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Queue / RaceLR
« on: March 22, 2019, 11:20:18 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion: Make people that do unfair race LR's KOS/slain.
2. Related link(s): N/A
3. Possible positive impacts: CT's won't die unfairly.
4. Possible negative impacts: none
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: JB
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Damien @Fred ♡ @Urbaena

Player Reports / [Closed] Leddy Report for Isaiah.
« on: March 22, 2019, 02:24:20 am »
On the behalf of @isaiahp cus he's muted. and @libyan i guess.

Your In-Game Name: cool isaiah
Abusing Admin: leddy
Server this occurred on: jailbreak
Time of occurrence (Date and Time, Map and Round): idk, tropico
What was abused: ban
What happened (Be detailed): Libyan had lr, he then selected shotgun war and had it aborted and then rebelled and killed cts that weren't even in the lr and got a 1 week ban
Provide necessary proof (Demolinks are NOT sufficient evidence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOjXQybZj5k&feature=youtu.be then check libyans ban history for the 1week from ledwig
I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set-forth above(Agree/Disagree): Agree

Queue / Removal of JB_obama_v5
« on: March 20, 2019, 02:54:47 am »
1. Describe the Suggestion: Get rid of jb_obama_v5
2. Related link(s): https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=63543.0
3. Possible positive impacts: Gets rid of a boring map that was only there because it was popular because it was easy to rebel on.
4. Possible negative impacts: People may get a little butthurt that the ez rebel map was taken out of the map pool.
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect:CSGO JB
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Fred ♡ @Urbaena @dot

Jailbreak / Get rid of jb_obama_v5
« on: March 20, 2019, 02:41:46 am »
    Please. Get rid of it. It is such a bad map for the following reasons:
    • Too many secrets in main cells.
    • There is no surf.
    • Too many secrets in general, outside of main cells.
    • No decath.
    • Everything is so compacted.
    • Obama Care breaks sometimes.
    • Because of the compaction, the CT's often get killed.

@dot @Fred ♡ @Urbaena
Please take action to remove this map from the map pool. People only like it as it's easy rebels for T's. Either that or some serious rework has to be put in, but honestly it would be a waste of time because there's too much to fix.[/list]

Denied / Ratio Freeday Idea.
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:23:22 am »
Posting this for @majd because he doesn't have the template necessary and I agree with his opinion.

1. Describe the Suggestion:Instead of having a ratio freeday, let the T's decide a CT to get swapped.
2. Related link(s): https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=63485.0
3. Possible positive impacts: It will lessen the depop on the server during a ratio freeday and it will quicken the pace of the rounds so the T's and CT's both have a good experience. It also gets rid of the point farmers and toxic wardens that make the gamemode less enjoyable for the T's and CT's. This will allow good wardens to make the experience better for a newcomer.
4. Possible negative impacts: It might take a bit to figure out how to do efficiently and effectively.
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: CSGO JB.
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Fred ♡ @dot

Tech Talk / How to get custom res on Zowie XL2536 with AMD?
« on: March 18, 2019, 01:32:32 am »
I'm trying to get a custom res for my monitor (1920x1200, 2560x1600, 1200x1200, 1440x1080), but the AMD settings say the resolution isn't compatible even though I can run 3840x2160. Wat do? any ideas?

Monitor is a BenQ Zowie XL2536

Requests to beg for free shit / Pulling a Tendies
« on: March 16, 2019, 04:37:45 am »
gimme some comments on my profile. don't care what it is, i just prefer you not be racist.


Denied / New Knife Category for CSGO.
« on: March 14, 2019, 10:59:00 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion: New custom knives, like banana's or fidget spinners, just so people don't get bored of !ws and such.
2. Related link(s):
3. Possible positive impacts: Adds more to the shop, so higher chance that players will donate to receive the items, adds more to the store, which will intrigue new players and keep the server exciting and fresh
4. Possible negative impacts: Might overwhelm staff who add items to the shop, but then again, I don't know how difficult it is to manage it.
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: CSGO
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Lt.DoomY @Fred ♡ @Damien

Also Hand Models would be spicy. Ex. https://gamebanana.com/skins/154092

Denied / Custom CSGO Sprays
« on: March 14, 2019, 10:37:20 pm »
Posting this on the behalf of Bucket cus he didn't have proper format.

1. Describe the Suggestion: Players can choose an image as a their custom in-game spray. Players use the spray key that Valve currently binds to spray, T, and their spray instantly appears where ever the player is aiming. PLEASE NO DELAY. That is probably the worst thing about CSGO sprays currently.
2. Related link(s): https://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=63350.0
3. Possible positive impacts: It gives more freedom and lets the players come up with creative and humorous sprays to show the community.
4. Possible negative impacts: Players may have racist sprays, but I feel an staff can come up with a reasonable punishment for inappropriate sprays. (ex. 1 week ban.)
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: CSGO.
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Fred ♡ @Damien You guys run CSGO so this would have to come down to you guys.

Jailbreak / hEy GuYS, nEW dAy IDeA hERe!!11!!!1!!
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:39:29 pm »
sO gUYs, gEt THiS, wHaT iF wE hAD a mfK dAy wHeRe tHE WaRdEN sTAcKs ALL tHe tErRorIStS uP iN oNE PiLE anD ShO0Ts tHe StaCK!!!11!!1!

oNlY dO tHiS eVERy 5 dAyS.

Tango Marketplace / Trading TangoItems
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:22:27 pm »
My Items
  • Green name
  • Pumpkin mask
  • oof
  • RGB
  • Red & Orange Tracer
  • Grinch

Do not attempt to lowball. . I know when you're lowballing.

will add more when i get on and remember what i have

JB | Supplementary Admins / [Denied] Cha enters the battle.
« on: March 12, 2019, 03:16:20 pm »
1. In-Game Name: cha ur tw
2. SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/whyy-/
3. Age: 14
4. Country, Location/Timezone: USA, Missouri, CST
5. How long have you been a Tango Member: around 5 months.
6. Why do you deserve this position: I have done my best to make a positive change and have since kept my mouth closed when I do not need to make a comment, I have done my best to listen to the T´s by swapping whenever I was told I was being to strict on regular hours. I also deserve this position because I know what it is like to be a toxic individual, so I can help calm down a player by messaging them on discord or steam chat. I can share what I have been through and use that to make them simmer down and be more friendly.
7. What differs you from other applicants: I have been on the hated side of the community and some players still think of me that way, which I am capable of handling. I have been a very toxic individual, but thanks to players and other member of Tango JB, they have cleared my mind of the toxic energy I had held onto for so long. Because of their kindness and sincerity, I have since done my best to listen to what people have to say, and I have tried to improve as a player. I also should include I usually get on when no other admins are on, which as you all know, is not the best time to get on. The whole no admins not rules persona ruins the fun, as wardens abuse their power and are very toxic with their minigames.
8. Are you able to record videos on the server?: Yes.
9. Are you SA / A-Team / Admin on any other server: Nope.
10. Do you accept removal of status on the server listed above (if this does not apply to you, put N/A): N/A
11. Do you have any information to add:For everyone that took their time to read the application instead of immediately deciding their vote, thank you.
READ THIS.--> I know I am not the best and most friendly player in the JB community by a long shot, but I have done my best to improve as a player. I have tried over and over again to not be on CT, as people have pointed out that that is where my toxicity emerged from, because I was a toxic warden most of the time. I am currently focusing on not talking when it is not needed. I know many of the people currently viewing this are not fond of my presense, and I understand why. I have and still sometimes am toxic. I am doing my best to greatly improve my chances of being accepted into the community. I hope you all understand where I am coming from and understand that I am trying to improve, even if it does not seem like it from the outside. I´m sorry to anyone who I may have annoyed/ pissed off in the past. Just know I am trying to fix my problem. And to any admins reading this, I am sorry if I every made you pestered or annoyed. I will try my hardest to not argue with any of you. I have realized how immature and unnecessary those arguments were. Especially @Cunty McGiggles , I apologize for my arguments with you.

Also, if I, by some miracle, get accepted, I will definitely need a mentor. I´m not sure how the whole mentor thing works, but if someone could mentor me, that would make my recovery from toxicity even faster.

so i´ve been trying to install the banana gaming text mod and the mod won´t load in the game. for those who know what i´m talking about and have it installed, is there a solution to this? ik the panorama update fucked up some shit, so i was wondering what you did to download it. i even tried BananaGaming´s tutorial, and i still had problems.

Off-Topic / i cried today.
« on: March 05, 2019, 10:42:12 pm »
i cut onions today for dinner.

jokes aside, what was your proudest dish you ever made?

mine was a Rigatoni Pasta with a Vodka Tomato Sauce.

don´t worry, the alcohol burns out in the process, leaving the flavor of the vodka to mix with the tomato sauce.

Applications / i only watch good movies
« on: March 05, 2019, 10:33:39 pm »
1) Name (In-Game/Username): cha ur tw
2) Age: 13
3) Tell us about you: im Korean-American (not north, don´t even try me.), I live in Kansas City, I do archery, I am good student, and I can drop fire when no one´s looking.
4) Why do you want to join our group: I want to share my favorite movies and see what other people enjoy. (also for the forum bar.)
5) List a few TV show or movie favorites, and why: A Quiet Place, one of the few good horror movies last year. Home Alone, it´s stupidity and it´s humorous scenes and BTS facts are one of the few things I never get bored of. Toy Story, nostalgia. That´s it. I have high standards for movies, which is why I don´t go to see the shit ones, like any of the Nun movies.
6) If we had public movie nights, or film reviews/film of the week, would you participate, if no would you mind writing reviews and recommendations (Yes/no, if no refer to end of the question): Yes, I would prefer reviewing semi-horror and dark humor.

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