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Freebies & Giveaways / Masks, Model, and Player Color Giveaway
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:09:19 pm »
1st - CT Player Model

2nd - Witch Hat

3rd - Pumpkin Mask

4th - Evil Clown Mask

5th - Green Player Color

comment to enter. Liking the post will get you an extra entry. Winners will be drawn on 4/7

Rejected / Re: brown rejoin app
« on: March 12, 2019, 05:36:22 pm »
+vouch, If we denied all the active Jailbreak players based on toxicity we wouldn't have any left.

JB | Supplementary Admins / Re: frosts application to jailbreak S.A
« on: February 26, 2019, 08:19:52 pm »
-Devouch I don't think you're ready but you're chill on jb i just don't think you really know the rules to become an SA. And i don't really like that you didn't really put any effort in your app, it seemed that you skimmed the questions and wrote whatever. I might change this if you have changed but for now it's a devouch for me. Good luck

Official Announcements / Re: Actual .cL Changes
« on: February 12, 2019, 12:46:26 pm »
Nah that spots mine @Teebz :) xd

Denied / Re: thanos
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:51:43 pm »
You all say "who would pay for that" but as soon as it is released there will be tons of people buying it  :omegalul:

Jailbreak / Re: Who is the retard responsible?
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:23:16 pm »
had a talk with isaiah before about this dystop area

we did testing for this way back 2016 odd, i loved it, had no issues with it and i obviously approved of it being added. nowhere on our original testing thread will you see a complaint about that area being a vent. as ryry said, it's CT observation for t's doing/hiding in bhop.

vents were always just like "if it's obvious a t would go there to rebel it's probably a vent" but that idea is so scarce as someone else pointed out... how about you just not claim those scenarios  vent? just a place t's go to rebel. ct's can go there, they can keep guard. kinda like they're supposed to be doing i guess :shrug:

basically, some admins make decisions some don't like. straight up calling them retards for it surely isn't the way to go however. and calling them out for being salty isn't nice either. i really wish things could turn around, hop off the train to toxic land and just take a jog down to fun land. doesn't seem to be likely unless you start enforcing good behaviour on servers. (which doesn't happen much)

Denied / Re: Discount for taking a mentorship course
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:54:57 pm »
5% wouldn't be terrible and would solve a lot of shit imo

Great incentive program for promoting HR.

JB | Supplementary Admins / Re: Yellow's SA Application
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:54:05 pm »
7. What differs you from other applicants: I've managed to hold positions in the past such as SA and Trusted Stuff which severely benefits my knowledge of the rules.

 I know not just the rules, but the ways players will try to create loopholes of the rules, and I know what to do in that situation.

^these were the exact words of my application and look what I found when cross-referencing it with yours
I've managed to hold positions in the past such as Extreme admins which severely benefits my knowledge of the rules a little bit more than any other person. Also, since I used to be very active and have been playing since early 2017, I know the rules and know the ways players will try to create loopholes of the rules, and I know what to do in that situation.

Biggest devouch I ever gave someone. Consistently broke rules as a paidmen, insanely immature, and next time, apply without plagiarizing a whole fucking paragraph.

Never had them. They don't exist in my area.

i dont play jb as much anymore but i can agree with this. as soon as an opportunity rises, the map WILL be one of the more played ones like clouds, avalanche, vip, obama, peanut etc.

i LiKe It.

Anti-Otaku Squad / Re: serious quseitons
« on: January 06, 2019, 07:44:45 pm »
Anti weebs have been losing for like two years now so I wager nothing.

Roasting Board / Re: Roast Me🤣 I’m SorryItzMel and I was Urmom
« on: January 06, 2019, 02:26:10 pm »
Your dad is literally a pedophile posting pictures of you shirtless on his Instagram.
Also never tag me again


This post is a bit overdue, normally my yearly announcement comes on the second day of the year (on the anniversary date of TangoWorldWide). Additionally, I wanted to address some of the blowback and points made in the Issues with Tango thread. I think this is somewhere to put it all in one. Currently I am still on vacation so my apologies for the delay, but let's get started...

There has been a lot of speculation that I am incapable of running TangoWorldWide any further or that we have the intentions of shutting down in the foreseeable future. While there is some truth, that there certainly have been moments where I have considered giving the community a sunset, it is time to affirm that TangoWorldWide will continue on (and hopefully for years to come). While there is no argument in some areas there have been a decline, for those of you who have called such out, and sit on the sidelines speculating: don’t just stand by and watch it happen.

Over the last two years between poor game developer updates, terrible staff actions/choices, administrative issues, and other various things have put up quite a battle against us. Overtime, many communities face this same battle, and most fall & shutdown because of it. In some ways we've lost our battle but what has kept us going is in fighting that battle we haven't lost the foundation that makes our community what it is. For that, I'm really proud of the Executive team we have as well as all the hard working staff members and new people joining and helping us continue to grow. Given there have been considerations of closing down, there are numerous things to reflect upon, update, and eventually change moving forward to we can continue to achieve success and pursue a positive future for this community.

Welcome to Year 5 ladies and gentlemen.

Year 5
On 1/2/2019 TangoWorldWide turned 5, and it has been quite a journey. We've seen thousands of people pass through our servers, hundreds stay around and make friends, connections, and hopefully be apart of our family. We have tried making a home for everyone who wishes to stay, and we are proud we have achieved this on numerous occasions. 2019 will bring hundreds of new updates, changes, and help us gear for a more successful future moving forward.

In the closing months of 2018 we had two major acquisitions which has progressed us forward both expanding us into a new game and bringing CS:GO back into the forefront of TangoWorldWide. In October we were able to acquire STRP (SpaceTurtles RP) for FiveM. During the quality of life update period, we have had rapid growth in FiveM and are looking forward to what we can bring to the table in the future. To start off December we also acquired Fallen-Networks a community owned by @Damien. This has been a major new merger for TangoWorldWide as not only we got two very popular servers, @Damien has been making huge strides and working his ass off to improve our community (thank you for that). Overall, 2018 proved to be a good year for us rebuilding lost momentum in 2017. The future for this community looks very bright.

Changes Ahead & 2019 Goals
2019 will bring a ton of changes to TangoWorldWide. Some of those are going to be listed here, while others will progress throughout the year.
  • Roster Updates / Staff Changes - The roster will see numerous updates in 2019 both structural changes and position re-designs. In addition, the way(s) people obtain staff and maintain staff will be better defined. Such include the following, but there may be many more to come:
    • Media: Upon my return from vacation, aPn has decided it is his time to part ways from staff due to real life. He will be moved out and the media department will be dissolved. This will bring TangoWorldWide to 5 departments, balancing the Executive Board once again. The sponsorships & media portions will fall into the Executive Department while the transactions and donations will be apart of Department of Community Management.
    • Executive Department: In February, LolZ has informed me he will return to his former spot in the Executive Department as a Supervisory member. The last time that LolZ was apart of my department TangoWorldWide grew massively. I am excited to work closely with him again, and eager to see what he brings to the table this time around.
    • Human Resources: The Department of Human Resources will be altered, being so Community Leadership and Mentorship will function as one large group under the Department of HR. Hopefully a joined effort will help brings these groups back to their prior success.
    • Transparency: This will be in the Addressing 'Issues in Tango' section, however we'll give more rhyme and reason why people have positions, my views on maintaining a position, etc.
  • M for Mature - Many of our servers will feature a new [M] in front of them, meaning they are 'Intended for Mature' with laid back rules on racism, lesser punishments, and more forgiving ban time(s)
  • CSGO Expansions - Damien and his team has been hard at work to constantly expanding and fixing up CSGO. We will see new 24/7 servers in the future
  • Minecraft - Minecraft will return to the network from the efforts of Bobby and Damien. We are looking to have Skyblock, Survival, and hopefully Pixelmon upon its return.
  • Rust - Rust will return to TangoWorldWide for another go. We'll be doing custom maps on the server, led by Adam52 and focused on by ris.
  • FiveM - FiveM will continue to get QOL updates. By Summer 2019 we plan to completely re-write the server with a much larger player capacity, more features, more things to do, and really focus on expanding it.
  • RuneScape - We plan to push into RuneScape to make a large clan-chat and hopefully generate recruitment from the game.
  • Technician - Technician will be vastly expanded, bringing in more people to work on the technical backend of Tango. As I did in earlier years, I will personally train some people (Urbana, Damien, etc) to hopefully go above and beyond and work on the system administration/network administration side of TangoWorldWide.
  • Staff Training - We will be actively training staff more often. We will focus on preparing technicians and Div Staff to be successful in their roles.
  • Network API - After many memes, many setbacks as of January I will be working on an API to interface the forums and the rest of the network. Eventually this will come with a custom stat tracking system, ban system, etc. (Long overdue). Automated ranking systems, event handling, etc would be nice to come in the future.
  • Staff Applications - By Summer 2019 we will have full staff applications for certain positions! This has been on the backburner for awhile but will be completed soon.
  • Policy Rewrite - Another backburnered thing that needs to happen! CoCPEv2 will go live sometime in February.
  • Website Changes - Calander! More features, and maybe some other very large changes I don't want to promise here.
  • More Laid-Back - We will stop pushing so hard on the business face of TangoWorldWide, and focus on having a more laid back environment like prior years. For now, that current roster will stand, but in the future don't be surprised if we revert or re-invent the roster and the department system. The 'gaming community' aspect will live on.
  • Original Owners - I think it is time for us to announce that Alex, Doomy, and myself are the original owners and will carry a heavier weight on choices and decisions moving forward. The other Executives are of course appreciated, and will hold a say, however at the end of the day the community is essentially shared ownership between us three. I would like that to be known and utilized when need be.
  • Conferences! - Finally, I would like to host TSDC in 2019 and maybe Spring Ahead again to showcase network achievements, releases, and have a mass community meeting. These were popular and favored in 2016 and must return.[/b]
Addressing 'Issues in Tango' & Posts Alike
I want to collectively address the train-wreck which was the Issues With Tango post. First and foremost, I would like to comment to the individuals responsible for making that post, I am severely disappointed. Not only did you collectively create a massive problem you did it both while you knew I was on vacation (first I've ever taken from TangoWorldWide) and you posted it RIGHT before Christmas Eve. Very unprofessional, very unpleasing, very irresponsible. I will go into detail in the next few paragraphs on why I've considered shutting TangoWorldWide and equally what is responsible for me deciding to keep running it. I assure you however, things like these are the things that make me want to leave. No respect for our staff, no respect for our rules, no respect for females in the community (calling damn near every one of them out for just being female), and a lot of other things that logically should not have been there.

We wanted TangoWorldWide to be one of the elite communities and very professional, while maintaining composure and who we are behind the screen. We've achieved these goals in many ways. I would say we are one of the most professional communities out there and certainly we have became one of the largest on steam. Originally, we planned on TangoWorldWide eventually becoming an invite-only group however we exceeded any expectations we had and this was not possible at the time. We still wanted to maintain a professional aspect, and still do/will.

While I'm displeased how the post was made and how people(s) point(s) came across, I do not have any issue with being criticized, and want to publicly let it be known we welcome people to watch what we are doing and call us on our faults. In my mind, it is the only way we will get better. So thank you for using your voice, maybe not at the best time... but I do know your intentions are good. From the Issues With Tango post the following has been noted and will in some way/shape/form change or be altered:
  • We will be more transparent why people have their positions, why they maintain it, etc. I welcome ANY of you to call out ANY staff member asking why they hold their position, what they do, etc. Make a thread, I welcome it. Why? There is no need for secrets on why people maintain their position(s).
  • TangoWorldWide will stop pushing so hard on the business front, and go more to a community/chilled out vibe. We were extremely laid back in 2014-2016, however we didn't receive as much push back as now (will be addressed in next paragraph).
  • Events will be held to a higher standard, with less requirements for them.
  • Some forum sections, etc will be re-worked!

Now for every give, there's a take. For us to listen to people(s) wants, desires, and concerns we need something from the community. In the starting years the Executives were respected, and in some cases feared. Not that they would power trip, but that there was actually a punishment waiting if our rules were not followed. For us to continue to progress this community the push-back from the members needs to stop. I will not be extremely transparent, and welcome a bunch of criticism and openly allow arguments if you cannot respect our rules. Sadly, if one person or a group of people cause massive issues it does impact the community at mass. So your friends and peers here, they impact what the future might really be.

As a result of change, etc there will be more bans for poor actions. Abusing our systems, not following our rules, etc will have to result in stronger bans if we want to provide the community as everyone wants it. It is not practical for us to have to deal with people(s) shit and on the flip side listen to every demand. That is how you will lose the Executives and eventually lose the community.

Personal Recollection, Mentions, & Closing
Originally, I had wanted to shut down TangoWorldWide due to the impact it has on my life. Because of the issues that arise, the long hours, the 4am alerts of things going offline the community adversely affects my life. Going for an undergraduate degree with 5 classes a week, it wasn't easy. Now I am onto my Master's Degree and have new things going on in my life, so hopefully I can fully connect with the community once more.

Before my closing paragraph, a few shout-outs...
@Alex - Thank you for being a crazy bastard and sticking around me for like 10 years (or whatever its been). I love running this place with you, and thank you for continuing to be apart of it.
@Lt.DoomY - You as well man, thank you for continuing to help us build the network up.
@Dream @Zach @Urbana @Damien - Thank you all for pushing to make this place great. All of you have been doing a lot of work recently (I know others have too), but your names stand out for the changes you've been making, the impact, and what you've been in contact with me for.
@briana - Thank you for all the fun times, the memories, and allowing me to come into your life. I never thought the random chick that camped Room B would mean so much to me one day.
+ To those who I've missed, I appreciate our entire staff team and those individuals I constantly have the privilege of interacting with.

On a final note, of why I will carry on the community: Over the last two years the community has been nasty to me (and the other Executives). It's amazing that they want to hang around to run this community, let alone myself. Lucky for TangoWorldWide I've decided to keep running it thanks to one person in particular. While my Executive team, hard working staff, and everyone else who helps our community makes me want to improve this place, I owe a huge thank you to @briana. As many of you may know, briana and I recently got engaged. I'm still on vacation here at her house, I'll be returning over the summer. She's a big reason I want to keep this community running. I find it incredible that TangoWorldWide has served to be a platform for people to make new friends, begin relationships, and have an impact on others lives. I would not have had the opportunity of meeting my best friend and someone I've come to love very much without this place, so I would like to keep the doors open so other(s) can continue to be apart of our home here and meet people they want to interact with and find people that change their live(s) and improve them. Back when we started I loved how some people used TangoWorldWide as a home away from their real home and to this day I appreciate that we still allow people to have TangoWorldWide and the friends they make here a constant in their lives.

Thank you all for another year of TangoWorldWide, I hope to see everyone again in 2020.

JB | Advisory Team / Re: Teebz's A-Team Application
« on: January 04, 2019, 07:19:51 pm »
+vouch Really cool guy and finds the best way to resolve things and welcome back

Polls / Re: Poll of the Week January 1st - 5th | Christmas Movie
« on: January 02, 2019, 08:33:56 pm »
Why the FUCK isn't A Christmas Story on there. It is literally the most iconic family Christmas Movie.

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