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Departures / Thank You Everyone.
« on: February 16, 2020, 03:17:20 am »
I guess I made it out. I've been doing better on myself and making good decisions within the past month from my last "Episode". I am here to thank Tango and its members who checked on me or left something helpful for me to look at. It may not seem like it because I've been keeping myself quiet but I really appreciate everything that was said and to those who reached out to check on me.

  • @Thicc Boi Thank you for trying to check up on me and see how I have been doing lately. <3
  • @Johnny Manziel Appreciate the advice on getting whatever local help would have been available on campus. <3
  • @Charlie Much love for the motivation and information on where I could seek help. <3
  • @doc You branched off and checked in on me ever now and then. I never got the chance to tell you but I love you too brotha. Thanks for everything you have done for me. <3
  • @asta Glad I got to your message. Really brightened up my day and I hope our chat and future chats lead you the right direction. <3

Big thank you to Tango itself for providing me with everlasting friendships, memories that wont be forgotten, and this community. Going to miss all of this.

Much Love


psttt, If you ever need me you know where to find me https://osu.ppy.sh/users/10100433 or Hunny#5000

Denied / Re: [Forums] Reasons on ALL appeals
« on: January 02, 2020, 07:22:28 pm »
Those who receive a straight up "no", all know what they did, why they received the bans and why the bans aren't being lifted.

Joels appeal is literally the same shit he always does, "oh ive changed let me back" even though he can't even be truthful in his appeal so he's just here to waste our time.

Denied / Re: [Forums] Reasons on ALL appeals
« on: January 02, 2020, 07:14:14 pm »
Vouch for most instances, but if it's someone who is evidently trolling, or your given example - joel, I don't see it as necessary.

Those who receive a straight up "no", all know what they did, why they received the bans and why the bans aren't being lifted.

Temp Leaves / brb
« on: December 28, 2019, 07:33:26 pm »
Gone for a week but still going to be on my laptop B)

Official Announcements / Streams, Donations for my Mom, Her Health
« on: December 25, 2019, 09:06:36 am »
Before we begin I would like to thank each and every one of you who tuned into the very brief Countdown to Christmas stream. So far there has been about $1,000 raised through the stream and donations sent directly to my PayPal, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all SO SO SO very much. This community has gone on multiple times now to completely and entirely amaze me with its' generosity and support, and to that, I thank you all.

Countdown to Christmas has been an event I hosted since 2014, and have absolutely loved to host every year. When I was about 10-17 I was involved in many communities, some of my own but the ones I owned never managed to make it past football season (Aug - Nov) into the holidays and ultimately shut down. That being said, I've always wanted to ensure the holiday forums were bright with holiday cheer, Christmas logo, and plenty of events to allow our members to bond in their online family. Given this year ran short I would like to extend it over the next week whenever I am online and have some time to hop in a game with friends and people from the community. This will both allow me to continue to extend an event I love and proceed to earn more donations to help support my mom in the hospital.

Streams will run this week starting between 9-10PM EST and run until maybe 1-2AM EST.

Bit detailed information in regards to my mom's health, so feel free to skip past this spoiler:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This all being said, it has been very taxing on me to have to listen to her beg and plead to come home but unable to have her discharged at this time. I know in the back of my head (and hers) every day she is in the hospital the "most expensive hotel" stay is ticking up by the hundreds, therefore any and every donation makes an impact no matter how small. Here is the updated information for donations for her. If you would like to donate directly via PayPal you can do so at the following:

or if you have CC, or prefer using streamlabs in between, you can use:

On Jan 1, 2020 I will ensure I get a list together of all donators (I know most of you by name -- if not you will get an email from me), and then issue an award on the forums and possibly some type of raffle as a thank you for all of the love and support.

As said, from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for the love and support. You have made this process a lot easier and words can not express
my gratitude.

With love and best wishes for the holiday with your families,
~ TJ & briana

Jailbreak / Re: What’s least favourite thing about jailbreak
« on: December 23, 2019, 05:01:30 pm »
people coming and going on jb

sometimes you'll meet really cool people and develop good relations for months, and they'll disappear without a word or leaving for college :(
or they just move on from jb for other reasons, (boring , same old thing,)

also people flexing their "og" status, like cool I get you got on like once in 2015 but you don't need to tell EVERY FUCKING ONE ON THE SERVER, LIKE SHUT CHO GOOFY ASS UP, people only do this to make themselves seem relevant, "hey dude you remember *example, haha only people in (insert your irrelevancy in this year) will get it" *excluding 95% of the server on purpose

General Discussion / Re: SELFIES
« on: December 20, 2019, 09:03:07 am »
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Me Normally
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Braggin' n Baggin' / Made G 8)
« on: December 16, 2019, 12:20:16 am »
In g again boys 8)


Jailbreak / Re: New super special days ideas
« on: December 14, 2019, 07:06:17 pm »
Like the Mafia murder, there will be a story teller, in this case it will be all the CTs. Each round a criminal (randomly choosen) may choose 1 T to die, CTs will find out who was chosen to die and will make up a quick story on how they die. The CTs would then get muted and then the Ts will be able to talk for 5 seconds and say who they think is the criminal, voting a T out. If the criminal dies another T will be randomly chosen as the criminal

Changes / Bhop New Maps + Server Wipe & Seasonal WL
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:25:44 pm »
After a very very long wait, bhop has finally received some QOL updates
and a new map list. In addition, today we are bringing forward a new method for
consistent server wipes, a schedule, and a white-list server starting in March 2020.

Server IP:

New Maps + Server Wipe
A new set of maps has been added to the server bringing the total count of maps 1063.  The entire list can be found on our paste🡽, which includes 300 new maps this update. Periodically, we plan to consistently add new maps to the public server pool.

With the new map list, a complete server wipe was necessary. This included all player records, times, and replay data. This should help clear up the abundance of lag from so many records being calculated at once. To help combat lag in the future and provide the availability to run an active anti-cheat on-server, we have decided to move to a seasonal wipe schedule and implement a whitelist! Read below for more details!

Seasonal WL + Future Plans
Depending on the population and the number of players constantly on the server, the period of each season may change... however, as of right now our plan is to wipe the server every 3 months (so the next wipe is around March 1, 2020). Each wipe, the records will be merged into a 3-6 slot Bhop Archive server, where players can go look at times and replays (but not complete any maps on that server). The top 64 players according to elo each wipe will have access to a 8-12 slot whitelist server which will have its own separate database where the 'best' bhoppers of our community can compete. The WL server will never wipe and have a constant database for the foreseeable future. We will run an anti-cheat on the whitelist server and ensure that the rates of the server are in accordance with the requirements for the times to be seen as globally acceptable.

Few key points to summarize for Seasonal WL:
  • Seasons will last 3 months (ie: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Season)
  • Only the top 64 players from the previous wipe can access the WL server
  • If you qualify in Winter2020 but not Spring2020, in summer you can no longer access the WL

This will both help combat lag that occurs after hundreds of thousands of records are in the database being calculated each time a player completes the map and allow us to have a white-list server, a long-time goal of TWTimer.

With this, @jordan and myself will be doing QOL updates to the timer and fixing bugs as they appear, so make sure you report them (if you previously reported a bug, you might want to still report it as we may have missed it).

If you have any questions please leave them on the thread below!

Special Thanks:
@asta - Making this possible by working on the new map list,
 zoning, testing, and helping come up with the idea for seasons
sdot - Zoning new maps
PeaceMaker / Adam - continued timer support

Spoiler: long (click to show/hide)

Ya'll just keep pulling me back to post on this gosh darn website huh. Good thing I'm back, look at how poppin' this forum post is!
Don't say I never do anything for this community bro, I made these forums. Without me, none of this would exist. So you are very welcome

Let's start with a statement, or rather, a question. Please remove my Friend of Tango rank, I'm definitely a friend of the community, but I'm not a friend of yours and I'd like to be just registered and normal, it'll help me detach from the community.

If I'm not banned by the end of this, that is.

There's a lot to pick apart here.
No where in that post did I blame you or sdot for lower forum activity.

Also shit like what just happened in @SouthWind66 ™'s post contributes to it, instead of a long time 10k poster coming to leave his opinion on the thread he had to do it through discord, takes from activity.

Although not using the words 'lower forum activity,' you do say we contribute to this takeover of Discord which worsens the activity on the forums.

So, let's talk about my activity on the forums. I don't want to post anymore. I think the forums once had a great thing, and have quickly died out. For me personally, the forums were an addiction. I would post on everything, read everything, constantly spam refresh waiting for new posts, always being the first to everything. I found myself, during conversation lulls in real life, reaching for my phone, to check if a new post had been made. It was unhealthy, and it led to me no longer wanting to post. Deciding to limit myself to just viewing, and eventually to just viewing every so often rather than constantly every three to five minutes. That is why I do not post anymore.

You had to ask sdot like you're his personal news reporter, the man literally is active enough to read this thread multiple times today and like multiple posts on it -- but not to disclose his opinions by himself?

To the last question, yes. I don't want to post, I don't want to make this right now. I don't like posting on the forums, it reminds me of harder times when I struggled with, as mentioned above, my constant need to make forum posts. I like posts that I support, it's a way to show my, you guessed it, support.

Southwind asking me my thoughts on this? Superb idea, I know the forums inside and out, and I've spent the most time on them by far. Nobody has read more posts, written more posts, or been involved with more posts than myself. To get my feedback on this topic is just a great idea, as I would feel it would be if someone else was in my position.

Was the second coming of jesus too tired to switch off of discord to post on the website or was he too preoccupied inching his dick further up your ass that you had to take the keyboard and type this one for him?

This joke makes little sense and is asinine. I'd like to skip over it, but then I'd feel like I'm missing my chance here. I've seen you be funny, you can certainly do better than a 'pee-pee in butt-butt rofl' joke. Not to mention it's just randomly aggressive and disrespectful, not that I'm saying you have to hold yourself to a higher standard than any member. You don't need to be respectful of any of your staff members, that's not my call to make.

Also your post perfectly highlighted "leaving [and inactivity] for stupid reasons".

Not quite sure what this means, so I'll give a (some?) blanket statement(s). I left Tango because I, as we've spoken about this, disagree with too many things to stay here. I think ownership is at its absolute rock-bottom stinkiest of the shit-hole-esque worst. I think specific people in the community are genuinely god-complexed idiots. Not the god-complex you once accused me of having, but the god-complex that is detrimental to the community's longevity. More so than Valve fucking community servers, more than Valve fucking GFL's Gmod. More than all the bad business decisions, more than all the betrayed friendships, more than all the bad rank and position changes.

It's wild to me that people still think Jade is the reason I left Tango. She was in my ear to leave for a year, and bless her soul I should have listened a year ago, but I never did. I left when my own time came, when I finally decided enough was enough,

when I stopped feeling like this community was home.

Also I've read your post on your other thoughts, you re-iterated what others have said, what we said in this weeks' meeting regarding future direction, etc.

Somewhat of a unimportant point, this isn't exclusively for people who attend meetings, a lot of people interested in bettering the community have no council position or time for meetings.

Though do note I'm just at happy continuing here for the community to see! Afterall likely any communication in private will end up seen by others anyway.

Anyone else bro, this would be a chad play. I'd stand up out of my chair, straighten my crickety old back, and give you a standing ovation for that J-Mod smackdown. But I don't think this one is working out. More people like me in Tango than you. That's a cheap shot, and post having written that, I'd like to apologize.

And to that last sentence, okay? Assuming this is you being insecure about SouthWind telling me things, let me reiterate, I really don't get that much information from him. SouthWind is sadly, kind of a really good person. He doesn't send me logs, no matter how much I may inquire about them, and instead he tells me general statements and makes it clear that it's my problem to go and handle with someone else, not his. To see him even arguing SLIGHTLY in my favor here today, it's amazing. My belief that he really is my friend has grown ten-fold, and I know he really does care. The most indifferent, relaxed kid in the world just defended me, that's when you really know something had to be fucking wrong.

Although, it's really no surprise to me that South is unhappy. He slaves away for this community, the most consistent admin for months now, an ex-supervisor, an ex-manager, putting in time to volunteer his hours to staff the website of this boring shell of a community only to be consistently chastised and disrespected behind his back by most if not all of ownership. No wonder he would get defensive, he's frustrated. We're all frustrated. Tango is frustrated.

Closing thoughts,

I see the post asking for someone to leak something. I'm not going to leak anything, that's not the point of this post. The point of this is that at some point, you have to understand the community is doing really badly, and specific people are strongly pushing that forward. The servers may be doing well, I don't know, I don't track player counts anymore having left staff, but take it from mr. big dick most hours on ts this week, most posts on the forums, most likes on the forums, most hours on the forum,s first discord moderator in the discord, most hours on the cs:go servers, most time managing a cs:go server, Sdot over here, this is the bottom. Teamspeak sucks, and I certainly won't be there post my ban I expect tonight. Discord is just boring now, you said it yourself when you said it was dead or something along those lines yesterday or the day before in general. And for the forums well, I see what I see. We all see what I see.

Thank god for Alex. I know he's not the biggest fan of me these days, but that man raised a good generation of people. From WildThorn to Rangii to myself Asta and Joshos, he's genuinely been the best owner we could have asked for. So if it's you that bans me, thank you Alex. You did a lot for and with me, and I did a lot for and with you.

Tl;dr: You suck. Stop being overly critical of some dude's forum post just because it has me in it. I tried to leave peacefully, asked nobody whatsoever to leave with me, and even encouraged some people to stay on their own accord if they truly wanted to. That's why people like Asta and South and Fred and Rangii and Wildthorn and George and a dozen others that are active due to being a part of my friend group haven't left the community, because I didn't push them at all and they want to stay. Stop making it hard for them to want to stay.


God-Complex Extraordinaire

give me a second i said a nono word! im playing runescape

Off-Topic / Re: Unpopular opinions?
« on: December 08, 2019, 06:54:53 pm »
medically assisted suicide should be legal

(Specifically for people with terminal or chronic illnesses that cannot be treated well)

Temp Leaves / Something's going on in my life
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:15:36 am »
Idk when I'll be back idk if I'll be back. If I'm not back within a month remove my roles. Love you guys bye

Jailbreak / I've learned a valuable lesson...
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:33:53 am »
Hi, some of you might know me as "Stinky" in-game, I am asking to appeal my Counter-terrorist ban. Long have I been banned, I can't lie I deserved it, I mfked as a joke thinking the admins would just switch me to CT, not ban me since they usually mind their own business when the server population is low. I beg your pardon, I have learned my lesson and have examined my conscious. Please, I ask of you, do the right thing. ;) :)

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