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Author Topic: The basics of KZ  (Read 2571 times)

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The basics of KZ
« on: January 18, 2015, 03:16:12 pm »
Hello, in this post I'm going to go over the basics of kz. I'll get right into it.


The bread and butter of kz, without strafing you can't advance to any other more complex techniques, so we'll go over that first.

Strafing is quite simply synchronizing your strafe key (defaulted to a/d) with your mouse movement. To strafe left, hold 'a' while moving your mouse to the left, to strafe right, hold 'd' while moving your mouse to the right. After your have left the ground, you should never have your 'w' key held down for any reason, this will ruin your sync and you will not be able to strafe, this is also the most common mistake I see people wanting help with.

Here's a video that goes more in depth:


The video above explains it very well, however I'm going to explain it briefly for those of you who don't care to watch it. Longjumping is just a combination of strafes. While you're in the air you build speed by strafing left or right, doing them in sequence will take you further in a straight line due to speed gain, it sounds a lot easier than it is. This will take a lot of practice and there isn't a ton of advice I can give on it. Start off by doing 2 strafes to get comfortable, and increase the strafes as you begin to master the previous number of strafes.


Bunnyhopping is chaining jumping and strafing. To bunnyhop I highly suggest binding your mousewheelup or mousewheeldown to jump, you will never be as consistent with the space bar as you can be with the mouse wheel. To bind these, open your console and type the following with no quotes: "bind mwheelup +jump" and "bind mwheeldown +jump".

 To bunnyhop, start off by jumping and strafing in one direction, jump as soon as you land (without taking any steps) and strafe the other way. You can do multiple strafes but that just comes with being comfortable.

Another variation of bunnyhopping is 360 bunnyhopping, with this you can get up to 365-370 pre (speed before leaving the ground on your bhop) and it will take you much further than a longjump can. To do this, simply run forward, strafe in a full 360 and bunnyhop. This will take some practice.

Video explanation:


Ladders are very tricky to learn in the beginning, but once you understand what you need to improve on you will get the hang of it quickly. I've uploaded a video that has the 4 main types of ladder jumps you'll need to know. I'll explain them one by one below.

Jump #1: This jump is on a few maps, you won't need it too often but it's pretty easy to grasp. Go up the ladder sideways holding w/d (or w/a if you're going up it the opposite way), once you've reached the top of the ladder, flick 180 degrees while letting go of w. This turns your upward momentum into forward momentum and will allow you to land the jump. You may need to throw in a couple extra strafes in the air as I did in the video.

Jump #2: This jump is pretty standard, go up the ladder with w, as you get near the top, start holding d as well, this will shoot you off the ladder sideways. For this particular jump, I needed to add a strafe to make the distance due to the roof being in my way of flying off the ladder from further up.

Jump #3: Just an easier version of the second jump, go up with w, hold a near the top and fly off. This is the most common ladder jump you'll find on maps.

Jump #4: For this jump you need to go up the ladder sideways while holding w/a (or w/d depending on direction), when you get to the top of the ladder, turn your camera slightly so that you fly off the ladder diagonally. From here you need to strafe either left or right to stop yourself from hitting the wall. This takes the most practice of all ladder jumps but it is very rewarding to learn.

This was a quick writeup, let me know if I missed anything or if something can be improved. I just wanted something on here to direct people to so we can try to avoid explaining the basics to every person that joins for their first time.
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