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Author Topic: Change Log v12 - 8/4 @ 11:40PM EST  (Read 832 times)

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Change Log v12 - 8/4 @ 11:40PM EST
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:00:29 am »
I'm glad to be posting the newest changelog with all of our exciting new changes!

TangoWorldWide ChangeLog v12 - 8/4

  • Competitive Coordinator has been removed from the TangoWorldWide roster.
  • International Relations Executive has been added to the TangoWorldWide roster.
  • Sourcebans has been updated to version 1.4.8 on all TangoWorldWide servers.
  • TangoMail has been added as a new donator feature.
  • A new admin abuse policy has been added to our rules.
  • All TangoWorldWide servers have undergone significant hardware upgrades to improve performance.
  • The recent DDoS attacks have been noted and measures have been taken to prevent further attacks from occurring.
A new userbar has been added. The founder bar! The founder bar is reserved for the original founders of TangoWorldWide.
It looks like this -->

And in recent news! Our Jailbreak server has made it into the top 200 CS:GO servers!

Remember for us to continue to grow we need donators! We have added some new packages, and new features to Tango that can be purchased on this thread here.

We hope you enjoyed this ChangeLog and now that you know the new features will try them out for yourselves!

-TangoWorldWide Administration
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