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Braggin' n Baggin' / Re: 3000 hours of CS:GO all culminating in this
« on: April 30, 2020, 05:10:17 pm »
Teebz man I'm so proud remember when you dropped -1 kills in our comp match?

Freebies & Giveaways / Re: yankee with no brim
« on: April 13, 2020, 12:13:22 am »

@majd does this count

The Gentlemen's Club / Minion fan fiction
« on: March 31, 2020, 10:33:07 pm »
I was looking back in my google drive and I found a minion fanfiction from 2 years ago no clue where I got it from but holy fucking shit is it messed up I might of not even wrote it since my grammar was ass at the time but I thought I would share it with you guys

It gets real fucked real fast beware

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

im so sorry

Month of April Giveaway

1st - ★ Navaja Knife | Blue Steel (Well-Worn) (Minimal-Wear)
2nd - Tango Package X2 (!redie and credit multiplier)
3rd - Tango Package X2 (!redie and credit multiplier)
4th -  Tango Package X2 (!redie and credit multiplier)

5th - Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Minimal Wear)
6th - Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Minimal Wear)

*These rewards may be increased at any time, but will not be decreased*

How to enter?

•Comment on this post (can be done once per day) - 1 entry

•Like this post - 1 entry

•Apply to join tango (not applicable to those blacklisted from applying) - 1 entry

•Get accepted into Tango - 2 entries

•Get promoted to staff or higher = 2 entries

•Make a suggestion to Tango that gets accepted = 2 entries

•Finish within the top 3 in terms of server kills on GameME for the day (Only applicable for JB, and 1v1) = 3 entries

•Refer someone to apply to Tango - 3 entries

*You will only be given entries for tasks completed after the making of this post*

When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway will end and the winners will be drawn on May 1st April 29th.

Although it is still April, you can start accumulating entries for anything done after the making of this post. Also, there is no need to comment every time you do something as I manually track entries.

Raffle Entry Mega List
This will be updated at least once each week and will contain a list of everyone's current amount of entries. It will be ordered alphabetically by steam names. I will not be keeping up with name changes, so change your name at your own risk.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'd rather just make it SA+ only, remove it from the donor admins.
If SA+ are using this to their advantage then they can be suspended/removed.

I'd be completely against removing it just because it helps with moderation.

Official Announcements / Streams, Donations for my Mom, Her Health
« on: December 25, 2019, 09:06:36 am »
Before we begin I would like to thank each and every one of you who tuned into the very brief Countdown to Christmas stream. So far there has been about $1,000 raised through the stream and donations sent directly to my PayPal, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all SO SO SO very much. This community has gone on multiple times now to completely and entirely amaze me with its' generosity and support, and to that, I thank you all.

Countdown to Christmas has been an event I hosted since 2014, and have absolutely loved to host every year. When I was about 10-17 I was involved in many communities, some of my own but the ones I owned never managed to make it past football season (Aug - Nov) into the holidays and ultimately shut down. That being said, I've always wanted to ensure the holiday forums were bright with holiday cheer, Christmas logo, and plenty of events to allow our members to bond in their online family. Given this year ran short I would like to extend it over the next week whenever I am online and have some time to hop in a game with friends and people from the community. This will both allow me to continue to extend an event I love and proceed to earn more donations to help support my mom in the hospital.

Streams will run this week starting between 9-10PM EST and run until maybe 1-2AM EST.

Bit detailed information in regards to my mom's health, so feel free to skip past this spoiler:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This all being said, it has been very taxing on me to have to listen to her beg and plead to come home but unable to have her discharged at this time. I know in the back of my head (and hers) every day she is in the hospital the "most expensive hotel" stay is ticking up by the hundreds, therefore any and every donation makes an impact no matter how small. Here is the updated information for donations for her. If you would like to donate directly via PayPal you can do so at the following:

or if you have CC, or prefer using streamlabs in between, you can use:

On Jan 1, 2020 I will ensure I get a list together of all donators (I know most of you by name -- if not you will get an email from me), and then issue an award on the forums and possibly some type of raffle as a thank you for all of the love and support.

As said, from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for the love and support. You have made this process a lot easier and words can not express
my gratitude.

With love and best wishes for the holiday with your families,
~ TJ & briana

JB | Supplementary Admins / [Denied] Aidan's SA Application [PT 2]
« on: December 23, 2019, 07:22:03 pm »
1. In-Game Name - T.w² |Aidan

2. SteamID -  76561199008997639

3. Age -  16

4. Country, Location/Timezone - Mountain Time Zone

5. How long have you been a Tango Member - Well, i've been playing since about 2016. But then I had a break from 17,18 and then started playing just about a month ago. I think when I came back I still had a little bit to re-learn and such. But I still got it in me.

6. Why do you deserve this position:
Well, truthfully I do not believe one bit this will get accepted, not because of any reason other then me still trying to learn the admin rules as I've just bought it about a week ago. But honestly, I am a pretty respectful and fun kid to talk to. I feel like I am able to communicate and become friends with people quite faster then others due to that. When I bought admin i knew i was going to have to follow rules and such a lot more then I probably would have before, but it seems I am getting used to it. When players are having problems and they @ a admin I normally answer then ask about the problem. I sometimes have a problem with figuring out what is real and what is not so I probably make mistakes a few times but I think that's normal for most people. I've always been a fast learner though, and I have noticed that I am a lot more mature and smarter then i used to be when I played. But again it was 2 years ago. Admin has really been an aspiration since I started, I have always looked up to the admins of the time as esteemed members of this community that protected it and nurtured it. This type of ideology I have carried throughout my time in the tango community; to assist this community grow and develop in the best way that it can and I can only go so far by what I have done so far as the upmost of my power currently is to inform new members of the rules and how to do things and then inform others of rule breaks.

7. What differs you from other applicants:
I feel as I don't differ much from other admins and such, but I know for a fact I probably know more rules and follow them better then some. Everyone that is applying probably is applying because they know they've been practicing their skills and found a way to fit their position nicely so I don't know how i differ that much. If i had to put something out, it would be that I know my way around most of the maps. And I am really good with paying attention so I know what it going on at all times.

8. Are you able to record videos on the server? - Shouldn't be a problem

9. Are you SA / A-Team / Admin on any other server - Would be a first.

10. Do you accept removal of status on the server listed above (if this does not apply to you, put N/A) - N/A

11. Do you have any information to add - Nothing comes off the top of my head that would be important, I am a pretty smart kid and I just love meeting new people haha.

Freebies & Giveaways / Christmas 100$ Giveaway :)
« on: December 21, 2019, 06:47:14 pm »
Welcome to aidan's 100$ Christmas giveaway. Starts NOW. Ends Wednesday, December 25 on 5:00PM Mountain Time Zone

Payments will be [Amazon Giftcard] [Paypal] [Tango Credits] You choose!

recurits must be between the giveaway deadline

How Can I enter?

1. Post on this thread daily, only 1 post allowed a day. MUST BE A JOKE / BUMP [1 entries]

2. Recruit someone into tango. (With proof provided) [6 entries]

3. Donate to Tango 15$ (With Proof Provided) [10 entries ]

4. Donate 10$ to my paypal, this will help with expenses for the giveaway, you can donate as many times. [12 entries]

This thread will be updated frequently. :) Goodluck!

Mr.Fear [4]
Brandog <3 <3 [2]
Jack [3]
Doc [4]
lilstuffie [1]
OfficalSaucy [1]
Dudeman [4]
Capie [3]
Caribou [1]
Conner [3]
Big booty [1]
brown [2]
Fork [1]
Joker [2]
Teebz [11]
Punnie [1]
Brown [1]
CMant [2]
Haze [1]
mark [1]
Fortnite [1]

Community Events / 12 Days of Christmas [Master List + Information]
« on: December 10, 2019, 07:40:25 am »

It's that time of year again, and the 12 Days of Christmas events will begin on December 13th, 2019 then run through December 24th, 2019!
This year alongside the normal events which run on our servers, we'll be venturing out into other games like Golf With Your Friends and Overwatch !
The forum staff have even coordinated their very own Forum Scavenger Hunt for you to participate in!

So grab some hot chocolateand get ready for TangoWorldWide's 12 Days of Christmas.

Event Prizes

 This year at each event you will collect raffle tickets to earn prizes and rewards!
 The hosts will keep track of everyone attending and those of you who stand out
 in the participation of events.
 After 12DOC concludes a list of tango prizes, steam games, and other things to win
 will be released. Each day leading into the new year a person will be selected
 to choose a prize on the list. The more tickets you have the greater the chance you win!

The Event Calender!
All links to events can be found on the blocks located left of the event name & host.

Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday        Sunday        
   [8PM] Skribbl.io
   by doc

   [9PM] League ARAM
   by itsProject

   [10PM] Drunk GWYF
   by Midnight
   [4PM] Hunger Games
   by Midnight
   [7PM] Osu 4-7*
   by doc
   [8PM] Surf Rotation
   by Bill
   [9PM] Town of Salem
   by WickedAmaya & Loo
   [6PM] Overwatch 6-Man
   by Urbana

   [8PM] GWYF
   by Caribou & Lulu
   [5PM] 1v1 Tournament
   by Cunty

   [6PM] Bhop
   by asta

   [7PM] R6 Siege
   by ris & Lt.Kitty

   [8PM] Spyfall
   by Bill

   [10PM] Drunk TTT
   by Jess & Loo
   [7PM] Osu 4-7*
   by doc

   [7PM] Tabletop Simulator
   by Midnight

  [10PM] Drunk CAH
   by Midnight & Alex
   [12PM] Forum Scavenger Hunt
   by Midnight & ris

   [7PM] Arms Race
   by Midnight

   [8PM] League 10man
   by itsProject & Bill
   [4PM] Town of Salem
   by Lt.Kitty

   [6PM] Chess
   by Dragonate

   [7PM] 10man
   by Urbana

   [9PM] Hide & Seek
   by Midnight
   [6PM] Jailbreak Christmas
   by itsProject & Dragonate

   [10PM] Countdown to
   by balon

*If you have any questions, make sure to contact Alex, Bill or Midnight.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Shut up Teebz

okay, the tea is cold. goodnight everybody

ok liberal ??? im going to other community i can be left WING if i wunt

Not really going to waste time picking apart line by line, most of it is useless rambling that you spent well over an hour to compile or dodgy shots that were barely backed up. You are correct in one thing, you are in no way a friend of mine, therefore per your wish, I'll remove your Friend of Tango (even though Tango is the community if it said Friend of Balon that would be a bit different). Also, I don't know anywhere I threatened to ban you? If I couldn't step up to the heat I wouldn't be posting on threads like these, ones I know will turn into shit-shows. I'm not Southwind calling in for re-inforcements.

As you've been so humbled to remind us that you were "mr. big dick most hours on ts this week, most posts on the forums, most likes on the forums, most hours on the forum,s first discord moderator in the discord, most hours on the cs:go servers, most time managing a cs:go server, Sdot over here, this is the bottom". The start of your activity on our website was at the start of 2017. Before 2017 I was at my peak of activity (2014-2016), so please, hold my beer. I promise you that TangoWorldWide would've survived just fine if you had never been here. It existed before you, it'll exist after you (though as Alex, Jordan, myself get older we move further and further away to different interests).

As previously stated, which I guess you nor Southwind can comphrend, I did not tag his post to say that you lowed forum activity, simply re-inforced some of the points I made in my initial post regarding the forums. No need for him to rebuttal that, he did, so here we are. It was a perfect example of a once staff member who was highly active on our forums who decided to post on discord instead of our forums. Funny enough his post and your activity time (per analytics at the time of the post) were extremely close to each other. I do not think your statements about the forums were so mission-critical that if it did not get relayed to the thread ASAP we would be screwed!

It's not so much an insecurity, more an annoyance that when asking Southwind to keep something in private I get a DM from you regarding the topic the next day. It simply shows me that I cannot trust some of my staff, nor that they should be staff if these decide to continue to follow those actions. You were so kind as to remind me you can get any information out of staff you want in it or not, you put that target on his back. As for him being one of the most consistent admins, and as you called him THE best staff we have... what? I can name several doing 10x more than him and that will continue to. He dropped the ball on previous assignments, if he would like to dish that out he can grow a pair and come to us in private not third channel through you.

To remind you, we are all volunteering to be here. You dealt with a slice of Tango for many years (different slices at different times, you do not have to completely manage the big picture as you are being reamed by variables you cannot control). Zoning a server and making 10,000 posts are repeated actions that can be learned once. Try to do some of the planning we coordinate in ownership behind the scenes, then start bitching.

As for Alex, he did certainly raise a good generation and I would want no one else in his position. We've been at it for a very long time, will continue to. You are insignificant in comparison.

"More people like me in Tango than you."
ok liberal

Teamspeak as an application has massively declined, in comparison (ratio wise) where we were in previous years, actually holding strong. You should see TS5, it's terrible. You have to compare things across the board and look at the statistics in comparison to others, something that many of you decide not to do.

Discord was dead the other day in the afternoon while everyone was at school, yeah I was annoyed because I was in class. It has nothing to do with our plans with discord overall.

I am glad you think that Tango sucks entirely and is going to shit, please continue to exit and I welcome others who have no faith in our ability to continue to run this community to do the same. We will continue to work our absolute hardest to continue moving things along and executing plans long-term. If it just so happens you stay by us all that time and work with us, you will naturally be amongst the top ranks and working for our future.

To your closing regards, it's funny out of all your friends you constantly list some talk the other way. If they want to stay they know they are more then welcome to, but we as a community will not allow this third party shit to continue, stuff leaking from staff meetings, etc. It's not going to happen here. Not the community we started, not the one I'll continue to run. I'll drive it into the ground before I allow toxicity like this to remain around the community, hell maybe that has to do with it! We got tired of people's shit and started dishing out so many bans and doing stuff that negatively impacted us, oh well.


As to you @SouthWind66 ™! Again not to blame you, you just conveniently provided me EXACTLY what I was trying to explain with discord activity and engagement taking over.  Sdot has a forum account, he can choose to use it if he wants to post. There was no reason for you to post for him.

It's not a matter of 'being salty out of the blue', it's that as Ownership we all think posting third party is fucking plain stupid. That opinion did not just come from me. If you cannot see why I'm not going to explain it to you.

Grow a pair.

As for 'salt', I think it is you that got salty for me referencing your post, not me stating something that is pretty obvious... posting for another user after getting that content via discord is literally a prime example.

No where in that post did I blame you or sdot for lower forum activity.

Yea my bad bro, for whatever reason this just kindaaaa sounds like blame to me:
Also shit like what just happened in @SouthWind66 ™'s post contributes to it, instead of a long time 10k poster coming to leave his opinion on the thread he had to do it through discord, takes from activity.

You had to ask sdot like you're his personal news reporter, the man literally is active enough to read this thread multiple times today and like multiple posts on it -- but not to disclose his opinions by himself?
Damn man you are completely correct! I forgot, I can't ask for someone's opinion on a topic that is extremely relevant to them, specifically when I know others in the community may be curious about it. Also, one question makes me a reporter now?! Kinda crazy! Maybe I'll go to the user with the second most posts on the forums next! @BOT Tango

Was the second coming of jesus too tired to switch off of discord to post on the website or was he too preoccupied inching his dick further up your ass that you had to take the keyboard and type this one for him?
Holy shit how did you know?! That must be it! He couldn't possibly have a life outside of Tango right? Surely he couldn't message me from his phone while he was eating or doing something else, right?

In the future if you'd like to reach out with a question about my post, I suggest you DM me -- though do note I'm just at happy continuing here for the community to see!
No, when you @ me in a post on the forums, I'll typically respond... on the forums... like everyone else. Plus I didn't have any questions, you didn't really have to @ me or say anything about my post, but you chose to just to be salty about something out of the blue.

So what did I get out of this?

Basically nothing...

The only thing I've learned about this experience, is that you will come out of the blue and start tossing shade for most random shit. You're mad that I asked someone a question? Really? Get over it.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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