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Author Topic: Bhop New Maps + Server Wipe & Seasonal WL  (Read 5780 times)

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Bhop New Maps + Server Wipe & Seasonal WL
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:25:44 pm »
After a very very long wait, bhop has finally received some QOL updates
and a new map list. In addition, today we are bringing forward a new method for
consistent server wipes, a schedule, and a white-list server starting in March 2020.

Server IP:

New Maps + Server Wipe
A new set of maps has been added to the server bringing the total count of maps 1063.  The entire list can be found on our paste🡽, which includes 300 new maps this update. Periodically, we plan to consistently add new maps to the public server pool.

With the new map list, a complete server wipe was necessary. This included all player records, times, and replay data. This should help clear up the abundance of lag from so many records being calculated at once. To help combat lag in the future and provide the availability to run an active anti-cheat on-server, we have decided to move to a seasonal wipe schedule and implement a whitelist! Read below for more details!

Seasonal WL + Future Plans
Depending on the population and the number of players constantly on the server, the period of each season may change... however, as of right now our plan is to wipe the server every 3 months (so the next wipe is around March 1, 2020). Each wipe, the records will be merged into a 3-6 slot Bhop Archive server, where players can go look at times and replays (but not complete any maps on that server). The top 64 players according to elo each wipe will have access to a 8-12 slot whitelist server which will have its own separate database where the 'best' bhoppers of our community can compete. The WL server will never wipe and have a constant database for the foreseeable future. We will run an anti-cheat on the whitelist server and ensure that the rates of the server are in accordance with the requirements for the times to be seen as globally acceptable.

Few key points to summarize for Seasonal WL:
  • Seasons will last 3 months (ie: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Season)
  • Only the top 64 players from the previous wipe can access the WL server
  • If you qualify in Winter2020 but not Spring2020, in summer you can no longer access the WL

This will both help combat lag that occurs after hundreds of thousands of records are in the database being calculated each time a player completes the map and allow us to have a white-list server, a long-time goal of TWTimer.

With this, @jordan and myself will be doing QOL updates to the timer and fixing bugs as they appear, so make sure you report them (if you previously reported a bug, you might want to still report it as we may have missed it).

If you have any questions please leave them on the thread below!

Special Thanks:
@asta - Making this possible by working on the new map list,
 zoning, testing, and helping come up with the idea for seasons
sdot - Zoning new maps
PeaceMaker / Adam - continued timer support
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Re: Bhop New Maps + Server Wipe & Seasonal WL
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2019, 06:29:07 pm »
pogchamp news!!  8)
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Re: Bhop New Maps + Server Wipe & Seasonal WL
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2019, 06:30:08 pm »
Wow, this new update to bhop actually looks phenomenal. Can't wait to play!


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