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Processed / Re: Nelson Mandela Member Application
« on: January 01, 2021, 05:59:13 pm »

toxic on jb, would not like to see him in tango without being better on the servers

Prophunt | Server Mods / Re: abcs prophunt sm app
« on: December 29, 2020, 01:57:23 pm »

wow, what a list


complete nuisance to tango and decided to cheat for some reason

Hey man if you didn’t know you can search up bans using his steam id and it looks like he has 4 bans in total which obtain his 12 month ban, 30 min. 3day and 10min. Also his vac ban isn’t associated with tango at all so why does that make him a nuisance towards tango 😐

free abc

hey man how do i know he doesn't have more than 1 account  :)

im well aware all of the bans aren't him, however i feel like anyone that gets a cheating ban shouldn't be allowed to be admin on a different server while that ban stays, in fact, he shouldn't even be on tango servers at all.

Prophunt | Server Mods / Re: dolips prophunt sm app
« on: December 29, 2020, 01:49:59 am »
7. What differs you from other applicants: Ive had alot of experience in tango servers and know the rules


yea you sure do know the rules

seems like waiting out active bans on other servers before applying for an admin position would be the better play here

Garry's Mod / The Basics of Pointshop
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:23:15 am »
The Basics of Pointshop was created to help players understand the new Pointshop that we have on our Garry's Mod Servers! It's a unique experience compared to other communities and servers. If you have any suggestions for our pointshop, feel free to post them in the Suggestions & Ideas Section.

The Table of Contents serves as a convenience for returning players looking for specific information.

Table of Contents

1. TangoStore Basics
2. TangoStore Inventory & Items
3. Understanding Card Packs & Store Cards

Closing Notes:
If there are errors within this book, please contact @Jess., @Loo, or @Ryanf47 via PM here on the forums.

Please note all changes to the handbook in the format: MM/DD/YYYY - Describe changes made.
Ex. 07/21/2018 - Minor grammar edits.
Any specific changes to the handbook must be noted in the changelog!

Code: [Select]
01/06/2021 - TangoStore Inventory & Items section is released.
01/05/2021 - TangoStore Basics section is released.
01/02/2021 - The Basics of Pointshop v1.0 is released.

Event Suggestions / Re: Intro to Developing Event
« on: December 26, 2020, 06:47:06 am »

As Jess has said and from my past experiences tutoring/teaching fundamentals of computer science, Object-Oriented Programming, multiple programming languages, and other similar topics. it takes longer than a 45-60 minute to learn even the fundamentals of a language or programming.

To give an idea, even the basics such as learning the basics syntax of a language can be an hour-long lesson (this obv changes depending on a person's ability to comprehend and other factors).  Even then, it does not mean that the person has learned it, they could completely forget the lesson and teachings a few days later.

Learning to program requires regular lessons, training, practice, and the push to want to learn it. Look at coding bootcamps, most are daily lectures, practice, and learning for on average 14 weeks.

As much as I and other devs would love to see more people interested in coding, I don't think many of the active devs in tango have the time to hold people's hand as they learn due to personal/professional/tango projects and commitments they have (But I can't speak for them).

BUT many of us are active on discord and will provide support and answer questions when asked in the #tech channel.

If this really is of interest, I wouldn't mind helping out by hosting weekly/bi-weekly Q&A styled events/meetings depending on my schedule as it is my last semester in University and I don't have as many club responsibilities anymore. And I can believe others will agree, there wouldn't be any mind to start creating lists of resources to help learn and practice in the Society of Computer Science Section and in the #tech channel on discord.

Official Announcements / Happy Holidays from TangoWorldWide
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:58:47 pm »

It has been a very long and strange year for all of us. So many of us have gone past many challenges, roadblocks, and worked hard at getting past the pandemic and adjusting to remote learning, living, and interactions (past what we all were used to in gaming :feelsbadman:).

We wanted to take a minute from the entire staff team of TangoWorldWide to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and say we are excited to power forward in 2021. Our community has a lot left to give, a lot of new updates and plans to feature, and a bright future with the outstanding members we have here.

Over the last several years TangoWorldWide has hoped to act like a home away from home, completely online, where your friends and interactions are endless. We look forward to continuing our story in 2021 and empowering our mission.

Merry Christmas!

Promotions & Demotions / Promotions, Rank Adjustments, & Acceptances v351
« on: December 19, 2020, 10:37:12 pm »
Promotions & Acceptances v350

@IKEA was granted Legend.
@SiL3nT was granted Legend.
@Additive was granted Distinguished.
@Beezwax99 was granted Distinguished.
@Dkmstr was granted Distinguished.
@WickedAmaya was promoted to Community Ambassadors.
@Persephone was promoted to Community Ambassadors.
@samz was promoted to Divisional Leader (of Minecraft).
@Salty was promoted to Divisional Leader (of CSGO).
@Bill was promoted to CS:GO Divisional Staff: Jailbreak.
@TheTacticalTech was promoted to Web and Comms Mod.
@AndrewS was promoted to Sr. Staff.
@COCK was promoted to Sr. Staff.
@Desp was promoted to Sr. Staff.
@nooperton was promoted to Sr. Staff.
@Yoink was promoted to Sr. Staff.
@Philly has resigned to Vet Member.
@Dragonate has been temporarily moved to Sr. Staff, pending reposition.

@Creole was accepted as a Novice Recruit.

JB | Supplementary Admins / Re: StepBro Sa Application
« on: December 14, 2020, 09:32:44 pm »
I can’t lie, this guy as an applicant is better than the ~6 below it, not only that I heard you guys are in a struggle for admins so +v
Thanks dude everyone says I abuse but I don't and when i confront them about it all they do is come up with excuse on why they couldn't record it or something. I'm no here to get hate I just want to hear peoples response on how I should improve. Being an Sa would be awesome but i can agree that i need a little more experience, but no one like's to help me. Fork helped me with my application to become a member and that all the help I've received.
Hello I'm part of a group named mentorship feel free to dm me on discord and I'll be happy to set you up with some help with administrating or anything you need. We are always looking to help people that want to improve and just need some help

Best Regards


The Holidays are  here and it's time once again for the annual 12 Days of Christmas events! This year we will begin on December 13th, 2020 then run through December 24th, 2020!
This year our selection of games and events will only increase, and everyone on Event Team is ready to bring you all some holiday events! (and holiday cheer!)
Once again Event Team and the Forum Staff have coordinated our Holiday Forum Scavenger Hunt! Keep an eye out for that!

So grab some hot chocolate, your favorite blanket, and get ready for TangoWorldWide's 12 Days of Christmas 2020!

Event Prizes

 This year at each event you will collect raffle tickets to earn prizes and rewards!
 The hosts will keep track of everyone attending and those of you who stand out
 in the participation of events.
 After 12DOC concludes a list of tango prizes, steam games, and other things to win
 will be released. Each day leading into the new year a person will be selected
 to choose a prize on the list. The more tickets you have the greater the chance you win!

The Event Calender!
All links to events can be found on the blocks located left of the event name & host.

Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday        Sunday        
   [--PM] CS:GO 1v1
   Winter Tourney
   by BALLS

   [10PM] Golf With
   by Caribou
   [10PM] Valorant
   10 Man
   by Yoink
   [8PM] Stick Fight
   The Game
   by Ldcommish
   [6PM] Among Us
   by Bill

   [8PM] Jackbox Party 7
   by voltingshock
   [10PM] CS:GO 10 Man
   by waddles
   [8PM] Minecraft
   Bedwars Squads
   by Silver.
   [7PM] osu!
   by Dos.

   [10PM] 18+ Cards Against
   by Alamo
   [7PM] CS:GO Jailbreak
   by PickolasCage

   [10PM] Skribbl.io
   Christmas Fun!
   by Ldcommish
   [7PM] Christmas
   Jackbox (3/4)
   by voltingshock
   [6PM] Among Us
   by Ldcommish
   [7PM] CS:GO Jailbreak
   Hide and Seek
   by PickolasCage
   [5PM] Holiday
   Scavenger Hunt
   by Loo & voltingshock

   [10PM] Home Alone
   Movie Night
   by voltingshock

*If you have any questions, make sure to contact a member of event team, or voltingshock#2237 on discord!

Freebies & Giveaways / Free Games
« on: December 08, 2020, 02:43:44 pm »
Uh this board kinda dead, so I thought I'd give away some games

Here's the list of games you can pick from


Just ya know, leave a like and reply and every couple days I'll choose somebody to pick 2 games

Good luck  ;)

Jailbreak / Re: Jailbreak Trusted Staff
« on: November 25, 2020, 01:50:38 pm »
I thought I made the Jailbreak Trusted Staff post clear enough to understand, but apparently not.*  Seems there is a lot of misunderstanding on what exactly Trusted Staff means.
*Yes, I was the original poster for Jailbreak Trusted Staff.

As a request from @xtra and with permission from @Axel quoting his exact words: "I want Taco Bell," I present a simplified illustration for this overall post.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this post, then refer to the ORIGINAL POST ABOVE AND JUST READ IT.

General Discussion / A Special day
« on: October 29, 2020, 07:56:13 am »
Happy 3 Year anniversary Tango! Where are we going out to celebrate? OWO

JB | Advisory Team / Re: Moving on up
« on: October 21, 2020, 05:11:26 pm »
hope to see you one day steal Axel's div spot ;)


ty brother

JB | Advisory Team / Re: Waddles A-Team Application
« on: October 16, 2020, 04:40:14 pm »
A-Team from what i’ve seen is just higher immunity with an extra thin layer of responsibilities.

I love how people perceive this nowadays! Unfortunately your perception is incorrect.

The A-Team holds a somewhat significant difference than SA for a number of reasons. For starters, we like to only have our long time very knowledgeable admins on the team being promoted. No, not just someone that just slightly stands out. Having someone apply that has been SA for all of 3 weeks, doesn't quite meet that criteria. Another criteria that we enforce is the leadership qualities that applicants should be showing before even considering applying for the position. Whether it's leadership in the server or within the admin team, both are acceptable. The requirements that can be found on this post is just a bare minimum for what we require out of a candidate, there's a much wider variety of expectations linked to it and it shouldn't be seen as "A higher immunity and a thin layer of responsibilities".

Official Announcements / Re: World Mental Health Day 2020
« on: October 10, 2020, 04:56:41 pm »
Just wanted to start this off by saying thank you to this community and everyone in it. Without Tango I wouldn't be alive today, and even though I struggle everyday this community and the people in it make life a bit more bearable. I also want to thank everyone who tries their hardest to make sure even though I barely talk I'm always included in things, it's hard for me to talk because I usually don't have the energy and talking makes me have panic attacks most of the time. Thank you to the people who pop into my channel on the daily to just say hello or ask me if I would like to join a game with them like Among Us or Phasmophobia, I struggle with thinking everyone hates me and that when i'm talking to someone or hanging out that i'm being a burden. I'm also sorry to all my friends I go weeks without talking to, I struggle with starting conversations and keeping a conversation going these days. Also a huge thank you to balon, he deals with the brunt of my mental health issues and does whatever he can to understand and help the best way he knows how, i know it's a bitch to deal with all the time and I appreciate it immensely. I love you all.

My GAD, panic disorder, depression, and C-PTSD have been absolutely kicking my ass lately but i'm managing, one diet coke at a time. ( ´ ꒳ `∗)

TLDR:  You're never alone in what you're going through, me and everyone in Tango is here for you and chances are some of us are going through the same things.
If anyone is feeling down and need somewhere to just sit and hang out I have a channel in discord (flower), or you can add me on discord (bribalon#0306) if you ever need to talk or vent or if you just want a friend.

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