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Author Topic: Change Log v11 [Major Changes] - 7/11 @ 201:PM EST  (Read 926 times)

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Change Log v11 [Major Changes] - 7/11 @ 201:PM EST
« on: July 11, 2014, 02:24:15 pm »
It has been a few months since our last change-log, but we have a lot that has changed. Let's take a little glimpse of all the new features and changes which have occurring in TangoWorldWide.

What's Changed?

TangoWorldWide Change Log v11 7/11

We've decided it's too much to have to just skim through, let's give you a little list:
  • New popular servers
  • Introduction of the StreamTeam
  • The Competitive Coordinator
  • CTBan System Online
  • Group Expansions/Updates
  • New Userbars
  • New donation options

Sorry we said it'd be little. But let's get started! >>>>>>>>>>>>

In recent news, Jailbreak Facility has exploded into the top 700 CS:GO servers moving our way to the top 500 very soon! Our server has jumped ranks and is active at almost all times. New features like CTBan, custom LR, !knife mod; have made this possible.

Check it out here @ jb.tangoworldwide.net

Lets take a quick look at the StreamTeam which is being introduced to TangoWorldWide.net. We have added a stream/media team that will be compiling within these next few weeks to shoutcast CEVO matches, do various media projects for tango, and help tangoworldwide expand!
What does this mean for us? First off TangoTV will be not only more popular, but may start getting our entire community more noticed. If you would like to join the team, drop by an application by clicking anywhere here! We plan to make this mini-group in Tango expand at a rapid pace here these next few weeks. Our goal is by August to have a fully function streaming schedule.

The Competitive Coordinator

We never intended to add more co-owners to TangoWorldWide, but we realized that we are expanding at too much of a rapid pace to deny that we need more people helping us manage our extremely popular competitive sector! Former Global Affairs Consiliere rizky is now the Competitive Coordinator and will work closely with captains managing matches, and ensuring that we are expanding and bringing in new teams.

CTBan System - This new system has been brought to tango by popular demand of our jailbreak. Due to extreme activity on this server, we can anticipate there will be some free-killers! This new system has been brought online to help us filter out those who want to ruin the experience by mass killing people without reason! This should help us not only filter out freekillers but make the server an enjoyable environment.

The whole list can be found here. It helps us manage a lot of people who break rules. You can view the player name, date of infraction, reason, admin who banned them, and time till expire! This will help us majorly.

Group Updates / Server Updates

These two go hand-in-hand guaranteed. Have you been in our servers since our update? Check out TangoAds as well as the new !rules, !donate, !contact, and !servers commands! This will guaranteed help us grow and expand, as well as pick up some new members & admins along the way.

All of the servers were updated this past week, including our CEVO servers having sourcemod removed for the upcoming season which starts this week. Check out all of our servers by viewing the server list by clicking here!

We plan to continue to expand and hopefully add new servers sometime soon!
Enjoy the servers, if you find issues please report them.

Thanks to deff we now have new userbars!

4 examples are listed here:





Check them all out on the by clicking here!

Donations have been dropping slowly for Tango, for us to continue to grow we need donators! We have added some new packages, and new features to Tango that can be purchased on this thread here.

We hope you enjoyed this ChangeLog and now that you know the new features will try them out for yourselves!

-TangoWorldWide Administration
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Re: Change Log v11 [Major Changes] - 7/11 @ 201:PM EST
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2014, 04:43:24 pm »
Great to see all the changes being made to the community, and thanks for compiling all in a short, easy to read manner! I'm so glad the community is growing this quickly and I'm excited for the future!


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