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Member, Staff, Admin of the Month / Board of Members
« Last post by messiah on Today at 12:06:07 pm »

All nominations, selections of winners will be reviewed by a board of members
These are all staff members, selected with Executive consultancy.

The members are:

@Alex (Chief Operating Officer)
@messiah (Web Administrator)
@XbFTB (Web Moderator)
@princess aaron (Web Moderator)
@Rangii (Officer of Community Relations)
@Vita (Staff Director)
@★ Shadow ★ (Chief Engineer)
@Urbana (Chief Architect)
@$layer (Community Leadership)

These board members will go over nominees every month with the help of the Web Staff
They'll choose the winners for xOTM by Staff choice while Community's choice of winners will have a poll as usual.
Abusive Admins / Re: Abusive admin- Philly
« Last post by LostThunder on Today at 11:58:51 am »
it didnt work so just close it
Community Leadership Applications / Re: itsProject's .cL App
« Last post by tinathebattle on Today at 11:56:26 am »
+vouch he does events constantly he may have issues in the past but heck everybody make mistakes and people deserve second chances/multiple chances. He is a great person to talk too even though he acts a bit silly, but I think he deserves another chance in cL.
Community Leadership Applications / Re: itsProject's .cL App
« Last post by mufasa on Today at 11:52:28 am »
+vouch Great guy, hosts events that aren't cancer and a chill guy, nice person to talk to. Good luck man

P.S I still haven't forgotten when you vouched for me on my member application 6 months ago  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Tango Forum Police
« Last post by messiah on Today at 11:49:08 am »
if you could see the staff boards you'd know how many rules i enforce on staff themselves for forum moderation

yeah, stuff hasn't always been perfect but i am still enforcing guidelines for moderating to staff. I've made it clear to staff time and time again, they should only moderate if they know what they're a 100% accurately
otherwise, there are multiple consequences for staff who handle out false-warnings and misjudge and moderate something wrong when they shouldn't have even been doing that at all. Not their job

the consequences go from their actions being reversed with no notice, counter-forum warning if they mis-warn or their permissions being revoked and set to probationary permissions

i oversee most of it, but even i sometimes miss an instance or two where you could come in and help out where you think there's unfair judgments being made on the forums as far as moderation goes
Community Leadership Applications / itsProject's .cL App
« Last post by itsProject on Today at 11:43:23 am »
1. Steam Name: T.w² | project.
2. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tangoworldwidedotnet/
3. First Name: Brandon
4. Age: 16
5. TimeZone: CST
6. How long have you been an official member?: 6+ Months
7. Where do you spend most of your time in Tango? (TeamSpeak, Servers, Forums): TeamSpeak, Forums, and Jailbreak
8. Why do you want to become a Community Leader?: I want to be apart of Community Leadership because, I want to help improve Tango's environment. Keeping easy track of the F.T.C.S (Fail Tag Check System) will help provide communication between our player-base. During times in rough places of Tango, I'm able to help provide assistance to whom needs help. Keeping a stable relationship between our players will help strengthen our ties. I'm able to talk to players on a daily basis, and be able to see why they either left Tango, don't really enjoy it, or want to improve it. This will help establish a better ways to help new, amateur, and veteran members.
9. What do you believe you can bring to Community Leadership others cannot? Well, some people say I don't do the right things, as in abusive power. Some people think change is not possible. I know people have their own opinions, but I have mine. I'm able to bring Community Leadership a better person, leader, and ideal person. Perpetually I'm able to do things that I wouldn't think I was able to to do alone. I have always thought to myself why be dependent when there's people around you to help get around. Being independent isn't a bad thing, because you always need help in the future. Why I'm trying to bring and say that is I want to be unique and characteristic with others, and that's why makes me different.
10. If you could change one thing about Tango what would it be? People who are biased with their opinions, and whom should not be in the position/place they're in right now. Due to that, because they do nothing to actually help the community in general, instead provide a negative attribute to ruin the reputation that Tango has earned in 3 years.
11. Assuming you read about our 2 teams in .cL, which interest you the most and why? I'd likely prefer Recovery because I'm able to communicate with people on a daily basis. Me recruiting wouldn't be the best thing, and I'm able to most likely adherence with most players, I'd say i'm suitable as well with Recruitment.
12. Tell us about yourself! I'm currently going to learn Computer Science in the next year of my High School experience, and most likely find a degree in that placement. I'm currently 16 living in the United States with my family (which you can probably tell), and living a great life with some amazing people. I find that people who're curious about you should be available for anyone to know.
13. Were you referred to apply? If so, by who?: @tinathebattle

14. You will be required to wear the ".cL" tag. Are you okay with this?: Yes
15. Do you meet all requirements? Yes
Off-Topic / Re: One Year here in Tango
« Last post by Ketteii on Today at 11:33:21 am »
'grats on the year, glad that you're one of the people who came back after a long while. Hope to see you stick around. (:
Off-Topic / One Year here in Tango
« Last post by shadowviper on Today at 11:26:42 am »
Welp, I forgot since I had gotten busy yesterday that it was a year ago since I joined tango. It's been a long stride, from staffing Purge on gmod, to staffing TTT at the beginning of this year. Listed below are people who I call my mentors that helped me along this year journey:

@Vita You helped me back in they day when I had issues, You was there to talk when it was needed. You still have helped me out with lot of issues now these days as well. I am glad and honored to be able to work with you on many issues and hopefully future plans.

@Batgirl You have done so much to help me, with personal issues, and with issues here in tango. We get to play games alot from Golf with Friends, to 7 Days to die. I hope that in the future, we do to do alot more gaming, and work together more on projects.

@Gstad You was my mentor back when I came back from a long leave to do Trucking. You was a great mentor to me, and wish I could have learned more from you, to better myself as staff member and as a person.

@Alex You have helped out with issue as well, and have helped better me a member of tango and better myself as staff member as well. Hope to get to work more with you in the near future.

Lastly, here are all the friends who have helped as well:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Minigames / Re: We need critisim
« Last post by Shiro on Today at 11:20:43 am »
Juju does little to no work.

I'm just gonna say this, and I know that many can agree with it.

A clear example of my claim is this exact thread. 3 pages of responses from the community and not a single post from him? Why is this guy divisional staff while he hardly plays the server and doesn't even give feedback to his own server's community that's dying. I'm not even sure if he'll see my post on him because I seriously don't know if he even checks these threads.
Introductions / Re: Poks back
« Last post by tinathebattle on Today at 11:19:49 am »
Welcome back @Poks Glad to see you back! I hope to talk to you eventually and I hope to see you on the servers sometime! I hope to see you on bhop or the 1v1 server sometime! You seem really nice and friendly and I'm glad you are back :)
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