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Off-Topic / Re: Bringing Back Old Memories.... #TangoBoyBand
« on: June 23, 2019, 06:31:30 pm »
fuck you i took this out of my brain for a reason god damnit

Official Announcements / Re: In memory of Dream
« on: June 10, 2019, 09:47:13 pm »
I remember coming on everyday and joking with her on jailbreak and bhop. I’m just trying my best to comprehend this but I can’t. Rest easy Ella

dont you just hate it when olive garden tells you your not allowed anymore breadsticks even though they're unlimited

Off-Topic / Re: uh when am I getting unbaned from the tango discord : )
« on: January 18, 2019, 05:23:02 pm »
This is not an effective way of getting an answer about the duration of your Discord ban. If you have any questions relating Discord, contact Alex.

Veteran Member

Mans trying to act super professional lmao

Life Line / Re: I'm too sick
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:38:49 am »
just commit not alive and you wont feel sick anymore

Jailbreak / Re: Latenight
« on: January 09, 2019, 04:01:09 pm »
Must have an age limit to who can say the no no words.  I’m not listening to a 9 year old saying that shit.  Same thing with Latenight Ct we are gonna imply Latenight No No Word.  Must be 18+

this is actually the dumbest shit ive ever read how can you decide someones age if they dont tell you. if you just mute people for sounding like kids you are bias. its either everyone or no one can say it lmao

Jailbreak / Re: Latenight
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:13:57 pm »
i'll come back for like an hour if you implement this

id like to buy tangoworldwide

Off-Topic / Re: 1% forum warning
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:41:00 am »
throwback to when i had a 40% warning 8)
Throwback to when I had 47

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Throwback to when I had 60

General Discussion / Re: Issues With Tango - Discussion
« on: December 26, 2018, 03:48:40 pm »
Going to start this post by saying that these are just my opinions, and based off of the interactions and experiences that I've had in tango and with the people mentioned.

As far as people who you believe don't deserve their positions, I want to pose the question do you see all the work that they put in? Are you there with them as they do back end work, help balon, do other random things their positions require? If not how do you know that they aren't doing things to warrant the position that they are in... Don't you think that balon knows that he's doing? He's ran this community for how long? Sure, I'm sure he's made mistakes, and had hiccups but overall I trust his judgement, and I think as a community we should as well. And if we disagree with something, approach him, ask questions, but don't be an ass about it, be logical, and approach him. Now to approach specific people mentioned:

A: APN- Now my opinion on this situation is extremely bias, because APN and I used to chill a lot back in like summer of 2017, into early 2018. And I knew how busy he was with his job, as well as with his  girlfriend, traveling, family etc. And if I remember correctly, balon has always said real life comes first. But also as mentioned above, it would be dumb to dismiss the hard work that apn has put in, and the amount of money he's donated to the community. Although I don't know the specifics of the work he put in before I joined in July of 2017, I know that work he did when I was around. Also, as one person is removed, they must be replaced, and honestly I don't know anyone off the top of my head who is as deserving of the position, who could be as successful as APN has in it, or even wants it (and would even be considered for the position.)

B: Briana- I used to be on the band wagon of thinking Briana did nothing, and only had the position because her and balon were a thing, but to someone who has spent time with both of them recently, and talked with balon and briana, she does so much for balon that it's mind boggling. She makes sure everything stays in line, takes care a lot of the back end work of finances and planning, and makes sure balon doesn't forget shit that needs to be done. Whether you want to be bitter because of her position, and say she's only there because her and balon are together, that's on you, but as balon stated below to every company, there's always a secretary to the owner, and imo and from what I've seen Briana does a damn good job, and tango has yet to burn to the ground right?

C: Rangii- don't really have much input on this one. I don't know what she does, or what her position is in tango, and what the entails, so I can't really say that she does or doesn't do what she should be doing for her position. But goes back to the fact that I trust that balon/alex/etc/ knows what he's doing, and if he didn't think they should be there, or they weren't doing their job they would be replaced.

D: WildThorn- Him and I haven't had very much interaction at all, and people dog him a lot because they feel like he doesn't respond to reports quick enough, or to their liking. Please I saw a sr. staff member bitching about it in discord the only day. They were like why isn't this abuse report being handled, it's been 24 hours. Sorry guys but some of us adults have lives, jobs, relationships etc. We don't sit on our computer all days, browsing the forums, or sitting in discord (no hate S. you still the best dot.) If you look at his responses to all abuse reports, player reports, they are well thought out, explained, and from what I've seen completely unbias. I think he does an amazing freaking job at his position. And once again, who's going to replace him? There's nobody who isn't currently in a staff position that ideally they should stay at, that should take this position. I think this is probably one of the hardest positions to fill for this reason: people are bitter and hold grudges, and want to ban etc according to their emotions towards that person, and that can't be done, and very few people in tango can let shit go, and be fair in punishments. So once again, he's fine where he's at and does a damn good job at what he does from an outsiders perspective.

E: Kuzy- uwu Kuzy. Well I can't really say much here either, as he came in when I was banned, but what I can say is that this dude as an amazing attitude towards tango, and wants to see shit get done, and is motivated to go and do things when stuff wants to be done. I know that he's done a lot for the FiveM server, and once again I trust that balon/alex/etc. put him in this position based on what he could do for the community. Plus he's a cool kat, he's not a dick, and is one of the most welcoming staff members that I've interacted with in a LONG time.
F: Dream- Honestly I haven't had much interaction with her, other then in discord a few times, and her stopping by my stream. But once again goes back to the whole trusting that alex/balon know what they are doing and putting the person they believe could do the best in that position there. I think a lot of people may be bitter because they see balon exec briana supervisor--> they are together and then alex exec dream supervisor ----> and they are together. But really if that's the case Doomy exec bakaa manager, and they've both been a part of the community for awhile. I think it's more so people being bitter and mad that they couldn't get the position. I would quote dream on what she said on Brims departure post, but not going to be an ass. Once again, haven't really been active to see what dream is doing, but never heard a bad thing about her, and about the past work she did in tango when she was here before.

G: Silent- Don't really have much input on this one. I don't know what he does, or what his position is in tango, and what the entails, so I can't really say that he does or doesn't do what he should be doing for his position. But goes back to the fact that I trust that balon/alex/etc/ knows what he's doing, and if he didn't think they should be there, or they weren't doing their job they would be replaced.

H: John Scoutman- due to personal issues with him, I'm going to choose to refrain from commenting on this one.

Now onto the bulk of the post I'm not going to respond to all of them, only the one's I think are important or relevant towards me.

5. I agree event hosting is terrible, and if I remember correctly this is still ran under Bakkaa, and to be honest my response is putting all the beef I have with her aside. The people who have gotten event staff recently, were always friends of her. Kammi, Chewy, Brim etc. And although I was banned, still watched the forums, and it's sad. We are putting these people in these positions, and events weren't being hosted. Or the same events are being hosted. STOP HOSTING TEN MANS EVERY WEEK AND THEN WONDERING WHY NOBODY IS SHOWING UP. If you host the same events over and over, they get old. Sure you can be like oh monkey what have you done? Not the point here. I've suggested events on multiple occasions. I'm not saying that Bakaa should be replaced or that she shouldn't, not really my call, more so saying that something needs to change.

7. Since this one directly had to do with me I think it's important for me to speak up here. I've had a rough time in tango, I made mistakes, "sent nudes to a few too many staff members" and said things that I regretted for sure. But when I was banned, I let it be. I didn't make alt accounts, sure I messaged balon and Vita a few times, trying to plea for an unban, but I didn't go and seek ways to harm tango or harm others in the process. I wasn't malicious. I just waited. Let it be known the most recent time that I was unbanned, I hadn't talked to anyone from tango (at least about tango related things for almost two weeks), and I was just messaged by balon and he was like hey happy thanksgiving you're unbanned, and I'm like okay cool. I knew when I was unbanned that people were make bets on when I would be banned again, but I was like meh whatever. I think balon explained the best on why I was unbanned and the others weren't. Also compare the ban records between myself, red, and bronco, and tell me how they are even comparable, and how the situations are even comparable. Now Ross I get that you are their friends and whatever and you think it was all done in fun, but it seems the joke was taken a little too far.

9. I'm leaving this one short, but could go on a tangent about this all day long. Everyone says that Alex doesn't do shit, but do any of you guys really know what he does. Just because he's not publicly being like oh guys let me make a post on the forums saying look I made a plugin, or I updated a server, doesn't mean that he's not doing shit. Y'all wanna hate because he sits in a locked ts channel with his friends, why does it matter. Have you guys tried to message him and be like hey can I join? Has he said no? If he has okay, move on, just because he's an executive doesn't mean he has to be friends with everyone, or hangout with everyone. It just requires him to be civil, and even then not really. You guys act like this is a job, and he's getting paid. If he only wanted to do work one day a month, you can't really say shit because 1) half of you guys wouldn't be able to do what he did, and 2) he's volunteering and works on his own time to some extent. Once again find his replacement, that deserves his position, would be successful, and that would seriously do a better job then alex, and have a decent explanation, good luck.

10. Oof. Due to the fact that I don't like Brim at all I'm going to leave this short. What she did in tango doesn't reflect tango at all. It doesn't reflect Alex, or balon, or staff, or the way tango works or run. It would be stupid to say that. Unfortunately, she did fucked up shit, burned bridges with the wrong people, and now she's gone. Move on, it's over, why is it still being talked about. This was literally my point though that I brought up on my application, people are bitter and can't move on from shit and want to fester on bs things that happen that don't really matter. If you want to take anything from it, don't be like her and move on. Tango can't control what people say and do, especially when done outside of the servers.

11. Bobby for exec yes please. <3

13. "Balon isn't even capable of running tango" THEN HOW THE FUCK HAS HE DONE IT THIS LONG? You guys do realize balon has a life outside of tango right? A job, college, a now fiancee (congrats you two), hacking competitions, etc. Stop acting like this is all balon has to do. He does his best, and imo he does a damn good job. To someone who's been a "part of" three other gaming communities, tango is by far the best run community I've seen. Thx balon.

24. God how I would love to know who wrote that, don't hold a grudge. Coming from someone who has an entire group of people holding a grudge against me, let me tell you unfortunately that's not the way life works, welcome to the real world. People hold grudges over stupid shit, and that's not going to change. That's just people, people are petty.

32. Man this one cracks me up. I'm not going to address the person who wrote it to avoid being toxic, but I will address the things that you said in your post, specifically about me. First never once did I say that I paid $50 to get unbanned, I paid 50 for him to look at the appeal, and why the fuck does it matter? Is it your money? Nah b, so anyways moving on from that. The money that I donate doesn't matter. As balon says, tango doesn't need the money I donate, I just do it to support the community. Why do you think I do giveaways? Everyone says damage control omega lul dude. Nah I do giveaways cause why not, they're fun and might as well. I already addressed above the why am I unbanned and they aren't, but I'll copy and paste it again. "I think balon explained the best on why I was unbanned and the others weren't. Also compare the ban records between myself, red, and bronco, and tell me how they are even comparable, and how the situations are even comparable." You say I'm psycho, and I'll semi address this here, as you made it clear on my application that you are mad because I removed you, and you think that I proved everyone right when they told you not to hang out with me. What's funny I had this exact conversation with someone else this morning, me removing everyone doesn't make me psycho, and imo doesn't give you a right to be salty and bitter (but you're entitled to your own opinion here), and I'm not going to shit talk you because that's not the point of this post at all.

40. I encourage you to look at balons response to this one as I think once again he did say it best: "Monkey was not really unbanned for entertainment. It's sad to say and admit that the only way I could get the staff to vote in my favor for a ban release was to say this was the sole purpose. (Yes that was apart of it, won't lie, we do have a channel predicting her ban date. Turns out she has surpassed every expectation).  The deal we made was if she caused issues, she was outtie. No one has gotten rid of her yet, funny how that works." Once again as I said earlier in this post, I knew when I got unbanned people were making bets, but guess what y'all fuckers were wrong (you guys are still the best), but once again, balon says it best here. And I'm not here to defend myself.

So to sum up this post just because of where I'm at in tango, and people's grudges towards me I'm going to end it with this:
Nothing I said was meant to be a personal attack to anyone, nor was it meant to be me kissing up to certain staff members. I could have spent more time going in depth with things, but I think I hit most of the major things. If we disagree that's cool. I think this is something that is important to discuss, but I do also believe that there would have been a better way to do this. One thing I can say is that I think there needs to be more transparency between the staff and the community, whether that be a quarterly community wide meeting (I'll be making a suggestion about that), or meeting notes *this would be good for like when people get unbanned that's hot buttonish (me), or when you are changing things, demoting major people, or promoting people to manager plus, to kinda provide information to the community as to why you are making these decisions. Sorry if this post is messy.

Damn you wrote a long ass post like you ain’t gonna get banned in 2 weeks again

Jailbreak / Re: A new dawn
« on: December 22, 2018, 01:42:19 pm »
I’m not coming back till kevin is unbanned

Departures / Re: sick
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:57:07 am »
i won't be coming back and getting staff in a week either so dont worry xo

don't be mad cause I got every thing you wanted in under a week when you couldn't get it in six months :)

I mean you also got a broken engagement but go you for edating!!!

at least I can get the boys to like me that way and not be stuck in the friend zone  :-[
Ya she ugly so you got that on her

Temp Leaves / Re: Out of the Office till Jan 23 👀
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:40:05 am »
Damn hopefully you didn’t forget your tango branded extra small condoms!!

Departures / Re: sick
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:36:53 am »
i won't be coming back and getting staff in a week either so dont worry xo

don't be mad cause I got every thing you wanted in under a week when you couldn't get it in six months :)

I mean you also got a broken engagement but go you for edating!!!

Departures / Re: sick
« on: December 17, 2018, 08:58:06 pm »
Damn I said tango sucks before where’s my paragraph

Anyways enjoy fucking your horse without a tag on!!!

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