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Accepted/Implemented / [Forums] Guides board?
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:59:26 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion:

✩ Idea #1: Merge "exploits" with "bugs, typos & errors" - name it "Bugs, errors & exploits" since exploits only has a total of 2 topics, and typos are quite rare.
Can't happen due to exploits requiring post-approval thus needing it's own board. (ty ris for letting me know)

✩ Idea #2: New section called "guides" under TangoWorldWide Official, perhaps taking the place of MOTM?
This could have topics titled along the lines of:
  • [Forums] Settings/Using .gif as avatar
  • [Forums] Information on Forum Groups
  • [Discord] How to join Discord & get a rank
(essentially moving some from questions/confusions)
Sub-board called "guide submissions" where anyone can submit Tango server/forum related guides to be approved, allowing contributions from members whom simply have an idea of how things work. Could even make a vague guide template.

2. Related link(s): tw2.us
3. Possible positive impacts: Less clutter, confusion - new board to help people, more opportunities to contribute
4. Possible negative impacts: I can't think of any off the top of my head, post them if you think of any ofc. 人´∀`)
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: Forums
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div leader, web admin, etc.): @ris (hello)

The steam guide no-life & tf2 dodgeball guide lady

General / [NEW] Minecraft Beta Release
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:21:23 pm »

Minecraft Beta Release
After months of waiting and broken promises, we are pleased to announce our release of Minecraft servers. The current servers we have publicly available are Skyblock and Survival.

Please note that these servers are still in beta and our goal is to improve them and add more as time progresses. If you notice any bugs or you have any ideas, please let us know! More servers are expected to come in the near future. Stay tuned as many updates will be coming.

Connect using our IP below
Code: [Select]
Regards, sam
Ownership Support

Community Events / Re: Giving Thanks 2019
« on: November 29, 2019, 03:33:34 am »
I'll keep it short since it's 3AM and I forgot to type a post up for thanksgiving, smh Americans being a month late.

Without a doubt, I'm thankful for my friends and family, especially my brother. He's always helped me no matter what, and I've been able to climb back up thanks to him. I thank my parents for being patient and understanding with me, even if we don't see eye to eye all the time. I'm grateful that they give me more leniency on what I want to do than shackling me to the typical asian expectations. I thank my close friends for sticking with me no matter what, even when I'm selfish, distant, angry or just a shitty friend. I'm sorry I don't tell you guys clearly or directly (even now, since I'm typing a post they're never going to see), but thank you for dealing with my bullshit. I love you guys, and words can't express how grateful I am that you still wait for me after 2 years of silence to listen to me and give me a shoulder to lean on.

Despite my inactivity from the community, I still have several people come to mind that I have to thank.

@Alex Fuck you. Ok but on a serious note, you were one of the first friends I made in Tango, and one of the closest to me. You've played a big part in my time in Tango, and I can't even imagine the day I joined Tango after a month or so of rejecting CL members in their attempt to recruit me, if you hadn't had a part in it. I enjoyed my time as staff, especially when working with you. Thanks for being a gay gremlin, britbrit.

@S. Oh man. I don't really remember how we met, or how we started talking. I just remember joining your channel and sitting there randomly, muted. We don't talk much dot friend, but you are a valuable friend to me. You're always there to lend an ear and listen to me rant angrily about something. It honestly calms me down and helps me gather my thoughts again to get a second opinion from you. You are waaaay more level-headed than I am, and I appreciate your patience in dealing with my hot-headedness. You are the best dot friend, and I am your biggest fan.

@asta I also don't really remember how we met or started talking. But fuck you. But on a serious note, thanks for memes and banter. You're a fun guy, even if you chug your 2L coke bottles and consume burger grease. If I ever meet you irl, I'll kick you in the nether regions.

@Joshos You are a big rapperdan, and giant weeaboo nerd. Sad you've gone inactive, but I enjoyed messing around with you, especially on minecraft.

@ris you're a rapperdan, but a bit cooler. i guess u pass. ty for the vocab memes

@Rythio Sorry we don't talk much anymore, but you're a good pal and I had fun with all the games we played together. I still remember you were a massive butthead of a warden on Jailbreak. big booty butt byfo

@TheWildThorn fuck u. But on a serious note, fuck u. Ok but seriously, thanks for the fun memes. I had fun working with you in the IA department, and roasting the britbrit with you. got can

@Beeboy You're probably only one of the newer members who I actively speak to. Either I hate everyone cause they're stupid or I hate everyone because no reason I'm just an asshole. Normally I probably would've just ignored you, but you're a fellow Canadian so you get that bonus point. I'm surprised I've opened up to you quickly, but you're a nice,cool dude, and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations that happens around the area, since most people don't know about it. Like peepeepoopoo man. Maybe I'll stop being an anti-social hermit fuck and meet up with you one day :^)

@Winter All you fkn do now is just spam me damn song lyrics or whatever on steam and discord. I hate you. Thanks for taking all the verbal lashing from me when we worked together LOL

@Gstad Hi gstad, I miss you

@sam Ye you're on here you twat, u might've been a massive rapperdan, but I enjoyed the time we spent screwin around. wb idiot

@Old JB squad: I'm too damn lazy to tag all of you, but you all know who are you. If you're not from the Fall 2016 squad, then don't flatter yourself. Yall abused the hell out of me to get me to speak on the mic and were cancer smh. You guys also bombarded me into joining Tango. fk u guys. JB was a fun time.

Community Events / Re: Giving Thanks 2019
« on: November 25, 2019, 04:46:06 pm »
Tango 2017

I'll start with my time in Tango as a whole. I first joined Tango's bhop server back in early 2017, and from then on I found my home in tango. I told myself I'd never join tango, or even admin it, yet here I am. I'll never forget the memories I have from 2017-2018 on the bhop server, from making fun of @Zoaren for studying bionicles, to joking with @kai @Teal @Blackout @Knifeya @S. @suna @KANG @php application @Kevin✔ @myddle @serenity @RIPbiggey @backflip297 @Batgirl @lvxx. @Teal @SJP @james  and everyone else from back in the day, to getting banned by @Alex and the rest. Bhop at that time was a way for me to escape my real life, and have my own little server to fuck around with my friends on. Thank you all for making that time one of the most fun times of 2017.

Tango 2018-2019

I joined tango officially on Feb 3rd, 2018, and I applied for SA on the 20th of February. For the most of 2018, the only people on the server was @marble, @php application and @Kevin✔.
Thank you guys for keeping me company in the server even when it was at its most dead state. Marble I'll never forget the countless hours we spent going back and forth for eachothers records, and seeing you go from barely hitting 620-630's to being way better than me. I actually am still genuinely impressed in your improvement. I became div around august or so, and couldn't do much until we merged. At the end of 2018, we merged with the biggest bhop server at the time, Fallen-Networks. I would like to unironically thank @Damien for merging with us and creating what I believe to be the best version of the bhop server we ever had. Some people that made that time amazing are @Joshos @Knifeya @cell @єкяєη @BIKES @SJP @jug @RIPbiggey @kai @Blackout @FullSteel @Crimson @backflip297 @hara @james @Rev @.lm even @celA. Thank you all for allowing me to run the bhop server so easily, you guys are still all my boys to this day and I appreciate all the work and passion you all put into the server with me. fuck you wing 8-)

Finally for my bhop time, thank you @Shibka and @kristin for being the newer members of this version of bhop, I know you both have been handed the worst and hardest jobs in bringing population back to a broken server, I was in the same position last year. However I have noticed how much effort the both of you put into the server and you actually are bringing in members all the time. I get compliments about the two of you all the time, on how you guys make it easy to stay on even with 4-5 people on bc you are both easy and lovely to talk to. Keep being awesome, ily you guys <3.


Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Day 1 boys
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Day 1.1 boys (more recent friends)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Closing Thanks

Thank you to everyone in Tango for making this community so great. Tango, while it has caused some stress in my life, has overall been such a  fun place for me to be. This community pushes me to be better everyday that I'm in it, and has taught me a lot about myself and about life. To anyone who might have bad blood with me, or past friends, I assure you I don't feel the same way. I am sorry for whatever pain I've caused anyone in or around tango, I hope we can at least remain civil. If you know me, you know I hate making people feel bad. All I want to do in tango is good work, and make friends. Thank you @balon and @Alex for keeping me around for so long, and for giving me the chance to improve the community in my own ways.

p.s If I forgot to tag you, or didn't tag you, I apologize my adhd is very bad and I can hardly remember the last person I messaged. oops.

Community Events / Re: Giving Thanks 2019
« on: November 25, 2019, 04:46:00 pm »
thanks from a brit - 2.0

part one: "hey, what's that t.w tag in your name?"

as many of you know, i have been around this community for a WHILE. i registered to the forums on march 13th, 2016, and was accepted
into the community a week later. i was a member of tango for over a year before a... bittersweet departure, and following my unban and
time away from my computer, i have made a rather positive return in my opinion. i've made many friends, had a lot of fun times and made
a whole host of memories. tango for me is a place of comfort, and although i may complain about how some things are handled and
managed, i really do enjoy being here. i enjoy my current position, and i enjoy being involved around the community. that being said, my
first subject of thanks is tango. thank you to every person who has ever spoken to me here, whether it be a reply to one of my forum posts,
a small conversation or joke in discord general, a message or something in one of the servers, or staying up until ridiculous times in the
morning (for me at least) talking about the most useless shit, i appreciate you and thank you so much. thank you to the members of the
community who have accepted me in my return, both old and new. thank you to balon and alex for giving me a chance as being a member
and now being in your staff team, it really does mean a lot more than you would think.

part two: "young and dumb, but trying my best!"

unfortunately, i fall into the typical egirl trope of dAdDy iSsUeS - having a father that left before i was born and had a very unstable role in my
childhood. because of this, my young mother threw away her dreams of becoming a business manager to care for me. for that, i will never be
able to thank her enough. we get on as though we're sisters, and i know that she will always have my best interests at heart. aside from my
mother, i want to give thanks to my psychiatrist for helping me though times where i felt like giving up, and making me feel normal in a society
which made me feel completely abnormal. she is one of the largest reasons that i'm here today, and that definitely warrants my thanks. i'm
thankful for anyone who has ever made me feel comfortable in real life, whether it be including me in weekend activities or offering a shoulder
to cry on when i feel like i need it.

part three: "why do you care so much? they're only online..."

this will by far be the longest part of this post, so if you weren't mentioned in it you're more than welcome to skip over it completely, and if you
were mentioned feel free to just find where you are and read your piece.

starting off strong wit da homie @lasky - thank you for picking me up in zombies that one time, u a real 1 for dat!! on my wholesome shit though, i
consider you to be one of my closest friends and even though we haven't talked in a minute i know i'll always be laughing when we do. also tell charlie
to keep his head up, he'll be unbanned one day ♡ #freecharlietillitsbackwards

@Peter Pan - 5'4 btw!! kidding, but thank you so much for being such a great friend to me. we used to talk literally every day, and i'd be lying if i said
i didn't miss your dumb laugh and the stupid jokes we used to have. we really don't talk that often anymore, but i love you a lot and i really do
appreciate everything you've done for me, especially being tango's biggest snake with me :') slither into my discord dms more often, i miss you >:(

@ris - if i remember correctly, you were one of the first people i spoke to when i rejoined tango, because i called you poor for having a samsung :^)
it's wild to think we've known each other for 8 months now. over this time you've been an amazing friend to me, always putting up with my problems
whenever i message you about them and i always find myself laughing when talking you. you've brightened countless days for me and i will never be
able to thank you enough for everything you've done for me. i'm always a message away if you need me ♡

@Alex - to keep it short and simple, thank you for putting up with my shit. i vented to you a lot, and was probably pretty annoying to you at some
points, but i really am thankful for you being there for me when you were. thank you for playing uno with me when i've needed to take my mind off
things, and letting me vent to you even though you probably didn't care that much. it means a lot more to me than you probably think.

@S. - if i'd have looked at how strong our friendship was three months ago, i never would have thought we would be at the point we're at today.
although things between us have... soured, to say the least, i will never forget all the things you have done for me and helped me through. i've told
you once and i'll tell you a million times, you saved my life. thank you for spending your time with me, sending me wholesome memes, playing h&s
with me, watching movies with me (and not getting mad when i fall asleep), and always reminding me to be healthy. i appreciate and respect you
so much, and i'm really glad you've finally been able to distance yourself from tango and become more aware of the real world like you always said
you wanted to. thank you so much for taking care of me and also yourself even when i forgot to remind you to drink water for the day. that being
said, make sure you drink water today ramen man >:c

@Adam - you're not around much anymore, but i felt it necessary to mention you since you have been the one constant thing in my life from tango.
from 2016 to now, you've been an amazing friend to me and i wouldn't want it to be anyone else sticking by my side through everything. i appreciate
every little thing you've done for me, and despite our countless fall-outs over the years, i still consider you one of my bestie-friendos ♡

@Blackout - after all these years i'm still very much thankful for you. you helped shape my personality a lot, and despite the many ups and downs we've
had i'm still happy to call you my friend. thank you for everything you've done for me, and if you need anything you know where to find me c :

@asta - of course, i had to save the best for last. i tell you every day how thankful i am to have you in my life, so everything i'm about to say you definitely
already know, but hey, there's no harm in reiterating it, right? you came into my life at a point where i was this close > < to giving up completely, and turned
all the darkness in my head into the brightest light. you know christmas tree lighting celebrations, when everything is completely dark until the lights get
plugged in and suddenly the whole area gets filled with the light and you feel so full of joy? that's what you did to me, except in my head and not on a
christmas tree. we have such a strong bond, i can't think of a single thing that would ruin what we have - i mean hell, i even have your mom on snapchat.
that has to count for something, right? i enjoy every single second i spend with you no matter what we're doing. even sitting in this call right now, writing
these posts together, i have loved every second of it. there is no amount of words that could fully express how much you mean to me, and i cannot wait
to see what the future holds for us. i love you ♡

overall, i'm only human. i'm still growing, maturing, changing and adapting to the situations i find myself in, and all i can do is try my best, so above
all else, i'm thankful for those who facilitate that change and emotional growth and stick by me through the best of times and the worst of times. i
love all of you!

Freebies & Giveaways / RGB Tracer, Poison Model, Witch Hat Giveaway
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:25:16 pm »
1st - RGB Tracer

2nd - Poison Model

3rd - Witch Hat

Comment on this thread each day = 1 entry per day
Like thread = 1 entry

Winners will be drawn on Dec 12

Denied / Re: Allow Registered to @ People on the Forums
« on: November 15, 2019, 06:26:30 pm »
Having post-count limits for certain features could just cause shit-posting/low-quality/effort posts IMO; especially if it's a high number such as 500-1000.
I don't think there's really an easy solution to it, but enabling it back for the whole of registered ain't it.

Perhaps enabling it after a certain amount of active forum time (if possible). 5 or 10 hours, something not insane. Seems like enough time for trolls/banned users not want to waste their time on

I think it might be better to have people apply for it or something? cause then all you can do is idle on the forums, for people who are REALLY active on servers who just registered a forum account or something.

If they're active to that extent, why wouldn't they go for supporter or novice recruit - where it's enabled.
Seems like quite a small feature to go through the process of an application for. ;w;

Other alternatives(?)
  • Capping mentions per hour
    • Set at around 20, couldn't do much harm - I think the email servers could take it :>
      Gives enough times for mods to pick up whether someone is abusing it
      Only this high due to those "tag yer friend" kinda posts
  • Donator feature for registered

As for idling hours, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I think the hours are only tracked if the tab is active, seems like a bother to idle
(also holy fuck s.dot at 200hrs fuckin no life)

Off-Topic / Re: 3 years and still want to die
« on: November 13, 2019, 05:24:38 pm »
That's the progression we like to see!

General Discussion / Re: Inactive Groups
« on: November 03, 2019, 11:33:47 pm »
If you pay for a group, you have every right to leave it completely inactive.

removal of groups would make them more expensive....

whats more valuable, one of 30 groups or one of 5

retarded anyways but if you wanna do econ at least do it right
This is partially correct. If we have 30 groups and someone wants to purchase one of those existing 30, presumably the price will be lower than if there are 5 (supply depends on who is willing to sell, not how many exist); however, in the event that none of the owners of those 30 groups wants to sell and a new group must be purchased (bringing the total to 31), the new group will be more expensive.

Tango adds $250 to the price of a new group each time a new one is purchased, and also charges a transfer fee if an existing group is purchased.

This got locked while I was posting  >:(

Off-Topic / Re: Shout out to the homies.
« on: November 01, 2019, 01:14:02 pm »
@Alex big gay dad
@S. dot friend biggest fan
@Rythio big booty butt byfo
@TheWildThorn i put u under ryfo cuz fuck u idiot
@asta fat fucking 2L coke guzzling greaser sausage fingered slug
@ris rapperdan
@Joshos sand boomer weeaboo
@Vita stinky and ghey
@Winter stop sending me your fucking stupid random ass steam messages
@Gstad hi gstad, i will miss you

Off-Topic / Re: We need to have a talk.
« on: September 24, 2019, 07:10:08 pm »
Really hard to have a serious post w/ the name "Cunty" and "Big Booty Bitches"

Jailbreak / Re: let admin applicants defend themselves
« on: September 18, 2019, 04:04:38 pm »
I don’t agree, they can defend themselves but people shouldn’t have to answer that person they devouched or neutral, that person should listen to the devouchers reasoning and try to fix it

Sorry but I want to use something and state why applicants should not only respond to those who devouch and neutral them, but acknowledge what they say as it may help those who devouch understand how much the applicant cares.

Here is my first ever Admin Application for Tango, it was for SA on Jailbreak. Click Here.

It was mixed with devouches and vouches. But I was able to help prove that I had good intentions and would improve my maturity, how did I do that? By responding to those criticizing me and agree with or provide insight to my actions. From that I got SA, and later A-Team, and became probably one of the most experienced and well liked admins to ever play JB.. those were the good times...

Discussion is important, applicants should be able to respond to all who post.

General / [New] Rust Returns!
« on: September 16, 2019, 07:41:31 pm »

Rust Returns!

After popular request and demand... Rust has returned to TangoWorldWide! Come put your survival skills to the test on our new mid sized server.
Specifications: 2x Loot, 8 MAX per team, Loot+, Clan System, Quick Crafting/Smelting, & More!
9/16/2019 is going to be our first wipe, wipes will be bi-weekly as we get things going, then move to a weekly wipe schedule as things pick up. We'd like to make this push into rust a successful one, so invite your friends! There are still several adjustments and new plugins being added to the server, so if you find a bug or problem feel free to @asta @doofy or myself.
Connect through console, or find us in the browser by searching 'tw2'

Code: [Select]

Jailbreak / Re: what defines an unfair angle?
« on: September 03, 2019, 08:36:11 pm »
This has been a thing forever dude. Why is belittling the JB administration team (who isn't even responsible for it) you're go-to?
Please point to where I directly insulted the JB administration team. I suggested that whoever made this rule made a stupid decision, and they absolutely did. If it was you: you made a stupid decision.

There is no reason to get mad. Your response to this was childish and now you get to unlock it and let people call you out.
I disagree. My response is warranted. This is a rule that can be easily abused. There is no definition or example for any of the incredibly subjective terminology, and there should be. Whoever allowed this rule to be written failed to properly do their job.
I didn't lock the topic after I made the post. The intention is to get people to respond so this rule can be made better. Whether you approve of my method of doing so or not, does not matter to me in the slightest.

I realize you had to come up with something to respond with because the new e-girl you've moved on to made a response, but really? This was just pathetic.
Also, was that last part your attempt at moderating me? LOL. Ok buddy. If I wanted to lock the post, I would have locked it, and it would have stayed locked. :coolstorybob:
If not, I'm entirely confused as to what you attempted to accomplish with that.

Your response did not justify this rule existing at all, nor was it constructive in any way. You just shat out a long-form version of 'wah ur mean'.

I mean, you can't really blame the current JB leaders for this. This rule was made back in 2017:
I didn't. Point to where I said, "The current JB leaders are morons."
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

At least I can appreciate that your post attempted to be constructive, even though much of it is more long-form 'wah ur mean'.

While Jailbreak itself is supposed to be toxic, it shouldn't be toxic to the point where people feel they should leave. I don't know if you're overestimating the number of rules that have gotten added, but only one really got added within the past week, the others were editing rules that already existed.
The first part is true. It should be toxic, not unplayable. To the same tune, it shouldn't be so cushy the game is no longer fun. The latter is where JB is heading. I'm absolutely not overestimating the number of rules that have been added recently. Additionally, I was gone for a year for BCT/AIT, so those rules I also consider to be new. Perhaps not to the server, but certainly new to me. That should have been more clear, but I didn't make that connection originally. More on this below the separator.

The only rule that got added was: Warden Rule #18. Wardens may not pick a random T from the warden menu to get LR unless there is under 3 minutes left in the round, and 3 Ts left. Which while I haven't played JB in awhile, this was obviously causing an issue that was making players leave and server and as such a rule was made. If it wasn't causing an issue, this rule wouldn't have come up in the first place.
I am indifferent to this rule. While I don't think a round should be determined entirely to RNG or a similar system, I also think the ability should still exist. There should not be a time constraint set on this rule.
I think both of these quotes sum my sentiments up fairly accurately.
Spoiler: Quotes (click to show/hide)

Adding more regulation to a game just takes the fun away. Nobody likes tons of rules, in life and in games. I would use a real world example here, but it would be polarizing in some way, and given that you couldn't even handle not straw-manning my original post, it's not worth the effort. You guys have successfully over-regulated Jailbreak, and while, given the leadership in the past, I cannot say I am surprised, it is certainly a problem and there are people at all levels, active and not, who are at fault.

Jailbreak has been a fun gamemode in the past and has existed in a better state with fewer rules. Restricting minor things that players can do within Jailbreak will only cause the players to become more agitated with it's administration. A rule should never harm player experience, and we have rules which do exactly that.

Also, using de-pop as a justification for everything is retarded. That's incredibly subjective and you have no way of knowing if a certain action actually caused players to leave, or if they were going to leave anyway. Come with some real evidence or community feedback, or shut the fuck up. De-pop is a word used in place of a non-argument.

All of the rules added on 8/24 were common sense rules, that were discussed at the JB meeting and on these threads:
These were added for the sake of the admins, as people kept getting punished for "common sense" while newer players and older players alike didn't really know what that meant.

There were two rules put in here that weren't common sense, which are:

Added Warden Rule #17. When a pointer is placed down, it is implied for the Ts to go to it. (Simply state for the Ts to not go to a pointer if you want to reference something with a pointer) > Which was an issue mentioned for a long time, as there were people being toxic wardens with it and causing the server to depop, I believe there was also a thread about it is here. And:

Added CT Rule #26. On Clouds CTs may not go on top of cells until 9:15. > Which has already gotten removed due to community feedback, but this does show that the JB Administration team is trying, and they are listening to feedback.

The only other rules added semi-recently (meaning June) were Jump for LR being banned and Teamkilling being considered an act of rebelling. Everyone has their opinions on Jump for LR, I think it should've been a time-based rule instead of how it is now but that's always something that can be discussed later on.

As such, I don't really know what rules you're upset about? Besides for the unfair angle one of course, which has been a rule for years. There are dumber rules to be mad about, as dope mentioned, but those were created a long time ago (I believe also in 2017)

EDIT: Okay I can't find where the rule dope is mentioning got placed, but I'm assuming it must've been in the OG rules.
I'm not going to go through all of these, but I take issue with some of these rules as well. There will be a post in the future seeking community feedback regarding many of the rules on Jailbreak and what we all think can be done to fix them, as well as how we can get rid of the ones that harm player experience.

Quote from: Jailbreak MOTD
14. Ts and CTs may not camp armory or hold any angles, vents, or any choke points that is uncomfortable or unfair for the other team for more than 15 seconds. If players stay there for more than 15 seconds, they may be slapped, then eventually slain.
What is defined as being uncomfortable?
What is defined as being unfair?
If you can define it here, why does it remain undefined in the actual binding rule? A forum post for clarity is not a rule update.
Where are the examples of this?
Killing someone from behind is unfair by definition: they do not have a chance to attack back. Is this covered by the rule? In it's current state, technically yes.
Is a CT waiting for a T who is known to be rebelling and who's location is known considered holding an unfair angle?
Is this camping?
Why are rebels protected in this manner?
Why the arbitrary time limit?
Why can rebels not use the map to their advantage in the fullest extent?
What is the need for this rule to exist?
This is incredibly subjective and can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. This is why this is a shit rule, implemented in a lazy way.

an unfair angle is an angle that you have an advantage over your adversaries to such an extent that it makes it a lot more difficult for the opponent to find and/or kill you.
Isn't that the point of the game? You hold an angle that is most to your advantage so you can kill the enemy easier. Why is this a problem? Just like in competitive play, if an angle is used often enough, it will be learned, and checked, and suddenly it's not as much of a problem. Why are we taking away the reward of knowing a map well?
This is the point of the game. Players who understand positioning do this well. This is an utterly shit definition, and is further evidence to why this rule shouldn't exist. This definition doesn't solve anything. It doesn't tackle a specific issue. It simply states that if a player has difficulty in killing you, you are in the wrong.

In CS:GO, your head is more on the right side. Say, if you were peeking a corner, as the CT on the image, you can't see the T. It's how the corner is. His left side is sticking out, and he can't see the T. But the T can see the CT's left leg, and a bit of his left side. This is just how player-view angles works on CSGO. In the video, if you showed my POV, I only saw a little bit of him, and demo's are a little wonky with replaying situations like these. Matthew sets up and starts to sit at the corner at 6:10. I get killed around 6:00. Matthew gets slayed around 5:40, which makes his total camp ~30 sec. Regardless if it was a unfair angle or not, he was still camping and there are rules for these. I understand that the corner dilemma is just apart of the game. Sitting there for 30 seconds and taking out numerous CTs with that angle is still camping, and has grounds for a warn (which the admin handbook describes a slay/slap/mute/etc.)
You just described peeker's advantage, a mechanic in the game itself. Should we now punish players for using this? For playing the game the way it is meant to be played? For taking advantage of something intentionally added to the game? No. That is not improving the players' experience in any way.

A more stupid rule than this in my opinion though is forcing people who are not following orders to go kill counter-terrorists, I understand that this was made to avoid delaying but it is quite stupid to force someone who is rebelling, someone who shouldn't have to follow anything and can do what they like until the counter-terrorists kill him to have to go towards the counter-terrorists and not allowed to just run around the map doing nothing.
Yes, this rule is also stupid. A rebel should be able to do whatever they want. They are rebelling - intentionally not following the rules. Why are we making them conform to rules?

The rule is dumb to begin with.

The rule should realistically only be for one-ways to prevent round stalling camping.

You shouldn't be slain for holding an entryway where running in would pretty much be death.
While I believe camping is a problem, I do not believe a rebelling T using a 1-way to his advantage should be against the rules. That T earned that privilege by successfully rebelling.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
This analysis is somewhat accurate. While I do not blame the current administration for the rule's implementation, it is their job to continually review the rules and make improvements (not necessarily additions), and this was certainly looked over.
The rest of this I agree with.

You guys seem to be forgetting the fact that this rule is also for CTs, and is more enforced if you're on CT (which is true because I play CT the most).
I don't know why this topic is still up, the main topic was the issue with matthew's slay and that has been already resolved. So I don't think it was wise for the person who opened the thread to do that.
There should be more of a limitation on CT (rgs' example of one-ways) than on T.
This topic is an opportunity to talk about this rule and others. That is why it was unlocked.
Whether you think it was wise or not, I do not care.

He was blaming the current JB leaders for creating a rule that they didn't create.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
This rule absolutely does not achieve it's purpose. This rule was written lazily. Here follows another strawman argument in which you insinuate that I said the current JB administration is responsible for the rule (I literally asked who made it in my post but lol). Something not being complained about until now does not mean a problem does not exist.

Nobody has said this doesn't affect CTs. Strawman. Rebels should be able to abuse that.

These dumb rules may have been put in place for a reason, but they are still dumb rules written in a shitty way. Saying there is a reason does not justify the rules being bad. It's a non-argument.

Idk i think if, for example, you're spam knifing where the CT's teleport to on clouds out of main cells, that's pretty unfair.
It's pretty unfair that CTs start with guns, and Ts start with knives, but such is the nature of the game.
How did the T get to that teleport? Did they perhaps take a risk and rebel?
This is obviously a known thing. CTs can work together to limit it's effectiveness.

I was there when we created the rule. It was intended to stop CT's/T's from just holding down an angle forever with no progress being made. For instance, if you go on jb_clouds and just sit in the glass box of armory forever, then the game never progresses. No CT is gonna risk peaking someone in a one-way glass box, and there is no way to armory that won't get you killed. Ultimately, we made this rule that would force the T to move from the spot and find a new spot/ angle. The rule just makes the game go by quicker and forces the T's and CT's alike to move around more, not really that bad of a rule, makes it a little harder to rebel in a lot of scenario's though.
The rule's intention and implementation are two different things. A T can be told to stop delaying it is becomes a problem, that's up to the admin's discretion. This rule does not allow for that, and instead prevents a T from rebelling effectively. It harms the players' experience.
Why does a written rule need to be put in place for something an admin can obviously take care of.
Not everything needs to be written down. Making rules just creates more situations where they are unintentionally broken or misinterpreted. Regulation is not good.

I absolutely agree with @Revolver Ross.

Tl;dr - Shit rule, no definitions. Lazily implemented. Some of you can go fuck yourselves, and those same some of you cannot read.

Contrary to what has been stated by people who either cannot read, or choose not to, I appreciate the effort that has been made recently by the new JB administration team to fix some of the shitty rules, clarify old rules, and ensure new players understand what 'common-sense' actually is.
That being said, making a rule for every little thing, instead of coaching admins to solve situations using their discretion, is how you destroy a server.

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