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Author Topic: Revamp this Forum ^ Good Start  (Read 2123 times)

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Revamp this Forum ^ Good Start
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:10:17 pm »
If media is once again going to go through change and reform, I believe that this forum should as well. With @TheTacticalTech and @TMK SlayerXOmango running it, that's 2 managers, I believe that they could come up with some ideas and ways to make this forum thrive and correlate with not only the twitch/youtube, but also with the possibilities of networking. There is of course that social networking manager position that could easily take over this part of the forum but since it is currently open, I believe the 2 current managers of media could do something good here.

I used to come to this forum a lot, since I love media and since I wanted to see if my twitch app got accepted. So please, let's not only make the twitch and youtube do well, but also see if we can make this child board a place for future applications, media content, and a new source for networking ideas and assistance.

Also delete the TangoLive child board as there is nothing in it and I think it could be used for something better since TangoNews is/was the new idea.

Lastly, change the bottom of the Twitch applications to instead of Jordann North aPn, to like TMK, TacticalTech, and someone else whos active idk. Ross
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