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Jailbreak / Re: to mfk or not to mfk. a soliloquy by bleepblop
« on: February 12, 2020, 02:14:36 am »
Do you just sit around in your english class just thinking about how you can make relevant JB memes?

Off-Topic / Re: Whats your favourite TED talk?
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:34:33 pm »

Official Announcements / TangoWorldWide "Homecoming" 2020
« on: January 05, 2020, 10:15:00 pm »

TangoWorldWide's 5th Annual "Homecoming" Event
On behalf of TangoWorldWide's Operations... Inviting back new members and preparing for a successful year!

— Introduction
Please join us in celebrating 6 years of TangoWorldWide!

For the past couple years it has been a tradition to host a Homecoming event, & each year has brought an amazing outcome. We've seen a variety of users participate in this event, and have had many old members return to TangoWorldWide, some even to obtain staff positions. We are hoping to see many old members return to our network, and look forward to seeing old faces who choose to participate!

— Homecoming Event
For this event we would like to invite all of our past members to take a second look at TangoWorldWide and possibly reunite with the community. Everyone is invited back to have your departure nulled, without the hassle of an application.

The event begins on January 5th, 2020 then ends January 31st, 2020 | 12AM EST - and the best part? No applications.

You are able to simply fill out the form below and post in our set Homecoming board. From there, we will process these almost immediately, so you can add your T.w² | tag back to your name as soon as you post it. Since these posts are handled by staff immediately there is no need for vouches/devouches.

— New Addition
For the first time ever, we would like to invite previous staff members to be reintroduced as Jr. Staff. To be eligible you must have been staff for a minimum of 3 months in Tango's history, and not cause any issues/received any bans after your resignation. It will be by staff discretion whether you are to receive Jr. Staff or Veteran Member.

Code: [Select]
{name}'s Homecoming Return
Code: [Select]
[b]1. In-Game Name[/b]:[i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]2. SteamID[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]3. First Name[/b] (Optional): [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]4. Age[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]5. Location/Timezone[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]6. Forum Registration Date:[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]7. About how long were you an Official Member[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]8. Do you have any conflicts with our current members[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]9. You hereby agree to follow our Rules & Policies(Agree/Disagree)[/b]: [i] Answer Here [/i]
[b]10. Have you previously been staff, and do you wish to return to staff as Jr. Staff:[/b] [i] Answer Here [/i]

This form will tell us a few useful things to get you moved back onto our roster quicker. To prevent having an influx of Novice Recruits, instead, we are going to be sorting returning members into different ranks on our roster by their registered date. Once we process the form you will be added back to the roster in regards to the registration date on your account. It is asked you include the date on your form, but it will also be validated by staff.

Please note: you must have been previously accepted into TangoWorldWide to be able to participate during this Homecoming Event.
Users with active bans within the network, or were previously removed for malicious conduct are also not eligible for this event.

Veteran Member: 01/2/14 — 01/1/16*
This will be for users that have still been active through-out the entire community.

Senior Member:  12/1/15 — 11/30/16
Regular Member:  12/1/16 — 11/30/17
Junior Member:  12/1/17 — 05/31/18
Basic Member:  06/1/18 — 11/30/18
Rookie Member:  12/1/18 — 05/31/19
Novice Member:  06/1/19  — 10/31/19
Novice Recruit:  11/1/19  — 12/15/19

General / [NEW] Minecraft Beta Release
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:21:23 pm »

Minecraft Beta Release
After months of waiting and broken promises, we are pleased to announce our release of Minecraft servers. The current servers we have publicly available are Skyblock and Survival.

Please note that these servers are still in beta and our goal is to improve them and add more as time progresses. If you notice any bugs or you have any ideas, please let us know! More servers are expected to come in the near future. Stay tuned as many updates will be coming.

Connect using our IP below
Code: [Select]
Regards, sam
Ownership Support

Freebies & Giveaways / RGB Tracer, Poison Model, Witch Hat Giveaway
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:25:16 pm »
1st - RGB Tracer

2nd - Poison Model

3rd - Witch Hat

Comment on this thread each day = 1 entry per day
Like thread = 1 entry

Winners will be drawn on Dec 12

Off-Topic / Re: wowee 3 years
« on: November 20, 2019, 10:19:37 am »
hi vain congrats on 3 years and I agree messi>ronaldo

Freebies & Giveaways / Christmas $150 Giveaway
« on: October 15, 2019, 05:33:53 pm »
$150 Giveaway, your choice: steam gift card, Tango credits or a year of discord nitro or paypal.

December 24th I will announce the winner

How Can I enter?
  • Post on this thread daily. [1 entry]
  • Like this post. [1 entry]
  • Recruit someone into tango show proof  [5 entries]
  • Donate to tango. $10+ show proof [10 entries]
  • beat Surf utopia WR, without cheating. @Tendies [20 entries]
  • Buy silver donor [25 entries]

Sorry, Leader+ Can not enter.

Updated: 11/24/2019
Entries so far. IF you feel like your number is wrong, feel free to PM me
sleepy: 19
Ozzy: 1
navy: 1
conner: 3
Ser_DubstepCat: 1
Skipp: 2
Rythio: 40
brown: 12
doc: 35
dudeman: 34
Revolver Ross:2
SouthWind66 ™:2
Cyka Blyat [Weeaboo]:2
Big Booty Indian:5
Dr.Brandon8506:4 [Show proof for recruiting 2 people]

All post shall be in accordance with tango rules.

Official Announcements / TangoWorldWide 2019 Roster Preview
« on: August 17, 2019, 08:08:28 pm »
More details will come in a post to follow, some small adjustments are being made to the userbars and so on.

Operations Director - The Operations Director is the Owner of TangoWorldWide, and any affiliate or break-off ventures (TangoServers, TangoNetworks, etc). Overall, they oversee all aspects of all functions related to TangoWorldWide and the community. Their primary job is the Operations of TangoWorldWide. They ensure TangoWorldWide is an active competitor to all similar communities and projects. This is backed by constantly expanding into new projects, continued innovation, maintaining the back-end of the network, designing new positions, managing new additions, overseeing all policy and legal information, planning finances, and sustaining the foundation of the community. The Operations Director has the final say in all matters and decisions regarding TangoWorldWide. They act as the primary data regulation and protection officer.

Community Director - The Community Director is a Co-Owner of TangoWorldWide and a member of Ownership. They are the right-hand to the Operations Director and primarily oversee the community aspects. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the community is running smoothly. They are to accomplish this by handling all daily operations: overseeing player complaints, admin abuse reports, disputes and conflicts, staff relations, and by helping update policy and guidelines regularly. They can only be overridden by the Operations Director and can override or overturn all and any ban appeals, admin abuse cases, or member removals.

Technologies Director - The Technologies Director is a Co-Owner of TangoWorldWide and a member of Ownership. Their job is to oversee all security and technology for TangoWorldWide. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, all staff have proper access to their projects and servers, oversee new plugin/project development, ensure new features are regularly being added across the network, ensure all staff has proper resource and documentation to perform their job. They also assist the Operations Director on the back-end responsibilities of the network, ensuring all systems and software is up to date and security is maintained throughout the network. They act as the secondary for data regulation and protection officer. 

Retired - Retired is a position reserved for previous members of the Executive Team of TangoWorldWide, or first iteration Ownership. The rank is apart of Ownership, and is a non-bound position role. This means that the users in rank are free to work on various projects or functions that interest them but are not required to fulfill a long list of duties. They should be held to the same respect as others in Ownership, and are welcome to attend all staff and Ownership meetings. They will still hold Ownership tier privileges and access across the entire network.

Operations Manager - The Operations Manager works closely with the Operations Director, helping alleviate their responsibilities. They act as an assistant and forward coordinator for the whole network. Their primary job is to offload tasks from the Operations Director and all of Ownership. The Operations Manager helps plan meetings, ensures that all Operations responsibilities are being maintained, and steps in where needed when members of Ownership are busy or away. The Operations Manager is a cross-over between user obtainable ranks and Ownership, being a cross-listed rank in both the Staff Roster and Ownership. They attend all Ownership meetings and have direct communication to Ownership channels and resources.

Community Manager - The Community Manager works closely with the Community Director, helping alleviate their responsibilities. They oversee both all appeals and members to member functions, as well as overseeing all community ran groups (Mentor, Sales Force, etc). They are enabled to assert themselves in any ongoing community projects and help direct and guide members. They work on community engagement and help ensure all Community responsibilities are being maintained and TangoWorldWide is growing to the maximum potential. The Community Manager is a cross-over between user obtainable ranks and Ownership, being a cross-listed rank in both the Staff Roster and Ownership. They attend all Ownership meetings and have direct communication to Ownership channels and resources.

Technologies Manager - The Technologies Manager works closely with the Technologies Director, helping alleviate their responsibilities. They oversee all game-servers, plugin development, and TangoWorldWide developers. Their primary responsibilities include overseeing all projects, programming standards, version control usage, and optimizations. Their programming projects primarily are for the back-end of the network, and overall maintenance. They assist in overseeing community ran groups related to tech (SoCS, SERT, etc). The Technologies Manager is a cross-over between user obtainable ranks and Ownership, being a cross-listed rank in both the Staff Roster and Ownership. They attend all Ownership meetings and have direct communication to Ownership channels and resources.

Ownership Support - Ownership Support is a supporting role to Ownership and Manager(s). They assist in certain areas or projects of TangoWorldWide. They will have a vague description next to their name of what they work on. They are the only non cross-listed rank or above that can sit in on Ownership meetings.

Divisional Leader - Divisional Leaders oversee and manage the divisions of TangoWorldWide. They are the primary point of contact of their listed division. They oversee all technical work related to their division, ensure all Divisional Staff have access to the proper resources to run their server(s), if their division has game-servers. All Division Leaders communicate with the community to see plan new additions, expansions, and reinforce communication between Division Staff and the player-base. Each Divisional Leader has Divisional Staff below them, that assist in their duties.

Group Leader - Group Leaders are in charge of community ran groups of TangoWorldWide. Each group has a different purpose, and each Group Leader will have an identification next to their name which group they oversee. They help plan the group's work in relation to Tango, and what that group does to help better the community. Each Group Leader has Group Staff below them, that assist in their duties.

Internal Affairs - Internal Affairs is the primary contact overseeing all member to member relations, interactions, and potential differences. They ensure members do not have outstanding disputes with each other. They also ensure all admins are creating a welcoming and positive environment in our servers. Internal Affairs deals with all internal conflicts for the community and related to the members.

Web & Comms Admin - The Web & Communications Administrator oversees the TangoWorldWide website, and all communication platforms such as Discord and Teamspeak. They ensure that all message boards have up to date information, new boards are being added per community request, and all communication platforms reflect the servers and communities needs. They also coordinate and help select the Web & Comms Mods.

Events Leader - The Events Leader oversees all events that occur that TangoWorldWide hosts or partakes in. They ensure we are doing outreach with our events to help obtain new members and interests. They work with other communities for cross-community events. They also oversee all seasonal events (such as Summer Games and Countdown to Christmas). They coordinate and help select the Event Coordinators

Community Ambassadors - Community Ambassadors are in charge of making official posts, roster changes, in control of membership statuses for a given member, and oversee termination of members. They help communicate official changes occurring in TangoWorldWide to the members. They typically help coordinate Applications, Promotions, Demotions in meetings.

Divisional Staff - Divisional Staff oversee a certain server, support their Divisional Leader, or help recruit via a non-gameserver division. There may be up to two Divisional Staff assigned to each server, or several assigned to a non-gameserver division. They have administrative powers across all the servers in their respective divisions. They assist in making server/division changes, selecting admins for gameservers divisions, and ensure recruitment is high from their assigned division.

Group Staff - Group Staff work for their group-assigned Group Leader. They are to fulfill the various duties of the group, to ensure the group is benefiting TangoWorldWide in some way. This includes, but is not limited to: group advertisement, recruitment of new members, documentation, resource support, and much more.

Web & Comms Mod - Web & Comms Mods are Moderators for the Forums, Discord, and TeamSpeak. They ensure communication and content is in accordance with any associated rules to the area in question, and the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and all iterations of the rules that TangoWorldWide upholds.

Event Coordinators - Event Coordinators are in charge of hosting events. They work under the Events Leader to help plan new events for the community to enjoy. They also take a major role in seasonal events that the community hosts. The entire Events team (all people associated with running events) are expected to plan several events throughout the month, preferably two per week.

Content Team - The Content Team is a mixture of content creators, graphic designers, video editors, and general developers. They are overseen by all of the Managers (Operations, Community, Technologies). They help in their assigned area, where ever they are experienced. The Content Team helps create new resources, plugins, and releases for TangoWorldWide.

Community Analysts - Community Analysts assist TangoWorldWide as a Quality Control type rank. Their job is to do analysis and audits of various parts of the community. These audits will be assigned during Council Meetings (weekly meetings), but they are also encouraged to do random-audits on various parts of the community to help ensure quality.

Sr. Staff - Sr. Staff is a senior general rank for Council Members. They are considered more experienced than their Jr. Staff rank counterpart. Those that are not assigned a specific job may be assigned here, or sit here until they are assigned another position. In this role they are expected to support the rest of staff, help assist in quality control (work with Community Analysts) and member out-reach (work with Event Coordinators).

Jr. Staff - Jr. Staff is the introductory rank for Council. Those assigned to this role will either eventually enter the Sr. Staff rank or the rest of the roster. Staff coming in may bypass this role, depending on how necessary it is to fill a given role, though most new staff will be in Jr. Staff for at minimum, one week. Staff who violate rules or underperforms may be rank-reset in staff to this role. In this role they are expected to support the rest of staff, help assist in quality control (work with Community Analysts) and member out-reach (work with Event Coordinators).

Jailbreak / Re: toxicity should not define skill
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:41:04 pm »


Jailbreak / Re: 3 T’s and 40 seconds on the clock
« on: August 09, 2019, 12:44:34 am »
I personally don't like the rule so I dont follow it because that's how it works

sometimes if I'm really desperate I'll just ask the t's permission to do a reaction game and if they all say yes I do it

but seriously though my suggestion to an adaption to the rule would just be something along the lines of "reaction orders for lr cannot be given until there is [enter specific time here] left of the round"

I'm pretty sure this rule only came about was because players (even myself on ct !! ) would say

the adaption example to the rule I gave can assure that t's can do mini games up until the round gets dragged on too much

Jailbreak / Re: Jailbreak Meme Contest Giveaway
« on: June 07, 2019, 01:10:41 pm »
took a bit to make. Make it worth it

Locked / [Accepted] Injects Honorable Member Application
« on: June 06, 2019, 12:15:33 pm »
1. First Name:  Liam
2. Age (Optional): 18
3. How long have you been in TangoWorldWide: A little over a year
4. What have you contributed to TangoWorldWide? Be detailed and give examples, names, etc. (Whatever is needed to show everything you've done, only the things mentioned here will be considered) I spend almost all of my time on tango either recruiting, helping people with questions they may have about what we offer as a gaming community, or tending to giveaways and tracking down everyone's entries.

Mega List Of Recruits -

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Mega List Of Giveaways I’ve Done - don’t know the exact value but I’m guessing it’s around $2k (maybe a bit more or less)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

5. What in TangoWorldWide has influenced you the most: Definitely the members who I look up to and admire. I’m not really close with anyone in Tango so I doubt any of them even know that I look up to them/admire what they’ve done for tango. I also will not be tagging anyone in my app lol. Really annoys me when people compliment other people and then tag them in their thread, knowing that those people will see their thread and what they wrote, and then vouch them. I dont expect most of the people that I mentioned to see this as most of them are either banned or inactive. If they see it, they see it. If they don’t then it makes no diff lol.

Messiah - Probably the only reason that I ever stayed in Tango. I remember when I’d first joined I’d started doing some minor giveaways and such, and I was in the middle of class one day when I got an email that he’d sent me a pm on the forums. I’d never heard of him, or anyone really in the community, but he’d introduced himself and explained to me what cL was and how he wanted to invite me to join for (insert his reasoning here). I don’t know if I’d actually stood out and he genuinely wanted me to join or if he was just trying to populate cL - but it doesnt matter. In my mind I was like “Oh shit. I’ve never heard of cL and have no idea what the point of it is but I want to join”. Even though many view it as a useless group, it made me feel like I had worth within the community and for the next few weeks I became engrossed in the duties that came with cL (so p much just recruitment and a small amount of recovery). And then I blew it… or so I thought. At the time I was an admin for AWP/SCOUT and talked shit about John Scoutman with someone behind his back in the private AWP/SCOUT admin discord. Someone leaked it to messiah and that was that. I was removed from cL, blacklisted for 6 months, demoted to a novice recruit, and given a depressing talk with messiah about how disappointed he was in me. I’d thought I’d blown my opportunity in this community. I debated whether or not to leave, as I thought I’d ruined any chance of ever progressing or becoming respected within the community. Ultimately, I decided I’d stay and try and make up for the drama I’d caused, even if it still meant that I had no chance of moving up within the community.

A few weeks went by before I decided I’d apply for cL despite being blacklisted. I applied, explained the situation, and why I thought I should be accepted. After a few days messiah reached out to me and we had a brief conversation. Afterwards he told me he’d be willing to go out on a limb and accept me back into cL. The rest is history. A while ago when I was trying to really engross myself with Tango, I went through a lot of old threads and old announcements and caught a glimpse of what Messiah has contributed to the community. He, by far, is the person I respect and look up to most in the community - even though we have literally only had a few, brief interactions.

Batgirl - Who, out of all the people who have managed cL while I’ve been in it, is by far the most enjoyable person I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She knew what she wanted done, and she was upfront about telling you and if you had any questions or needed
any help, she was there to assist you. Definitely just one of those people who give off that vibe that they’re approachable. I remember that one night where we literally sat in teamspeak for like 3 hours and just spilled our lives out onto the table in what is probably the most depressing conversation I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget it.

Ris and James - Honestly just two people that I instantly sort of respected. Some people just give off impressions and vibes that you instantly click with, and that was the case for these two. I admire the work that ris has done on the forums, and the fact that he is always crosschecking new member accounts. I literally will have my new recruits register and make an account, and a minute later I’ll go to view their profile and ris will already have peeped their profile. Regarding James, he’s probably the most chill person I’ve come across on the network.

E-vageene - Randomly reached out to her about something that honestly was very fucking creepy lol, and gave me the most real advice I’ll probably ever get.

I really don’t feel like turning this thread into a book full of mentions because I have tons of stuff I could say about a lot of different people, so I’ll just leave it at that since those are the people I respect most. However, I’ll mention some more people who have impacted my stay here at Tango and/or I respect/look up to…

Red, RyRy, Suna, Philly, Awakening, Dragonate, Ryan (the one who recruited me and used to run cL), Jungle, Tina, Southwind, S, skuft, asta, Adam, fade, mistaken, doug dimma dab. There’s more but I’ll stop there

6. Have you been staff in Tango? What positions?: I have briefly been in staff. Was the assistant manager of cL for less than a month before something came up and I had to resign, and I, very recently, rejoined staff and just assist with minor things in cL.

7. What separates you from other potential members who would want to become Honorable Members?: I say this every time I apply for any sort of position in Tango… There is literally nothing that I have brought to Tango that others cannot. I don’t have any sort of developer skills that would be of use to tango, or great leadership skills, so I’ve done my best to contribute in ways that the average gamer, like myself, can: recruitment and giveaways. Anyone can recruit people - literally anyone. I don’t care if you’re not naturally good at talking to people, or don’t know how to approach people, with enough practice anyone can recruit people who play on our servers. The only thing that separates myself from everyone else is that I’m willing to put in the effort that’s required to constantly recruit. I’m not discouraged by being told no after having a lengthy chat with someone about why they should join tango.

Giveaways - also things that anyone can do. I’m not rich. I’m not gushing with money. I work for my money and decide what I want to do with it. Do I want to drop $100 on a t shirt that I’ll only wear once in a while, or do I want to give back that $100 to a community that has provided me with constant entertainment? For a lot of people, they’ll buy the t shirt, or a bunch of new steam games, or whatever might be on their wishlist - which is fine. Your money should be spent on yourself. I’m just a freak who enjoys giving things away and making people happy lol.

I'd also like to end this by saying that I understand that there will be people reading this who are going to think to themselves, "Who the **** is inject?". I get it. I haven't been around for as long as some of you, haven't befriended the large majority of the people in staff, and have kinda just chilled out and done what I can as a member. There are definitely people who I feel deserve honorable who haven't applied. Whether or not I deserve honorable, I don't know, but I decided I'd give it a go and at the very least get some constructive feedback. Be harsh! I can take it lol. The result of this will have any effect on how I feel about tango or the things I plan on continuing to do.

Jailbreak / Re: Jailbreak unpopular opinions
« on: May 01, 2019, 08:32:37 pm »
I hate Obama

is it because he's black???? @E-vageene

League of Legends / Re: finally
« on: April 30, 2019, 07:46:22 pm »
Congrats dude, really big step honestly.

I was hardstuck silver long ago and once I got into gold I went straight to gold 1, teammates getting better honestly feels so nice

Freebies & Giveaways / Logitech G Pro Wireless Giveaway
« on: April 14, 2019, 04:48:15 pm »
Link to the mouse - approx $150

comment to enter. liking will get an extra entry. Drawing a winner on 4/30 4/29

yes, the winner will have to give me an address to ship it to. shipping costs will be covered by me

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