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Braggin' n Baggin' / Re: buzz were not aiming for the truck
« Last post by Mistaken on Today at 07:57:33 pm »
Ew Im #7203 what the heck is this
Abusive Admins / Re: Seraph constantly abusing/targeting me
« Last post by Seraph on Today at 07:53:32 pm »
I dont target you. You were delaying the round and were warned.

And this is coming from you? Many of people claim to be targeted by you when your on CT.

And I dislike you. Whoever told you I target you has it totally wrong. Dislike and taget are two diffrent things.

The Gentlemen's Club / Re: New emails
« Last post by Persephone on Today at 07:43:53 pm »
I dont think ive cringed so much
Off-Topic / Re: xbftb stream plug thread
« Last post by Revolver Ross on Today at 07:39:41 pm »
Fuck off dirty weabs, get out of my country
Abusive Admins / Re: Seraph constantly abusing/targeting me
« Last post by 3.14 on Today at 07:14:00 pm »
He has been targeting emoji even going as far as making a change.org and posting it in chat https://www.change.org/p/admins-getting-emoji-pbanned-from-all-tangoworldwide-servers-955f59a3-7643-4422-bf31-8c5cca3c0001
Community Leadership Applications / Disastrous CL app
« Last post by Disastrous on Today at 07:11:45 pm »
1. Steam Name: Disastrous
2. Steam Profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/SherlockhomesWilmer/
3. First Name:Harrison
4. Age:18
5. TimeZone:GMT+1
6. How long have you been an official member?:Roughly a year but I did lose my tango tag a couple of times
7. Where do you spend most of your time in Tango? (TeamSpeak, Servers, Forums):Mostly in deathrun, 1v1 and Jailbreak servers :P

8. What server do you main? (you can only pick one):Deathrun
9. Why do you want to become a Community Leader?:I want to help develop and maintain a healthy active server and help the community on the servers too.
10. What do you believe you can bring to Community Leadership others cannot? I have good communitcation skills, the majority of the time if there is something I want somebody to do I can eventually persuade somebody to do it, such as getting people to quiet down and be reasonable, or just simply make friends.
11. If you could change one thing about Tango what would it be? I like to change the activity on servers to make the experience of playing on community servers such as deathrun more enjoyable
12. Assuming you read about our teams in .cL (Recovery, Recruitment, Adopt a Player, and Welcoming Committee), which interest you the most and why? The recruitment team, because I am a recruiter in real life and, I believe that experience is enough to give me an edge
13. Tell us about yourself! I am 18 years old, I enjoy running and squash during the week, my favorite drinks are Whiskey and orange juice, and my favorite film has to be deadpool
14. Were you referred to apply? If so, by who?:Moon
15. You will be required to wear the .cL tag, are you okay with this?:Yes

16. Do you meet all requirements? I believe I do
Offerings / Re: Squishy's Wingman Boosting Service
« Last post by Squishyyy on Today at 07:10:42 pm »
i feel like you're trynna scam me!

@CmAnT אל תספרי לאנשים הלבנים
General Discussion / Re: What is your best moment out of Tango
« Last post by Salty on Today at 07:04:36 pm »
Having the honor to take over surf and combat surf!
The Marketplace / Selling all my tango items -Skins only!!
« Last post by BOT Tango on Today at 07:04:05 pm »
"Selling all my tango items -Skins only!!" is not endorsed by TangoWorldWide and this entry is the sole property of USER:Hacked! Be sure to read below for more information about this topic and our International Exchange Policies!

Hello Hacked,

I am BOT Tango, and I thank you for posting in TangoWorldWide's International Exchange! Please note that I have been instructed to post on your topic once to ensure the safety of the buyers and sellers that use our forum!

TangoWorldWide Notice:

Although we will take the proper measures on scam reports, we cannot guarantee recovery of lost, scammed, or stolen property. TangoWorldWide is NOT responsible for any lost, scammed, stolen, or hijacked ITEMS - ACCOUNTS - PRODUCTS - MONEY - PROPERTY. Each thread can be reviewed by our staff, and staff-vouches may be requested, but we cannot ensure these threads are completely safe!

Please read and follow our Rules & Policies, and stay safe while using our exchange services!

If you have any further questions, please contact balon

We thank you for choosing TangoWorldWide.net.
-BOT Tango & Administration
The Marketplace / Selling all my tango items -Skins only!!
« Last post by Hacked on Today at 07:04:05 pm »
-Poison Model
-Witch Hat
-Blue Green Tracer
-RWB Tracer
-Green Candycane Tracer
-Gotcha Bitch! death sound
-1000 credits

I am looking for SKINS ONLY!
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