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Author Topic: Change Log v21 - 1/7/2016 @ 4:43PM  (Read 1130 times)

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Change Log v21 - 1/7/2016 @ 4:43PM
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:42:55 pm »

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TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog v21

I just can't seem to be consistent with these... at least we'll try to make them monthly or something of that sort. Welcome to ChangeLog v21, I hope everyone had a great end to their first semester, and their vacations. Hopefully by now you are back in the swing of things in your new semester/part of the school year. TangoWorldWide has made an substantial amount of changes over the past few weeks, so here's a recap. I think we'll be doing bi-weekly, or monthly change logs. Stay posted for v22, to know what we decided.  I hope you enjoy the recent changes, and decide to post your feedback below! Thanks. - balon

(v21 - 1/7/2016) ::TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog!

01. ? 12 Days of Christmas Complete
  • TangoWorldWide had another extremely successful holiday season with 12 days of holiday events that concluded on Christmas Eve with TangoWorldWide's Countdown to Christmas hosted by balon & AdaM. We successfully pulled over $300 in donations to donate to charities such as St.Judes and The American Cancer Society.

02. * 2-Year Theme
  • Thanks to our amazing Lead Designer @IU DESIGNS we have a brand new 2-year header that will be sticking around for awhile. The new logo '2 YEARS' will eventually be reverted, but the city sky-line bar that features yellow/white text will stay, and change through various holidays to match the banner. We like this change, as it makes the header constantly look new and improved!

03. + Sinusbot Upgraded
  • Recently we've added Sinusbot in our sponsorbar at the bottom of the website! Since we've backlinked, we have been rewarded with a more advanced sinus-bot with more bots, more features, and more. Check out our TeamSpeak 3 for tons of different genres of music and more! TangoRadio is scheduled for a reboot by Q2 2016, so get ready!

04. * Homecoming Event
  • As TangoWorldWide turns 2, we've launched a "homecoming" event to bring back old members who left the community for various reasons. From 1/2/2016 - 1/9/2016 we've been inviting back old members, seeing a lot of familiar faces come back. If you have friends on your list of ex-members, invite them back! We'd love to invite back old members to see what we've changed.

05 * Status Viewer
  • TangoWorldWide has added a Network Tracker. You can read the full announcement later today when it's posted in Servers, Web & More.

06 * HolidaySeason ONLY Items!
  • Lt.DoomY has been hard at work this Holiday Season, implementing Candy-Cane tracers and Santa models, which have now ended, but were only obtainable between ~12/16-~12/30. Although these items are no longer able to be generated/dropped, existing players can/will have these in their inventory!

07 * Sponsored by EOReality!
  • As the year came to an end, we've met an agreement with EOReality, a Game-Server hosting company. After minor negotiations, they've hooked us up with a brand new dedicated server hosted in Chicago, not too far from our current NFO location. Our goal is by summer to start considering moving everything to this sponsor. You will see servers with "Hosted by EOReality" or linkbacks in their server/name as they come up. Currently we plan to host a new TTT and Surf T2-3 on this hardware.

I'm positive we've had other changes happen over the last month, so we'll be releasing announcements and more as things develop. We've put in a lot of changes to our dev preview for TangoServers, with major changes expected soon.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the newer releases, and leave your feedback.
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