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tw ghastly

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February 20, 2018, 09:12:50 pm
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March 28, 2020, 08:14:26 am
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About Me

I’m the one who listens and takes notes but doesn’t speak. I’m always listening.

Anyways, here’s a pointless rant about our society :)

Why do people care so much about forcing politics onto people and spreading our own political agenda? Yeah, it’s always good to be actively involved in the formation and decisions of your governing body, but I’m so tired of all the hate that goes around - and not just because of politics. Who gives a fuck about what someone sounds like, acts like, looks like. If you don’t agree with who they are, that’s fine but keep in on the low. I respect people who are mature enough to not agree with who someone/how something is but not make a big ruckus over it. Just let people lives their lives.

People talk about finding intelligent alien life, yet I can’t even imagine how catastrophic that would be. How would the other life forms view us, the human race?

From an outsiders perspective, we probably look like a bunch of different tribes (with all the different countries) at war with eachother. They’ll see that we destroy our planet thoughtlessly and also kill the other organisms that inhabit our planet (vegeation and animals). Not that killing the other organisms on our planet is avoidable, as we need food to survive, but what in the fuck would the aliens looking in on us think when they see that?

“This species in not unified as they are always fighting eachother and they destroy the planet and many other organisms that surround them. They seem like a threat to us”

Anyways, that’s just my rant since I’m up at 1:30AM and am bored af :)

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