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No where in that post did I blame you or sdot for lower forum activity.

Yea my bad bro, for whatever reason this just kindaaaa sounds like blame to me:
Also shit like what just happened in @SouthWind66 ™'s post contributes to it, instead of a long time 10k poster coming to leave his opinion on the thread he had to do it through discord, takes from activity.

You had to ask sdot like you're his personal news reporter, the man literally is active enough to read this thread multiple times today and like multiple posts on it -- but not to disclose his opinions by himself?
Damn man you are completely correct! I forgot, I can't ask for someone's opinion on a topic that is extremely relevant to them, specifically when I know others in the community may be curious about it. Also, one question makes me a reporter now?! Kinda crazy! Maybe I'll go to the user with the second most posts on the forums next! @BOT Tango

Was the second coming of jesus too tired to switch off of discord to post on the website or was he too preoccupied inching his dick further up your ass that you had to take the keyboard and type this one for him?
Holy shit how did you know?! That must be it! He couldn't possibly have a life outside of Tango right? Surely he couldn't message me from his phone while he was eating or doing something else, right?

In the future if you'd like to reach out with a question about my post, I suggest you DM me -- though do note I'm just at happy continuing here for the community to see!
No, when you @ me in a post on the forums, I'll typically respond... on the forums... like everyone else. Plus I didn't have any questions, you didn't really have to @ me or say anything about my post, but you chose to just to be salty about something out of the blue.

So what did I get out of this?

Basically nothing...

The only thing I've learned about this experience, is that you will come out of the blue and start tossing shade for most random shit. You're mad that I asked someone a question? Really? Get over it.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: long (click to show/hide)

Ya'll just keep pulling me back to post on this gosh darn website huh. Good thing I'm back, look at how poppin' this forum post is!
Don't say I never do anything for this community bro, I made these forums. Without me, none of this would exist. So you are very welcome

Let's start with a statement, or rather, a question. Please remove my Friend of Tango rank, I'm definitely a friend of the community, but I'm not a friend of yours and I'd like to be just registered and normal, it'll help me detach from the community.

If I'm not banned by the end of this, that is.

There's a lot to pick apart here.
No where in that post did I blame you or sdot for lower forum activity.

Also shit like what just happened in @SouthWind66 ™'s post contributes to it, instead of a long time 10k poster coming to leave his opinion on the thread he had to do it through discord, takes from activity.

Although not using the words 'lower forum activity,' you do say we contribute to this takeover of Discord which worsens the activity on the forums.

So, let's talk about my activity on the forums. I don't want to post anymore. I think the forums once had a great thing, and have quickly died out. For me personally, the forums were an addiction. I would post on everything, read everything, constantly spam refresh waiting for new posts, always being the first to everything. I found myself, during conversation lulls in real life, reaching for my phone, to check if a new post had been made. It was unhealthy, and it led to me no longer wanting to post. Deciding to limit myself to just viewing, and eventually to just viewing every so often rather than constantly every three to five minutes. That is why I do not post anymore.

You had to ask sdot like you're his personal news reporter, the man literally is active enough to read this thread multiple times today and like multiple posts on it -- but not to disclose his opinions by himself?

To the last question, yes. I don't want to post, I don't want to make this right now. I don't like posting on the forums, it reminds me of harder times when I struggled with, as mentioned above, my constant need to make forum posts. I like posts that I support, it's a way to show my, you guessed it, support.

Southwind asking me my thoughts on this? Superb idea, I know the forums inside and out, and I've spent the most time on them by far. Nobody has read more posts, written more posts, or been involved with more posts than myself. To get my feedback on this topic is just a great idea, as I would feel it would be if someone else was in my position.

Was the second coming of jesus too tired to switch off of discord to post on the website or was he too preoccupied inching his dick further up your ass that you had to take the keyboard and type this one for him?

This joke makes little sense and is asinine. I'd like to skip over it, but then I'd feel like I'm missing my chance here. I've seen you be funny, you can certainly do better than a 'pee-pee in butt-butt rofl' joke. Not to mention it's just randomly aggressive and disrespectful, not that I'm saying you have to hold yourself to a higher standard than any member. You don't need to be respectful of any of your staff members, that's not my call to make.

Also your post perfectly highlighted "leaving [and inactivity] for stupid reasons".

Not quite sure what this means, so I'll give a (some?) blanket statement(s). I left Tango because I, as we've spoken about this, disagree with too many things to stay here. I think ownership is at its absolute rock-bottom stinkiest of the shit-hole-esque worst. I think specific people in the community are genuinely god-complexed idiots. Not the god-complex you once accused me of having, but the god-complex that is detrimental to the community's longevity. More so than Valve fucking community servers, more than Valve fucking GFL's Gmod. More than all the bad business decisions, more than all the betrayed friendships, more than all the bad rank and position changes.

It's wild to me that people still think Jade is the reason I left Tango. She was in my ear to leave for a year, and bless her soul I should have listened a year ago, but I never did. I left when my own time came, when I finally decided enough was enough,

when I stopped feeling like this community was home.

Also I've read your post on your other thoughts, you re-iterated what others have said, what we said in this weeks' meeting regarding future direction, etc.

Somewhat of a unimportant point, this isn't exclusively for people who attend meetings, a lot of people interested in bettering the community have no council position or time for meetings.

Though do note I'm just at happy continuing here for the community to see! Afterall likely any communication in private will end up seen by others anyway.

Anyone else bro, this would be a chad play. I'd stand up out of my chair, straighten my crickety old back, and give you a standing ovation for that J-Mod smackdown. But I don't think this one is working out. More people like me in Tango than you. That's a cheap shot, and post having written that, I'd like to apologize.

And to that last sentence, okay? Assuming this is you being insecure about SouthWind telling me things, let me reiterate, I really don't get that much information from him. SouthWind is sadly, kind of a really good person. He doesn't send me logs, no matter how much I may inquire about them, and instead he tells me general statements and makes it clear that it's my problem to go and handle with someone else, not his. To see him even arguing SLIGHTLY in my favor here today, it's amazing. My belief that he really is my friend has grown ten-fold, and I know he really does care. The most indifferent, relaxed kid in the world just defended me, that's when you really know something had to be fucking wrong.

Although, it's really no surprise to me that South is unhappy. He slaves away for this community, the most consistent admin for months now, an ex-supervisor, an ex-manager, putting in time to volunteer his hours to staff the website of this boring shell of a community only to be consistently chastised and disrespected behind his back by most if not all of ownership. No wonder he would get defensive, he's frustrated. We're all frustrated. Tango is frustrated.

Closing thoughts,

I see the post asking for someone to leak something. I'm not going to leak anything, that's not the point of this post. The point of this is that at some point, you have to understand the community is doing really badly, and specific people are strongly pushing that forward. The servers may be doing well, I don't know, I don't track player counts anymore having left staff, but take it from mr. big dick most hours on ts this week, most posts on the forums, most likes on the forums, most hours on the forum,s first discord moderator in the discord, most hours on the cs:go servers, most time managing a cs:go server, Sdot over here, this is the bottom. Teamspeak sucks, and I certainly won't be there post my ban I expect tonight. Discord is just boring now, you said it yourself when you said it was dead or something along those lines yesterday or the day before in general. And for the forums well, I see what I see. We all see what I see.

Thank god for Alex. I know he's not the biggest fan of me these days, but that man raised a good generation of people. From WildThorn to Rangii to myself Asta and Joshos, he's genuinely been the best owner we could have asked for. So if it's you that bans me, thank you Alex. You did a lot for and with me, and I did a lot for and with you.

Tl;dr: You suck. Stop being overly critical of some dude's forum post just because it has me in it. I tried to leave peacefully, asked nobody whatsoever to leave with me, and even encouraged some people to stay on their own accord if they truly wanted to. That's why people like Asta and South and Fred and Rangii and Wildthorn and George and a dozen others that are active due to being a part of my friend group haven't left the community, because I didn't push them at all and they want to stay. Stop making it hard for them to want to stay.


God-Complex Extraordinaire

I been gone for almost 2 years. Randomly decided to hook up my PC to play some TTT and check out the forums. Just to find out Tango about dead. :(

last time the forums were active i got warned a total of 300 something percent :(

give me a second i said a nono word! im playing runescape

Freebies & Giveaways / 10X Minecraft Account Giveaway
« on: December 05, 2019, 06:08:57 pm »
10x Minecraft Account Giveaway

To celebrate the beta launch of Tango's Minecraft server, I'll be giving away 10 Minecraft Premium accounts - emails are changeable to yours.

How To Enter

-Like this thread = 1 entry

-Comment on this thread = 1 entry per day

If you are a member of tango, you will get 2x the amount of entries per task

When will the winners be drawn?

All 10 winners will be drawn on December 13th

Freebies & Giveaways / I wan fuit gummy (giveaway)
« on: December 01, 2019, 11:21:04 pm »
Tis the season of giving, and I am giving

I will be giving away Poison, Grinch, Red chat, Purple Name, and blue/green tracer.

It will end Christmas Eve (December 24th).

There are a variety of ways to enter, and I will be counting up entries sporadically (when I feel like it) but I will get everyone's entries
the Daily/weekly repeatable one's are not required, you can do the daily one 3 times, or once, or not at all.

1 Entry:
(repeatable Daily): Reply to this, with a weird/interesting/random fact (that hasn't been said already) and is actually interesting OR  a gif of baby yoda OR another cute animal or alien thingy
-if it isnt cute enough (For the last option) I will tell you :((

3 Entries:
Like this post

3 Entries: (repeatable as long as you get promoted I guess, and groups dont count)
Be promoted or accepted as an admin/staff (this does not include being promoted to a higher level of member):
-You must post it within this thread that you were promoted, and the acceptance is between now and Dec 24th.

4 Entries: (repeatable weekly)

Play 4 hours in a span of 24 hours
-post here (will not be counted as your daily post) or dm me proof on discord (voltingshock#2237)

Anyway, may the Fuit Gummy be with you

Freebies & Giveaways / Giveaway for only cool people
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:20:17 pm »
I am giving away my Candy Cane Tracer, my blue spy, and my prison guard

There will be 3 different winners

It will be random generated

How to enter

Like this post - 1 entry

Reply on this post daily - 1 entry

Give me 100 credits (can be done as many times as you please) - 1 entry

2 or more hours on jailbreak in one day (have to at least reply so I know who is participating) - 3 entries

Ends christmas thanks Mars


Mars - 1
Dr.Brandon - 2
Project - 2
Fork - 2
Alamoney - 1
Fortnite - 2
Joker - 8
Cmant - 14
Dudeman - 5
Brown - 18
Arc - 3
Doc - 1
Cunty - 1
Punnie - 1
Zoe - 1
Voltingshock - 7
Kali - 2
Xtra - 2
Sleepy - 4
Lilstuffie - 1
George - 2
Puncaek - 2
Teebz - 2
Skipp - 2
IKEA - 1
Dubstep - 1
Conner - 3
Saucy - 1

Current entries not counting hours yet

decided not to count hours, as that is a shit ton of work that I don't have time for. Hope thats ok and merry christmas

Freebies & Giveaways / RGB Tracer, Poison Model, Witch Hat Giveaway
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:25:16 pm »
1st - RGB Tracer

2nd - Poison Model

3rd - Witch Hat

Comment on this thread each day = 1 entry per day
Like thread = 1 entry

Winners will be drawn on Dec 12

Freebies & Giveaways / Christmas $150 Giveaway
« on: October 15, 2019, 05:33:53 pm »
$150 Giveaway, your choice: steam gift card, Tango credits or a year of discord nitro or paypal.

December 24th I will announce the winner

How Can I enter?
  • Post on this thread daily. [1 entry]
  • Like this post. [1 entry]
  • Recruit someone into tango show proof  [5 entries]
  • Donate to tango. $10+ show proof [10 entries]
  • beat Surf utopia WR, without cheating. @Tendies [20 entries]
  • Buy silver donor [25 entries]

Sorry, Leader+ Can not enter.

Updated: 11/24/2019
Entries so far. IF you feel like your number is wrong, feel free to PM me
sleepy: 19
Ozzy: 1
navy: 1
conner: 3
Ser_DubstepCat: 1
Skipp: 2
Rythio: 40
brown: 12
doc: 35
dudeman: 34
Revolver Ross:2
SouthWind66 ™:2
Cyka Blyat [Weeaboo]:2
Big Booty Indian:5
Dr.Brandon8506:4 [Show proof for recruiting 2 people]

All post shall be in accordance with tango rules.

JB | Supplementary Admins / [Accepted] Aycliffe SAs Application
« on: June 16, 2019, 11:41:38 pm »
1. In-Game Name: T.w² | Aycliffe тғ
2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460702923
3. Age: 17
4. Country, Location/Timezone: United States, CST
5. How long have you been a Tango Member: Around 5+ months.
6. Why do you deserve this position: I took the position of Supplementary Admin back in March and I did my absolute best to fulfill my role to the best of my potential. Unfortunately, real life struck me hard and I was forced to give up my activity for the sake of my mental health.
7. What differs you from other applicants: I have an outstanding work ethic and given my current circumstances, great activity, unending patience with players, and friendliness towards new people.
8. Are you able to record videos on the server?: Yes, and have done so before.
9. Are you SA / A-Team / Admin on any other server: No.
10. Do you accept removal of status on the server listed above (if this does not apply to you, put N/A): N/A
11. Do you have any information to add: I was not sure if I was supposed to go for A-Team or SA, but I feel SA is more suitable for me as of right now. The server has gone through immense changes and I am not quite ready for A-Team anymore. Not sure if this is also relevant but I resigned from my position, I was not demoted.

I am happy to take a position when one opens up, until then, I understand that this application will be put on hold.

Questions & Confusions? / Re: Question
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:42:27 pm »
As it says in the changelog,

Changelog 6/15 (cont.)
   Removed jb_obama from map pool due to consistent depopulation of the server, and severe imbalance of CT/T advantages.

Back before you were banned, Obama was very popular. The fact is, nowadays it's not. This chart shows our most popular maps played on the server, and Obama used to be highlighted because how much it was played, now it's not.

Another fun fact, EVERY time we switch to Obama the server dopopulates between 20-35%. We just switched to Obama, and went from 36 to 22 players in a matter of 15 minutes.
This chart is playercount over the last 24 hours, the red circle shows right when we switched to Obama...

We switched to jb_dojo and went back to 29 players within the first few rounds.

The playerbase now is simply not as CT skilled as they were back then, and maps like Obama cause toxic rounds and all out chaos now. The map has been requested for months to be removed, and the only thing stopping it was the old Divisional Administrator insisting we keep it for it's "popularity". But after keeping track of the numbers, and player's enjoyment in game, that's not the case and there is no reason to keep the map.

Suggestions & Ideas / Monthly Server Raffles
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:45:24 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion: A monthly raffle system where users accumulate raffle points by playing on any of our CSGO servers. Non-members make x raffle points per min, official members make x points per min, and VIP Donors make x points per min.

Users can type !raffle to view and have the option of entering monthly/seasonal raffles. There would be one for regular users and VIP Donors and then a separate one for only VIP Donors.

Users would have the option to either spend or save up raffle points for a long period of time, just like how it works with credits.

All prizes would be csgo knives/skins mixed with credits and would be sponsored by myself.

2. Related link(s): steam-gamers has had this system for years, and it works well on their servers. https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=60930

3. Possible positive impacts: This would provide a great incentive for users to continuously play on our servers and stay within the community while also presenting us with an opportunity to add a VIP donor option. We would also be rewarding those who choose our community over others.

4. Possible negative impacts: None, I would be more than willing to sponsor prizes for the entire raffle each month and oversee it if needed/wanted to.

5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: all

6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Urbaena @Alex @SouthWind66 ™

Temp Leaves / mmmmmmm
« on: April 11, 2019, 07:19:34 pm »
Expecting a drop in my already shitty activity either this week or next. grades are droppin and AP exams are coming up, so gotta focus on more important things
Should still be able to make meetings

People that need to know:
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