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General Discussion / Re: My selfiy
« Last post by Rez on Today at 04:51:30 am »
I can't believe @Suicidal is banned lmao. Who did that?

and nice picture man
Off-Topic / Re: How to Sign in Through Steam and Find the Correct Steam ID
« Last post by Rez on Today at 04:45:51 am »
I was referring to this question on the application.

But yeah after they sign in, their ID will be on their TWW profile.
I added an alternative guide on how to retrieve your ID, thanks for the feedback.
Sports Center / Re: PACKERS CLUTCH
« Last post by Vita on Today at 04:40:42 am »
Happy to see Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot come out exploding throughout this entire season. They earned every bit of a spot at the NFC Championship, win or lose.

I am however a little irritated about any "packers fan" insisting the Cowboys got "stomped". It was 34-31, had that 43-Yard pass been completed it woulda been an amazing game.

Nonetheless, I'm ready for the Super Bowl, it'd be amazing not to see New England playing.
Off-Topic / Re: How to Sign in Through Steam and Find the Correct Steam ID
« Last post by balon on Today at 04:36:36 am »
Once you integrate your steamID is on your profile, no need for steamid.io
Off-Topic / How to Sign in Through Steam and Find the Correct Steam ID
« Last post by Rez on Today at 04:34:14 am »
You need to know how to do both of these in order to be considered for acceptance.

How to find your ID:

Website I used: https://steamid.io/

Step by Step:
1. Copy paste your Steam URL
2. Go to https://steamid.io/
3. Paste in the input bar on steamid
4. Copy the one that says steamID
5. Done! Now you have it.

Alternate Method: (If your Steam account is already integrated)
1. Sign into TangoWorldWide
2. Click on Profile

(click to show/hide)
3. You're done!

How to sign in through Steam on TangoWorldWide:

Step by Step:

1. Sign into your TangoWorldWide account
2. Click on Profile
3. Click the green button marked as "Sign in Through Steam"
4. Sign in with your steam login information
5. You're done! If you see your game status on your profile, you've done everything correctly.

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me, The Dean of Admittance, or anyone in Community Leadership, but I am sure anyone you ask will be willing to help.
This guide was long overdue, and I hope it can help some new future members.
Tier 1 | Supplementary Admins / Re: Gravitato's SA Appliation
« Last post by Marvisiya on Today at 04:27:33 am »

Grav and I have been friends for over 162 days and everyday has been awesome with him. I get hella salty with him but overall he is a good kid and a good admin and I want him staff again!!

Also his asthma attacks are hilarious. (Don't worry I make sure he is okay!!)
Application Center / Re: Louis Tango APP
« Last post by Rez on Today at 04:19:47 am »
I'm excited to meet another GMOD player that is joining our community. Add me on steam if you have any questions.

It seems you forgot to sign in through steam, no problem, but make sure you do it before next saturday, as you have to be linked with steam to be considered for acceptance within our community.

Here's How:

I accidently posted with the dummy account I made to show you. :p
Application Center / Re: Louis Tango APP
« Last post by Atticus on Today at 04:17:44 am »
Application Center / Re: Arion Application!
« Last post by Rez on Today at 04:12:01 am »
Welcome @Arion if you enjoy developing this is definitely the place for you, we have a lot of people like that in our community.
Make sure you change your steam ID to the correct one and not the 64 bit.

Here's yours: STEAM_0:0:82620541
Here's how I did it.

Application Center / Arion Application!
« Last post by BOT Tango on Today at 04:05:47 am »

Welcome to TangoWorldWide.net! Thank you for applying to our community.
I am BOT Tango and I am programmed to only to respond to your Application once. If you need any assistance please contact a Council Member. (You can find the complete list by clicking here.)

Please take a look at the following threads:
Getting Started
The Rules / Policies

To ensure your acceptance to the community please make sure of the following criteria:

1. You have followed the Application Template found here.
2. You have joined our steam group here!
3. You have joined TeamSpeak.

Also please follow these guidelines to be accepted:

Ways to get Accepted
1. Be extremely active on TeamSpeak.
2. Be active in our servers, forums, and community.
3. Follow all rules.
4. Donate if you can, this will certainly show us you are interested in our community.

If you have created this topic in error and would like it removed please contact a member from our Staff List.

Thank you for choosing to apply to TangoWorldWide
We hope you enjoy your stay.

I will start out by giving you your first Vouch!
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