (See "Name Changes" Policy)

18. Everyone is allowed to join us, we have no restrictions on who can and cannot join, but once you get banned or removed; don't expect to be let in as easy as the first time.

19. Anyone around the TangoWorldWide community is allowed to have a say in the Suggestions and Ideas forum. (See "Suggestions" Policy)

20. Official Members MUST wear the T.w² Tag at ALL times. Wearing this tag shouldn't only be considered a privilege, but it is also a representation of the TangoWorldWide community. Please remember to make smart choices, actions, and have well judgement when representing us. We understand it is only online; but please remember that online doesn't mean you are exempt from respecting others, and trying to create a friendly environment. Just because you are an Official Member does not mean these rules do not apply to you. (See "Tagging Up" Policy)

21. Anyone in the community is allowed to apply to one of our eSports Teams, disregarding skill level. (See "eSports" Policy)

22. No bans are permanent unless they break the Big 3 Policies. (See "Big 3" Policy)

23. Do not threaten other members of the community or face legal action. (See "Legal Action" Policy)

24. Every single member, council, users, donators, admins, even owners; are not exempt from rules and policies. It does not matter if you have donated considerable amounts of money to TangoWorldWide, you will be removed without hesitation if you cannot comply with our standards.  (See "Removal" Policy)

25. Any conflicts with members that cannot be resolved within 1 hour of the issue, are expected to be posted in our conflicts forum for help from our Internal Affairs Consultant; this is to ensure that everyone can feel happy with their situations here in TangoWorldWide.

26. Council members are not allowed to abuse their power; if they are found doing so please report the situation to an Owner.

27. Any type of report, accusation, or complaint is required to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to be considered and dealt with. Copied Chat Logs DO NOT count as valid proof, as they can be altered. (See "Providing Evidence" Policy)

28. Members applying cannot request vouches on their applications. (See "Applying" Policy)

29. You cannot buy, sell, share, or trade for your forum account.

30. You cannot buy a position in our community.

31. Members are expected to report malicious content and posts on the forums and in the servers.

32. Forum users must meet the 5 minimum word + 20 minimum character threshold to make a post.  (See "LCP" Policy)

33. All typos and errors are asked to be reported immediately.

34. The maximum forum signature size is 750x250.

35. You cannot buy TangoAwards unless they are designated for purchase. (See "Awards" Policy)

36. All donations are final; if you attempt to charge-back your account will be closed/banned and you will be removed from TangoWorldWide. With your donation, you agree never to charge your payment back, including but not limited to: if you are removed due to abuse, you are removed due to being non-compliant with our rules and regulations, unhappy with your services, unhappy with your position within our roster/staff list.  (See "Donations" Policy)

37. Scamming in the International Exchange forum is prohibited. (See "Scammers" Policy)

38. All non-relevant posts are expected to be in the Off-Topic forums.

39. All freebies and giveaways must not be stolen items. (See "Accounts" Policy)

40. Your Custom Title cannot hint to impersonate staff, flame members, use religious or political symbols, and cannot advertise for a competing organization.

41. When situations arise, members are expected to not blow them out of proportion, doing so will get you and the offender punished.

42. Do not complain if your post count is altered. (See "Bin Empty" Policy)

43. Inactive Official Members will be removed during Season-Changes. (See "Season Cleanings" Policy)

44. You may not request promotions, vouches, acceptions, rejections, denials, or demotions of yourself or other members. (See "Promotions/Demotions" Policy)

45. You may not request to see the donations or have financial information; although sometimes we will release statements on monthly goals, or monthly accomplishments profit-wise. (See "Donations" Policy)

46. Council members, Leadership, Owners are not allowed to take money from the PayPal under ANY circumstances, although not all these people have the login they still are not entitled to get paid! (See "Donations" Policy)

47. Major Bugs/Exploits are asked to be reported privately to the Director of Operations or acting-owner.

48. You may not release any personal information of other members of the community on our forums, this includes for pranks - This is considered doxing and will result in ban. (See "Personal Info" Policy)

49. You may not publicly ask other users for funds, We are trying to run a successful community that has to run off of donations; we do not want people to think our donators can support community members just because they are donating for our community.

50. Fake give-aways will result in forum ban.

51. Do not PM our forum BOTs, they are not configured to respond to PMs.

52. All league rules are in effect in any live competitive match whether it be FaceIT, ESEA, CEVO, etc. (See "eSports" Policy)

53. All players are expected to record league matches if the league they are playing in requires recordings. (See "eSports" Policy)

54. In TangoWorldWide Pugs, 10Mans, or In-House Scrims: All CEVO Rules are in full effect.

55. Members may not purchase servers for TangoWorldWide from external hosts without contacting our Ownership. (See "Hosts" Policy)

56. All confidential information will be considered Ownership-Only, this includes but is not limited to: IPs, Chat Logs, Player Information, Server Logs, Email Lists, and much more. (See "Confidentiality" Policy)

Generalized Legal Content Policy
All of the following are disallowed within TangoWorldWide, the exact procedure will be in the sections that follow which includes, but is not limited to: Pornographic Content, Leeching, Doxing, Illegal Substances, CyberCrime, Racketeering, Black-hat Activities, Carding, Copyright Infringement, DMCA, Dumps, Phishing, Fraud, Identity Theft, Paypal Fraud, Crimeware, DropShipping, Keygens, Torrenting, PIDS, Call-Ins, Bitcoin Fraud, Amazon Fraud, Hitmen Services, or any other area of discussion that will violate your ISP's TOS or The United States Code. All actions are logged and if deemed to be serious, will have reports filed against the suspected party via IC3 and your local police department.
     §Pornographic Content/NSFW Content is strictly prohibited from all aspects of TangoWorldWide.net including but not limited to discussion, relevance, or meaning of with obliged intent. The seriousness of this policy is when Child Pornography is contained, posted, or hinted at within any aspects of TangoWorldWide. The only allowance of pornographic content is in the Gentlemen's Club with restrictions of gore, child pornography, abuse, or pornographic pictures of people without prior consent (ex-girlfriends especially).
     § Fraud / Illegal Services are restricted from TangoWorldWide, these are not only highly illegal but will result in legal action, you can check some of the exact legal actions TangoWorldWide will pursue in the Legal Action Policy. Any form of Racketeering, Black-Hat activities, Carding, Dumps of personal information, Phishing any accounts, defrauding of identity, PayPal, Bitcoins, and/or Amazon, drop shipping, Call-Ins, Doxing, Hitmen Services are strictly prohibited.
     § Copyright Infringement and DMCA are not allowed within TangoWorldWide. If TangoWorldWide and/or HostHoaders is contacted with a DMCA Notice the suspected party will be held to their posted content legally. Each action performed on your account, you are bound to within out logs and necessary consequences for copyright infringement will be enforced.
     § Disallowed Black-hat Activities are prohibited in TangoWorldWide. If you are found with involvement in any highly illegal black hat activities, you will receive a 1 year ban with no chance of appeal. This directly includes Doxing, Cyber-Crime, Carding, Dumps, Fraud, Identity Theft, PayPal Fraud, Drop-Shipping, Call-Ins, DDoS Services, Credit Card Fraud, etc. If these actions have been committed within TangoWorldWide, each action you perform are logged, information will be turned over to any Federal Personnel upon request.

Legal Action Policy
TangoWorldWide.net has full discretion to take Legal Action on any Users who attempt to, or break their ISP's TOS, United States Code of Conduct, or The TangoWorldWide Rules, Policies, & Actions. Although we would not like to have to take any legal action in the entire length of success our community will face, those who breaks laws will be held responsible.
     §Legal action is only taken when the United Stated Code is broken, or you have threatened/doxed/or have an infraction of anything in the Generalized Legal Content Policy.
     § If you are out of United States Jurisdiction you will be reported to International Officials; and can/will be tried in court for offence of any laws which have been broken. TangoWorldWide is not responsible for any content from users which have posted on our forum or have displayed in any area of TangoWorldWide including, but not limited to our game-servers, TeamSpeak, forums, web-hosting, websites, hosting, tournaments, and other aspects.

Big 3 Policy
The Big 3 Policy falls into effect for all permanent bans issued by TangoWorldWide. There are only 3 big issues that we look at and need to issue a permanent ban. Legal Obligations, Cheating Infractions, and/or Ownerships discretions. Detailed explanation of the Big 3 can be found below.
     § Legal Obligations is Number 1 in the Big 3 Policy. Legal Obligations is explained as breaking any of the policies of TangoWorldWide, breaking International Standards, or the United States Code of Conduct. When legal standards are not met, and laws are broken the content owner (The Poster/Provider) will be held to full responsibility of their actions and report to Internet Crime Security (IC3), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and/or Local Policy to the inflicting IP Address. Legal Action that will be taken is defined above in the Legal Action Policy.
     § Cheating Infractions are Number 2 in the Big 3 Policy. All of our servers run various anti-cheats for their supporting games. For example, [SM] servers run SourceMod-AntiCheat (SMAC). If you are VAC banned while connected to a TangoWorldWide server, or if you trigger a server's anti-cheat, you will be automatically issued a ban from TangoWorldWide, if it is within the time of you being a participant of our community. Other Cheating Infractions can come from Admins, Ownership, Council, and/or leagues. If you are the effect of a dispute that gets overturned to a outside source/community/party you will face ban from TangoWorldWide.net. Cheating Infractions state that you have been banned permanently from all competitive play (more can be found in "eSports" Policy and at minimum a 12 month ban from the TangoWorldWide.net Community with slim chance of appeal or subside.
     § Ownership Discretion is Number 3 in the Big 3 Policy. If you have threatened other members, disrespecting members of ownership directly, creating server depopulation, having a consensus of members who are against their actions and have brought such to ownership attention, caused continuously problems concurrently, have major rule violations, have DDoS'd members, the community, servers, or TangoServers can/will face permanent ban from TangoWorldWide and all break off organizations including TangoServers, TeamTango, Tango-eSports, TangoRadio, and future endeavours to come. Under Big 3 policy, Ownership can alter actions, statements, verdicts, or any function that has to do with TangoWorldWide at any given time.

Warez includes but is not limited to all 0-days, Apps, Cracks, Cracked Games, Keygens, Pirated Movies, Rips, Portables, Infectious Scripts, or Serials. As well as all Malware, Spyware, Worms, Rootkits, Backdoors, Crimeware, and Ransomeware
     § Discussion of Torrenting, 0-Days, Apps, Cracks, Cracked Games, Keygens, Pirated Music and Movies, Rips, Portables, Infectious Scripts, or Serials that are under copyright or are open-source is prohibited to and from TangoWorldWide.net.
     § Discussion of all malicious software, and infectious materials is prohibited to TangoWorldWide. These will fall under the Big 3 policy as Ownership discretion.
     § All malicious software, and infectious materials is only authorized to be discussed in The Techie Hub and specified to The Virus Removal Project.

Cheating Policy
     § Cheating Infractions are defined as using 3rd party tools, scripts, or programs to give yourself an advantage in ANY game, not only those of which TangoWorldWide currently supports. If you are found cheating actions will be taken on the severity, and if you are from Steam; if your account has received a ban from Valve AntiCheat.
     § Any game which supports Competitive Play Cheating Infractions will result in a competitive ban from TangoWorldWide.net with NO chance of appeal. Confirmed cheaters will also face a minimal 12 month suspension from TangoWorldWide with slim chance of appeal.
     § Any non-competitive cheating ban will result in a 6 month suspension from TangoWorldWide with chance of appeal.

Removal Policy
Removal from the community usually does not completely conclude your time with TangoWorldWide.net. There are 3 types of removal which are defined in details below.
     § Big 3 Policy Removal if the convicted user has broken one of the Big 3 policies, they face removal permanently from TangoWorldWide.net. These include Legal, Cheating, and Ownership issued infractions.
     § Removal from inactivity allows users who have been removed due to inactivity to return to TangoWorldWide after 2 weeks of removal from the community, those who wish to rejoin the community will have to go through the application all over again; look into detail on removal due to activity in the Season Cleaning policy. 
     § Ongoing Investigation is defined for a removal from the community while investigation of offences are being completed. This is usually only in effect when a law is broken and it has to be reported to any Federal Personnel.

Applying Policy
All applications must meet every section of the Applying Policies below.
     § All Applications MUST meet the standards in the Application Template. All applications which have failed to follow the TangoWorldWide template shall be denied and locked. You must also meet all of the requirements which are below the actual template; some of those rules are subsided in certain situations defined here in the policies.
     § You may not apply to the TangoWorldWide community if you have not met the communities standards, cannot agree to the rules, or have been denied/removed within 2 weeks of your last endeavours with TangoWorldWide.
     § Applications will be denied if you have have applied while still a member of another community, clan, or online organization unless you fall under the Double-Grouping Policy. If you feel you fall under this policy an Owner will notify you.
     § Being accepted to TangoWorldWide requires vouches from Official Members, you may not ask for vouches or they will not only be invalid, your application will be immediately rejected. If you fail to comply with this rule on multiple applications; you will be banned from applying to TangoWorldWide.
     § If on your application BOT Tango does not respond, then your application is automatically not eligible for acceptance or consideration; the BOT is programmed with certain standards on who to Welcome and who not to, if he has not posted on your application, you are either banned from TangoWorldWide, have a cheating infraction, or are restricted to apply due to a Big 3 Policy violation.

LCP Policy
Here at TangoWorldWide we want the highest level of quality in TangoWorldWide.net. Low quality content, posting, shouting, replies, and/or threads break the LCP Policy.
     § Spamming, Flooding, Trolling all follow under LCP (Low Posting Quality), we have some measures such as captcha and forum moderators in place to prevent please who abuse this rule and/or our forums.
     § Low Quality Content is prohibited at TangoWorldWide.net. We have a 5 minimum word / 20 minimum character threshold which users must surpass to make a post/thread. Finding ways around this will result in forum warnings/bans.
    § Due to the volume of posts we receive, TangoWorldWide will only take action on reported-posts, or posts that directly violate LCP/LQP, or the generalized legal content policy. Any other posts must have a prior report.

Advertisements Policy
     § Advertising other communities, websites, forums, groups, and online organizations is prohibited at TangoWorldWide.net. If you fail to oblige with this rule you will lose your right to be a registered member of our community. There are subsections to this rule that allow certain advertisements.
     § The only time that an advertisement is allowed is in signatures and posts about/and containing the following: Services, Marketplace Items, Accounts, Logins, User-names, Purchase Requests, and other items that are not advertising another group or organization.
     § The only altercation to this rule is if you would like to purchase an advertising agreement you will be able to advertise anything, including other groups as long as you are paying for an agreement; please contact an Owner if you would like to do so.

Double-Grouping Policy
     § Double-Grouping is strictly restricted in TangoWorldWide unless you fall into either of the subsections below. Double-Grouping with other communities, especially with those that have the same game-servers as us in certain games is prohibited.
     § You will be allowed to Double-Group within TangoWorldWide and another communities/organizations/groups IF you are on a competitive team in another community, have to wear a tag due to religious obligations in another community, such as S@V3D, and/or have to distinguish yourself as an administrator, moderator, or donator of another community as well.
     § You may double-group if you self own another community, group, or organization that is smaller than 100 Official Members, and do not wish to overturn your server to us; and continue to run that community.

Official Member Policy
     § Each Official Member is required to wear a tag in front of their name. They are only allowed to wear the tag behind their name if you have special permission from an Owner. Wearing your tag is required by TangoWorldWide, failure to wear your tag will result in removal.
     § All official members are expected to be active in our game-servers, our TeamSpeak, and our forums.
     § Whenever your steam is logged in, you should be in our TeamSpeak at least in the Out Doin' Business Channel to idle.

Official Merges
     § All official merges must go through the Ownership of TangoWorldWide.
     § If you are merging in a new competitive team to TangoWorldWide refer to the eSports policy & once the merge has been accepted, you will be given full eSports Perks.
     § Each merge issues the owner/leader/admin of the merging group/team/organization which will represent them in the council.
     § Each new merge comes with different members, from different backgrounds - Once you are in TangoWorldWide then you automatically must follow our policies and rules.
     § When merging every member from the merging group/organization/team must apply, although if one is accepted - all will be accepted in the merging policy. We will not split members unless they are causing issues in our community such as breaking our rules, especially the Big 3.
     § Each merged member must wear the tag, if a member joins late from a merge; they will not be godfathered in on the "all accepted" merge policy.
     § All Acceptions Policy - This policy is strictly to merges, it ensures we will not exclude members from a group merging in.

Name Changes
     § You are only allowed to have 1 name change per year, this is to ensure we can keep track of all of our members; and this is especially enforced to those people who enjoy daily name changes, you can change your name on steam but on TeamSpeak and the forums it will not be updated.
     § Each member can use their 1 name change within a complete year; such as 2014, 2015, 2016, etc. The name change will update your TeamSpeak name and forum name.

Suggestions Policy
     § Each user, official or not is allowed to suggest ideas to the community, and/or have an opinion. You may post these suggestions and ideas in the Suggestions/Ideas forum.
     § Other suggestions include Bug Reports / Typos. These suggestions are considered reports, and assist us in assuring that the community is up to a quality standard set by the council / leadership / and ownership.

Awards Policy
     § Awards are only issued by Ownership or the Forum Manager.
     § Awards cannot be purchased unless they are designated for purchase by stars on the TangoAwards page.
     § Anyone can purchase their own award that you can give to other users, note the price goes up by double each time this feature is purchased, you can check the current price on the donate tab!

Donations Policy
     § All donations are to be sent to the TangoWorldWide paypal - payments@tangoworldwide.net (or) balonfx@hotmail.com
     § Ownership will never ask you to donate to private paypal unless we are running a tournament and we need a separate paypal.
     § All Donations are final, if you attempt a charge-back / or attempt to persuade members not to donate if your admin status, or whatever you have donated for (award, server admin, TeamSpeak channel, etc) is revoked; you will be banned from TangoWorldWide.
     § Donating to TangoWorldWide will not get you out of bans, get you promotions, or guarantee you spots in anything. Statuses which you purchase can and will be revoked at any given time if a member breaks the rules in this policies and rules thread.
     § Once your donation has been completed, you have agreed to not charge-back any funds you've sent to TangoWorldWide. In the event of a charge-back, these policies will be submitted to PayPal, and allow them to know you have committed an infraction in our rules. If you have left our community, your services will stay active as you have paid for them. 
     § ALL donations 100% are spent on TangoWorldWide or affiliating groups/breakoffs. No staff members are paid, nor will the council ever take funds for personal use.

Scammers Policy
     § Scamming is an illegal and bannable offence in TangoWorldWide.
     § Those found scamming will have their account closed, with no chance of appeal or reopening.
     § If you are found scamming, your Steam account will be reported, forum account will be closed, and other forums we have proof you are a member of will be notified.

Accounts Policy
     § You are only allowed 1 account per lifetime, if you have been banned you can create a Username_TEMP account to post your appeal.
     § Every IP is logged, and if you register more than 1 account both will be closed/banned.
     § If you have siblings, then automatically the "more than 1 account" policy is not in affect, but do not lie about having siblings or your accounts will be closed.

Bin Empty Policy
     § During a Bin Empty policy, some post counts on profiles may be altered, during this you CANNOT complain about alternation to your count.
     § When the Trash Bin is full, it will be emptied, this is a Bin Empty - Post counts will be recounted after all threads are deleted, and some members will lose some posts of their post count.

Season Cleanings Policy
     § During the change of seasons, Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer at the solstice and equinoxes of each season change members will be "Cleaned Out" that have been inactive, we only purge inactive members 4 times a year; as we understand sometimes gaming can't always come when you have other things to be doing, especially person issues and relationships.
     § If you get "cleaned" from TangoWorldWide, when you get released you must wait 2 weeks before reapplying unless we otherwise inform you with your release.

Promotions/Demotions Policy
     § You may not request promotions or demotions of yourself or any other member of TangoWorldWide. One exception is that you can request self-demotion from council positions.
     § If you are promoted to the council, then you must attend weekly meetings at 9PM on Saturdays. If you cannot make these meetings, please inform our Ownership and you can resume your original rank without questions asked. Being in the council is not only a privilege, but we'd like members to have an understanding that they can decline the offer.

Personal Info Policy
     § TangoWorldWide will not release any personal information about members unless there is a court order we must follow, a warrant, and/or required by law.
     § All personal information will never be sold to 3rd party sites.
     § Those who provide personal information, is the sole provider of their information, and we are not held liable for those who get contacted outside of the website, threatened, or harassed.
     § Providing other person(s) information is 100% extremely restricted.

eSports Policy
     § All members who are a party of TangoWorldWide are allowed to participate in competitive play as long as they have no cheating infractions and are Official Members.
     § Anyone in the TangoWorldWide community can create a team, you must have the a minimal of the starting amount of players for the game you'd like to compete in, and 1 backup.
     § Those of which who wish to play but not join TangoWorldWide officially must be approved by ownership, or have been around the community for 4-6 months consistently. These members cannot be Team Captains.
     § If you would like to merge in your competitive team, you must follow our merging policies and contact an Owner.
     § If you are found cheating, you will be permanently banned from any eSports of TangoWorldWide.
     § Any competitive teams are allowed to be formed if they are "community" teams. Official teams will play as TangoWW and must be placed on these teams by our eSports Manager. TangoWW members must be part of the TangoWorldWide Community.
     § All league rules are in effect in any competitive match in that respective league. Failing to respect a league's rule, can result in removal.
     § All tournaments that TangoWorldWide hosts are considered to be under the eSports Policy.
     § If you are a team being semi-sponsored to join our network; you will receive a private TeamSpeak channel, and access to all scrim/pug servers with admin/rcon privileges. More information can be found in our eSports Sub-Forum, where we include full lists of perks, benefits, and content to receive when you are picked up by TangoWorldWide | eSports.

Admin Abuse Policy
     § You Abuse, You Lose. Simple.
     § Any member who has admin and abuses will be given 1 warning before having their admin revoked. They can later repurchase their admin 1 time after a 4 week wait.
     § Abusers who abuse their privileges for admin and have reinstated it after 1 removal, will have their admin terminated permanently. If they continue to abuse our community in general they will be banned.

     Hosts Policy
     § TangoWorldWide has an approved vendor list for game-servers we allow to be joined with our network. If your host is not on this list for one reason or another, we may either ask you to switch hosts or join our private nodes. 
     § All TangoWorldWide servers are expected to be on Tango-Owned server boxes. Those who purchase a server that is not on our approved vendor list, or on our network, will not be allowed to name their server under Tango.

Confidentiality Policy
     § TangoWorldWide has a strict confidentiality policy, any discussions, personal information, or confidential content will be bound to Ownership only, and not spread or said within the community. This is protection to our members, allowing them to have conversations with our Ownership and have trust we will not spread these discussions amongst our community.
     § All user data is confidential including your email, name, address, and other personal information. We will only dump information in legal necessary cases, or in the event of a charge-back. This charge-back policy is still underdeveloped, and will not fully be implemented until later 2015, early 2016.

These rules and policies can be changed, altered, or updated at any time & will not have prior notification.
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