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General Discussion / Re: Why did you join Tango/Forums?
« Last post by ItsCanada on Today at 04:42:00 am »
think it started when leafy was getting big and he had surfing clips in the background of his vids.
I had played cs before but not really the community servers. I start getting on surf servers every day, usually the most full one so I can talk with people.
One day it was Tango's surf and then I made some friends there that got me coming back.
One day someone mentions jailbreak and it sounds interesting so I hop on with the intention of trolling or some shit, so I'm pretty sure I got on ct and just mfked everyone the first time.
For some reason I kept coming back and met even more cool people and then eventually I decide fuck it may as well register to be a part of whatever this thing is and go for admin and shit.
Was a fun grind and had a lot of fun along the way.
Then I moved onto ARK and then back to JB and now osrs.
I'm sure it's still fun to hop on those servers, but I just got burnt out ig for one reason or another.
Off-Topic / Re: Should aPn make a comeback to staff?
« Last post by Lt.DoomY on Today at 03:36:27 am »
Trouble In Terrorist Town / Blatant RDMers and Aimbotters
« Last post by MaybeCrispy on Today at 01:43:21 am »
So, starting around 24:00 Central, Players "Kane" (STEAM_0:0:1713853) [https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963693434/] and "DoYouWantABanana?" (STEAM_0:0:441702496) [https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198843670720/] Started Harassing and minging me and the rest of the server. Kane, by RDMing me while I was an "Innocent T" (T that has been undetected or noticed to be a T), Followed by Ragehacks from both of them, using the GS3G1 to insta-headshot the entire server. It was fine before then, but it Did not help the the only Moderator of the whole night left right after adding two slays to Kane for lying in Reports and RDMing.

Meanwhile, and right after Kane and Banana left, Users "lags" (STEAM_0:0:178182465) [https://steamcommunity.com/id/rlags] and "THE Teckler Peckler" (STEAM_0:1:54742978) [https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069751685] {Both being Friends} began RDMing aswell. This has all been ongoing as I right this, so if some Action could be taken against them, it would be much appreciated. There have been people coming in and out of the server all night, but if you check logs you can see everyone else who was there for all of this.

Also, user "kidfusionnYT" (STEAM_0:0:431500745) [https://steamcommunity.com/id/kidfusionn/] has been repeatedly RDMing user "Superhotfish" (STEAM_0:0:503086175) [https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198966438078/]
Off-Topic / Re: Should aPn make a comeback to staff?
« Last post by Freeman on Today at 01:15:12 am »
This is not the real aPn, I need proof.
TU Applications / Re: Avi's uprising app.
« Last post by Bill on Today at 01:12:33 am »
Accepted, you will gain access to the forum bar and private forum shortly.
Community Events / Re: Too Hot To Hop [Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 3 PM EST]
« Last post by Gio on Today at 01:04:59 am »
Should move this to 8pm EST so I can join :)
TU Applications / Re: Avi's uprising app.
« Last post by Brandonn on Today at 12:50:20 am »
wow betrayal to the ct side

+v though
Application Center / Re: Mistakens Application
« Last post by Brandonn on Today at 12:49:15 am »
wb old mg mate
Map Suggestions / mikis course
« Last post by Brandonn on Today at 12:47:57 am »
I’m sad that it’s not on the sever.


Please add  8)
Minigames / Minigames Change Log
« Last post by Lt.DoomY on Today at 12:47:10 am »
This Changelog will be updated every time anything is added, changed, or removed from the server. You may also see previews of changes here as well, such as images or videos.

The Following Format will be used:

Date: mm/dd/yyyy

  • List of maps/plugins that were added.
  • List of maps/plugins/cvars that were modifed in anyway, shape, or form.
  • List of any maps/plugins that were removed.

If you have any suggestions for the mg server, make sure to use the suggestion board.
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